The Face Shop Flawless Fitting Foundation

I've already finished one of my daily bb cream and it's time bring out another stock of my foundation. There was a time last year when I was on my unusual self and was obsessed to buy and try a lot of foundations.

I've seen and read about this foundation from The Face Shop and heard good reviews about it. So when I saw this I bought it but it's only now that I will be able to try it. I think this is not available anymore but I would still want to share with you what I think about this product from The Face Shop.

I think The Face Shop had a collaboration with a great make up artist for this line. I don't want to elaborate about it and just talk about the product. 

In Korean, but I think if you get it here in the Philippines, they'll have a translation.

From the name itself and base on the packaging, this product claims to give a smooth and even finish ....  shouldn't I need to say more but it promises a Flawless look.

I've only got the foundation and the risky part to this is that it is only available in this shade. We know that Koreans and Pinays have different skin tones so maybe it won't fit well with Pinay skins.

I appreciate the simple and sophisticated look with that hint of pink. I think that it looks like this product knows the needs of us ladies.

I really appreciate products that are properly sealed! I am assured that I am getting the full quantity of the product.

Now time to swatch the product.

It looks a little darker than my usual foundation but it has that creamy liquidy texture. It also has that foundation powdery (but not that of baby powders) smell that is ok.

Blended the product on the right side of my hand only. You can see the difference of the two sides of my hands.

On a closer look, you will be able to see that it evens out the lines from my skin. It works like a tinted primer. It's a little dewy but not shiny. I actually like how it looks on my hand. But let's see if it does the same effect when applied on the face. And it actually blended well with the skin tone of my hands.

It actually works well and gave me the same effect when I applied it on my face. You can see on my photo below (worn The Face Shop Flawless Fitting Foundation only) that it did evened out my skin. It also looked dewy but not oily. I am glad that it matched well with my face skin tone too as it's not too white nor dark. I also like that it felt light weight on my skin.

Now here's another photo after applying some concealer and loose powder.

I actually like this product! It didn't give me an oily look even at night plus it retained my fresh look (though lately we have a cool weather). It's stay put properly and what I like about it is that it has high spf of 35! Bravo!

Here's another photo below as soon as I got home tonight. You can see that it's still intact even if I had tried on different clothes (huli! Yes I shopped again... I should really need to lessen my shopping!)

If The Face Shop still have this line, I would consider buying it again as I think it costs much expensive here in the Philippines compared to our neighbor countries.

In a few days it'll be Chinese New Year already. I hope that I'll be able to take a Chinese New Year Fashion Post and share it with you.



Casual Two Toned Dress

Yippeee! I forgot to tell you that I already got my laptop after another repair! Yehey I will be able to post all my back logs!

Here's another back log that I haven't been able to post. Again, it's better late than never. :)

As promised, I feel like wearing more casual fab this year and here's what I wore on a steady Sunday.

This is actually a dress that me and my friends got during our trip to Thailand. It's so affordable so we got it in different designs and colors. The style, length and cloth is very friendly plus it doesn't fail the fashyon portion. 

What I like about this type of dress is that I don't need to mix and match anymore. So when I don't know what to wear this type of dress is one of my alternatives.

Another thing that I like to this kind of dress is that it's great for traveling! Very light and small to bring, it saves me more space for shopping (joke haha) and the hassle of thinking what to mix and match. I am guilty that there were times when I brought outfits that I think are good together but when worn, it looks off. So I need to do an instant mix and match with what I only have with me at that time. But with this kind of dress, I am assured. 

When wearing a dress, at times I wear a belt to give me some shape. Since the dress in with dark colors, I opted to cut it with this bright colored belt in red.

Wore these somehow bohemian look of accessories to balance my girly / lady look. :) This treasured long necklace matched with my charm bracelet.

Lastly, to give some contrast on my total look finalized the look with a neutral colored footwear.

Here's my blooper pic for this post, my hair is distorted because of the light at the back. hehe 

(Bangkok dress, Landmark necklace, Michael Kors Bag, Primaluxe Footwear)



Marks and Spencer Rose Hand and Nail Cream

I super love Philippine weather this past few weeks! It's cool and breezy, it feels like we are in a different country. I hope that we'll have more of this kind of weather but I think it'll be hot again after Chinese New Year.

With this cool weather, I can often moisturize my skin. During hot season I don't usually moisturize my skin in the morning since it feels sticky.

Here's one of my stash of skin moisturizer, it's for hand and nail cream.

I've actually tried several products particularly lotions from Marks and Spencer but it' my first time to actually use a full tube of their hand and nail cream. Marks and Spencer skin care are already tried and tested and proven to give positive results. Now let's see my actual experience.

