Bohemian Spring

It's a sunny day Sunday! Yippee! No hassle rain for that day so I felt I want to be a little girly girly with my interpretation of Bohemian Spring look. Though we don't have that season here in the Philippines, it won't stop me having it as my outfitey!

When we say Spring, what comes into our mind is floral! Cool breezy floral attire and one thing is for sure = Floral dress! It's the safest way to go for a Spring cool look but try putting a twist by having it not super floral like this dress. 

It has flower details but the color is in rose pink with black lining. The round gold like buttons gives it a more bohemian look too instead of a super girly girly floral. But I say this is very feminine which is so not me. haha! 

Another thing that made this look different is the asymmetric style of the bottom / skirt. I recall that this cut was a fad during my high school days but then who would have thought that we can still wear this kind of style with out looking as if the dress is already outdated. I also like it having a waist shaper via waist band which is also adjustable too. I can wear it even if I gain weight but I don't have any intention to gain any weight please! haha

Lastly, to finish my Bohemian Spring with I wore this wedge with a very calm and cool mint green color. This kind of color is so light and is refreshing to the eyes too. It matched well with my feminine look for the day.

What I like about this wedge is that it's so comfortable! I walked with it for more than 3 hours and surprisingly I didn't feel any sore. I am not used to wearing high heeled footwear but this one is changing my concept of it already. I should look for more of this kind! Comfortable yet so trendy! Comfort and Fashion in one. 

I also like this kind of wedge which is not the fabric or weaved type. The only thing that made me think twice of getting this is that it's made from cloth instead of leather but who cares it's super comfortable! Since it's material is cloth, it's softness made it comfortable.

Since the dress has so much already, I wore minimal and very classic accessory. Less is more!

I hope you liked this look even if I am not a super feminine girl.

Here's my blooper pic for this post. :)

Nakaka consious ang mga people around! And yes I am looking at them  haha!
(Forever 21 dress, StyleCo. bracelet, Call It Spring Wedge, Michael Kors Bag)



Laid Back Saturday OOTD

Here's my ootd for a laid back Saturday. I find the weather better this way. It's not raining hard, the sun is up but it's not super burning hot. But then again, it still rain towards the night time. Since I've been wearing skirt as required in the office, I wanted to wear cover my legs naman for a change. haha! So here I am wearing a not so thin and not so thick outfit that is just right for the weather.

I got this dress / top from Shopsui which is owned by Yellowyum. It's been a while since I wore this and I find it so comfortable. It's body hugging but stretchable.

I love that it is yellow (my favorite color) but has simple that asymmetric details on the top and girly at the bottom makes it cool.

Since the length is a little alanganin I opted to wear it with a leggings. But it's long enough to be a dress so I can wear this when in the beach too.

To complete this look, I decided to wear a neutral colored ballet flats. Comortable Fashion. I love wearing comfortable pieces but not sacrificing fashyon.

I've been wearing few accessories for the past and to make my look a little different I used this what I call Baroque fashion bracelet that my previous boss gave me.

And that's my laid back Saturday ootd.

And as promised here's my bloopers picture for this post. haha

And I have my eyes closed!
I look so ewan. haha

(Shopsui top, leggings, bracelet as gift, Fancy Flats ballet flats, Long Champ bag)

Casual Friday

Hi Girls! Here's my first Fashion Friday! Yes, I am an office girl and it's only Friday that we can wear something casual or very toned down attire. Most of the time (to all the office girls there I know you can relate to this), we tend to make polo shirt and jeans as our official Friday uniform. haha 

To make a polo shirt look fun, I had it in a bright color! Bright kung bright! And I am happy to have my first yellow color in a polo shirt. I super like this polo shirt as it has a very soft and smooth fabric. I like thin and body hugging kind of cloth for polo shirts.

Staple Friday attire would be jeans. And I only love skinny jeans! hehe The design / color of this jeans is basic, just right for this bright colored polo shirt.

Since I am on work mode, I don't want to wear lots of arm candies as it is very inconvenient when working. I always type and use the mouse so big, chunky and combo arm candies would really be very hassle. So I decided to use one of my Suiteblanco arm candies and chose the blue one. It's small thus making my look simple but I think its cute.

Lastly, it's only Fridays where I can wear sneakers! It's been a while since I wore sneakers so I have thought of bringing out my chucks again. When I was in HS, I wear sneakers more often but it changed when I went to college. I wore more sandals. :) 

 Sneakers are really super comfortable.

And that's my Casual Friday look. I hope you like it.

I have two bloopers pics for this post. hehe

Bungisngis pic

Trying to be serious but can't help to laugh with my office mates! 

(Aeropostale polo shirt, Jag skinny Jeans, Suiteblanco arm candy, Timex Watch, Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers)



Aero Ph

Aero aero aerobics?? haha

I am pretty sure that you are aware of what's A87! 