  • The actual product is white in color and not super thick, it's like a water base product (which is good thing)
  • It's not sticky when applied, I think that's the consistency for hand and nail creams?
  • It gives instant softness to my hands
  • I just don't notice if it has the effect on my nails
  • I use it with my elbows too and with continuous use, my elbows became soft
  • It smells very rose, to those who love rose ... you'll love this
  • Overall this is a great product, it moisturizes and softens my skin with out feeling sticky
  • I just don't like the smell, in general I don't like rose in scents but I super love what it does to my skin Like!

I would want to try a different scent of Marks and Spencer hand and nail cream.



Syoss Anti-Dandruff Conditioner

Let's now go to hair care, my first hair care post for 2014. I was using a certain shampoo for several months already (I'll talk more about it on a separate post) so I need a conditioner that will give my hair the conditioning that I need. On the search for a conditioner, it was time to try something new and I've seen Syoss for quite sometime already and decided to get it.

Syoss has several variants but I decided to get this variant since I based it on the smell and not about the condition of my hair. :) haha 

I won't talk a lot about the product and just go straight to my experience.
  • The actual conditioner has a very think consistency
  • The smell is ok, light clean and fragrant smell
  • While getting some conditioner, I noticed that I find the bottle a little light for the size and found out that it's not full
  • The actual product is only 3/4 of the bottle
  • When applied on the hair I noticed that I need to apply a lot of product to achieve my desired conditioning
  • After rinsing I felt that my hair was not that soft unlike the other conditioners
  • My hair didn't become soft after using this product :(

Here's my hair after using the product, it's bagsak and somehow manageable but didn't felt the conditioning and soft effect.

* I just don't know if it's because of the anti-dandruff property.



Pocky Green Tea

Food food food! No! Stop thinking about food. It's January and we should only think about fitness! 

But let's have a cheat day and I want to share with you Pocky in green tea flavor. It's actually my first time to try this flavor.

I like the radiant look of this packaging as it really attractively teaish but still very Pocky!

I like that there are inner packaging and are divided into 2. This will give me options of I'll eat everything at one or not. Hehe 

It's also a great idea for baon for little kids, no worries for unfinished opened snacks. 

In one pack it only contains 6 sticks.. quite a few but it's fine.

My experience:
It smells green tea flavor but it's not strong
Taste very green tea, for green tea lover you'll like this
With a little sweetness to balance the tea taste
Has that mousse feeling texture which I like
Left it at my room during a high heat temperature and the tea flavor didn't melt or stick on the foil

I would buy this if we have it here in Manila.

What are other unusual Pocky flavors have you tried?



Passport holder

Hi guys! How's your first week of January? Luckily for me I still have my good vibe feeling and I think it's because of my 2 weeks leave last Holiday Season! haha 

Here's a quick post for today, just want to share with you guys my new passport holder. This is actually one of the Christmas gifts that I got and which I super like. :) 

I super love the design! It's very me! :) It looks fun, chic and fashyon!

I appreciate that it has a band for security, you don't want you passport and other documents falling off anytime. This is actually my first time to see a passport holder with a band.

I also super love that it has mini pockets inside besides holding the passport. I can place a few of important items along with my passport.

Here's a full look of the design! It's so nice right?

My passport is ready for my next adventure already! :) 



Rhad's Peanut Butter

I always eat breakfast everyday even if I don't feel hungry yet except if there's no work. haha But everyday I think I need to eat up to give me energy in the morning. My daily dose of breakfast is usually bread with either peanut butter, cheese, choco or any spread that you can name. :) Growing up I was used to eating bread only since it's easy to prepare and I eat fairly slow. haha So bread is the way to go, easy to bring along and prepare.

We still have a lot of spreads at home and some are on the line nearing expiration dates already but when I saw this peanut butter from Bag of Beans I got curious and I knew I still have to get it. And here we have it and brought it home with us. 

It looks very home made and when I saw the ingredients that's the time it hit me to get it. It's made of extra virgin olive oil and muscovado sugar. This is a peanut butter healthier version though I think it's still not fully healthy but at least less the guilt. :)

It is widely know the benefits of extra virgin olive oil and muscovado sugar to have lesser calories than regular sugar. So it's worth a try! :)

Upon opening the oil floated at the top of the jar already so I mixed it. Then we placed it in the fridge as indicated on the label. And I have not tried it yet upon opening.

Looking at the actual peanut butter, it looks thick very peanut and seems like to have very peanut taste. But I was only able to try it after several days.

I have spread a lot of products for blogging purposes so that you will be able to see it clearly. Hala ang dami ko talaga nalagay. hehe

Just right out of the fridge, it looks very dark and thick but after a while it settles back to it's normal look. 

The taste:
  • It actually doesn't taste super peanut only
  • It's a balance of peanut and sweet, but it's actually sweeter than the usual peanut butter that I usually have
  • It's doesn't leave oily feel
  • It smells sweet and peanuty
  • It has a different texture, creamy but with peanut texture
  • No crunchy feel of the peanut which I like
  • When just brought out of the fridge it has like a chocnut texture and mouthfeel and somehow the taste
  • I actually like it 
  • Though it's a little pricey at 250pesos but it's a lot in a bottle and is made of good ingredients
More food post to come again. hehe


Cute socks with BSX

 A very quick post for today, I got this cute socks from BSX. I got hooked to it because of it's very cute color so I bought it at once! Just in time, I needed to buy new socks for my fitness this 2014! haha Outfits can give us inspiration for us hitting our fitness lifestyle. But on the other hand, my socks always gets lost every after laundry. I think my socks gets mixed up with the socks of my nephew and niece. Most of the time they use basic colors only specially for my nephew (he only wants black or white socks) and of course for my niece who's still going to school. The socks that doesn't get mixed up are the colored ones! 

So yes! I have thought of buying colored socks so that we will all know that it's mine haha! (excuse ba for using colors again??) hehe 

I like that this socks has a lot of personality! I love the color and of course the texture. It's very soft on my feet and fits me perfectly. Comfort and fashion in one. Yippe.... Since it's a sockeven if it is in loud colors, it will be in a small part of your total look thus it won't hurt you to add colors via socks.

So if you have the same problem as mine, get yourselves colored socks if your lifestyle will allow it. :)



Clean and Clear: Clear Fairness Moisturizer SPF 30

How's your January so far?? I can feel a lot of positive vibes with a lot of people for this year! :) 

Discovered a different way of protecting the skin from the sun with this Clean & Clear Moisturizer with SPF. In this new age we have a lot of things to and want to do thus we are always catching time! With this crazy schedule of ours, we need products that will save us time but could also match our needs. Like this day moisturizer with SPF already.

Since I do wear make up everyday (though very minimal mu only), I don't want to pile up several products on my face thus I am very fund of using bb creams. But if you remember I do also have regular foundations and thinking about it I need to put moisturizer and sunblock separately. I find it very hassle and I will be needing extra time for it that I have to wait for the moisturizer then the sunblock to set on my face. Arg! Instead of waiting for that, I would want to have extra minutes of sleep. hehehe

But hey! Here's a great moisturizer with SPF already that can go with your regular foundation! This will save your time in applying a lot of products on your face.

I love that this product is an oil free product which is good for my oily skin. It's really a bit hard for me to buy sunblock, I make sure for it to be oil free, desirable fragrance and of course skin friendly. Another great thing about this product is that it contains "vitamin rich cherry extract formula" that will help reveal naturally pinkish fair skin. It also has rice extract oil that acts as absorbing system and helps control oil. 

Now time for swatch of the product:

You can't actually see in the photo but it is actually a little pinkish, more of pinkish to white but more on white.
closer look
with flash
 Now time to blend it on my skin and let's see if it will leave a pinkish look.

It actually leaves a little pinkish look my skin but it's not noticeable. It's more of it gave my skin a healthy fresh look.

with flash
 Now let's see the effect upon applying on my face:

sorry for my blemishes :)
You can see that it instantly made my skin look a little pinkish but not that noticeable. More of a healthy looking skin. Upon waiting for a few second, it sets nicely on the face with out leaving white streak marks on my face.
sorry for my blemishes again, buti d masaydo halata haha
What I think about the product:
  • It has a very light cherry smell.Remember I don't like the smell of cherry but this not super cherry it's more of light lotion smell so it's fine for me
  • I love that it's a 2 in 1 product, moisturizer with SPF
  • It has high SPF content of 30, LIKE!
  • It's not oily and sticky on the skin upon applying 
  • Wasn't oily and sticky the whole day
  • Light weight
  • I appreciate the pinkish effect that it gives but it is not that noticeable, Love this!
  • Doesn't even leave white streaks all over my bare face
  • Affordable at 120 pesos per tube
  • Available at leading supermarkets
  • I appreciate the packaging of simple and cute - very Clean & Clear look
  • Clean & Clear is a known and trusted brands for skin care
Tip: Thinking about it I would have to apply 2 products on my face again (regular foundation and Clean & Clear Fairness Moisturizer SPF 30). To lessen hassle and save time it's ok to combine the 2 products together and voila! You will now apply only 1 product on your skin!

P.S. Bought the product on my own.