Yes! You guessed it right! My latest haul is from Aeropostale! They are finally here in the Philippines! And yes! Another unplanned purchase! Oh no but I couldn't resist their sale offer as I think they just opened this week! Visit them at New Glorietta and grab your Aero! There were actually a lot of people earlier going gaga with Aero.


Father's Day OOTD

It's Father's Day today! How have you celebrated the day of our beloved Daddy, Papa, Father, Tatay, Ama, Itay etc. etc. I hope your Dads enjoyed their day! So here's my ootd, a very relaxed Father's Day outfit.

I started with this super comfortable pants! It's made of cotton fabric that makes it very light weight. It's not super thick so it gives the right coolness that I need when the weather is hot and also gives me the right warmth when the rain will suddenly pour. 

I love this tapered pants where it's wide on the hips but tight on the bottom. It gives shape to the body but when worn wrong, it will make you look fat. I'm just glad it worked good on me. haha! I also love its cute print style to make it more fun and not boring.

Since it's already printed, I wanted to pair it with a plain top. But for today, I wanted to wear a pop of color so I decided to wear this pink top. Since this top has a wide bottom, I opted to tuck it in so that I can still show the tapered design of my pants and the wide cut of this top will make me look wide too specially when paired with this kind pants (wide on the hips).

To complete my relaxed ootd, I used this simple yet edgy swap watch from Tomato. I actually borrowed this from my nephew for several days already. haha It matched well with my outfit as it also has the mirror type of base. I love it specially when I need to do lip retouch or just want to check out if my hair or any part of face is ok.

Can you see the mirror effect?

My first blooper post! Would you want me to have blooper pic at the end of my posts? :)
(Cotton On top and bottom, Tomato Swap Watch, Michael Kors bag, Pill Footwear)



Vaseline Lotion

Do you remember the free item that I got from Forever 21? Here's Vaseline lotions and I am happy to share what I think about each of the variants. 

Warning: This post is heavy on image. Enjoy reading....

Let's start of Vaseline Total Moisture Aloe Fresh variant. 

This variant is very great with the hot weather here in the Philippines. It is widely known that Aloe provides soothing effect for the skin. So pairing Aloe with SPF is great for the summer season!

 This variant promises best care of moisture for the skin with additional care of SPF protecting the skin from the harm rays of the sun. 

I appreciate the packaging as it is in tube type, so it's easy to get the lotion. The cute green color is so refreshing that it already says what the lotion is all about.

What I like about this variant is that is smells so good! It has a very nice smell of the Aloe scent, it smells so refreshing. Upon application of the lotion, it feels very light on the skin as if I didn't put any lotion at all. It is not sticky but I felt instant difference with my skin as it felt smooth. This is a good morning lotion specially on a very hot summer day.

closer look

Now let's try Vaseline Total Moisture Nourishing.

This lotion promise a total moisture care that will result to soft and smooth skin. It is said that oat extract heals and soothes the skin with out inflaming it.

This variant smells good too (a little the same with the aloe) though it's a little too strong for me since I am not fund of skin care with scents. It doesn't have a super thick creamy texture but this variant really does give a very moisturizing effect. This variant is a little oily compare to the Aloe variant but not sticky when applied on the skin too. If you are looking for a good moisturizing lotion, this variant is for you!

Now let's move on to the whitening lotion of Vaseline. We are in the country with natural kayumangi beauty! But still a lot of us Filipinos are still wishing to have that white porcelain skin so whitening products are super patok! I think whitening products will always be in product here in the Philippines.

Let's start with Vaseline Healthy White SPF 24 triple lightening lotion.

This variant gives not one lightening but promises three times lightening effect and with SPF 24 too. It contains Vitamin B3 which is the ingredient that helps to enhance natural lightening effect to the skin. I just don't know how does it become triple lightening or provide the three layers of whitening. I've done my research but I wasn't able to get the answer to my question. Do you know about it? 

This variant has a little liquidy texture lotion. It has a sophisticated smell that is a little strong for my taste but I find it manageable. Even if it's whitening, it has moisturizing effect too. It doesn't feel sticky on the skin too. I find it a good whitening lotion as it promises the whitening effect with out sacrificing the moisture! I will have a separate post for this variant to see the whitening effect. If you want to retain a fair skin, this is the right variant for you.

Last but not the least is Vaseline Healthy White UV Lightening lotion. The same with triple lightening variant, this variant promises white effect and has Vitamin B3 too.

The difference of UV whitening variant to the triple whitening variant is that this variant helps even out the skin tone by "matching the dark skin areas to the light ones". So if you just had your skin sun kissed, or if you want to bring back your fair skin after hitting the beach.... this is the right variant for you.

This variant has almost the same scent with that of the triple lightening variant. It's not sticky when applied too. I am impressed with Vaseline lotion as it is consistent with the four variants that are not sticky at all. The same with the triple lightening varaint, this varaint also provides the same moisture effect even it is a whitening product. I will have a separate post for this variant too if this is an effective whitening lotion.