Made in Candy

It's almost Christmas Day! We can already feel the Christmas rush, traffic, get together and parties. And one thing we don't forget during Christmas Season..... is gift giving. It is the time we share our blessings and no matter what it is, gifts should be given whole heartedly. So if you are still in search for what Christmas gift to buy, here's one Christmas gift that can be enjoyed by both children and young at heart.

Made in Candy is an Artisan hand made candies! It's made right in front of your eyes, you'll be amazed how awesome they make these candies in different designs, colors and flavors! And of course, they have Holiday Season designs that's oh so cute!!!!

Closer look of the designs.

 Look at the detailed Christmas designs, Christmas Tree, Candy Cane, Star, Snow Flakes, Gift and Merry Christmas! 

The question is... how does it taste?? Before I answer that, I want to share with you that it smells good! Sweet and fruity! When in the mall, you can smell it from afar! How it taste... Yes it taste great! It doesn't just look good, it also taste good! I gave this as Christmas gift and I am happy that the receivers were happy and they even said that it's not harsh on the throat.

Made in Candy is available in 3 sizes in a very neat and presentable packaging! You can either choose it in jar or foil type. The jar is also available in 2 sizes! They also have Made in Candy Lollipops!

 As the Holiday season comes closer each day, to top it off Made in Candy matched their Holiday Season candies with message top caps! Now this is great especially for people like me who don't have time to wrap gifts! No worries about falling of Christmas cards, it's as presentable as the candies! It also provides a feeling of personalize gift as you personally write your message! They specially offer this this Holiday Season!

Want to have personalized Made in Candy design??? Why not?? It's not impossible as they can do it for you! To know more, visit Made in Candy at Power Plant Mall Rockwell or check out their Facebook Page

Foil type packaging. Picture from Made in Candy Facebook Fanpage.
Made in Candy Philippines. Picture grabbed from their Facebook Fanpage.

 Hope to have a personalized Made in Candy goodies in the future.

Remeber, Christmas is the time for sharing but let us not forget the true meaning of Christmas! It is the day our Saviour was born! Let us not forget to give Thanks, Appreciatiiion and Gratitude to the All Mighty for a wonderful year and celebrate His birthday!



Vintage Glam

 It's Christmas time again and we have Christmas Parteeess here and there! For this year, our annual Christmas Party theme was Vintage Glam! I was not really excited about vintage because it seemed boring but on the second thought there are a lot of vintage outfitey available. So while I was searching for the vintage dress I have several considerations.. 1. It should look vintage 2. It should be very very comfortable 3. Wearable for other occasions.... 

Since I really didn't have the time to look for the perfect outfitey, I was lucky when I saw this Ever New lacey white dress with pearls neckline. Talk about vintage glam right? When we say vintage we mostly think about lacey floral dresses and this is it. The best part is, because of the peal neckline it answers the glam part!

To make the look a little dramatic, I bought black gloves and flower hair accessory at it also shows a little skin with a semi-low back. Since it's a Christmas party, I opted to wear more accessories than the usual to feel the costumey look but not too costume like. 

Since the dress have pearls on it, I just thought of why not itodo ko na! Over do the pearls with earings, hand accessories plus a belt! San pa ba pwede mag pearls? Kulang na lang anklet! But look how the different pearls at different shades matched all together! It looked very classic and classy right? Vintage and glam in one.

Because of the pearl neck line details, I opted not to wear any necklace anymore. I also opted to wear a different ring since it looked very vintage and also to match my jade bracelet. Lastly, to complete the look is of course the make up and hair. Luckily I just had my hair peremed so it was easy. For my make up I decided to have neutral eyes and opted for red orange lips. Very vintage!

Since I was expecting it to be fun filled night, though I was thinking of using a vintage like footwear I decided to wear my forever reliable Pill footwear! It really is my parnter on this kind of occasions!

What do you think about my interpretation of vintage glam look?

(Evernew dress, Landmark gloves, old pearl earings, belt, right pearl bracelet, left swarovski bracelet, Tickles ring, Marcella hair ponytail flower, Pill footwear)



Here's a very short post with my Tresemee experience. Since it's launch here in the Philippines, I really wanted to try it as it promises Salon hair everyday! Who in the world wouldn't want that right??? But when I was about to buy, they don't have it in smaller sizes. I am a person who doesn't really want to buy big sizes of hair care if I haven't tried it yet. But then after some time I got their sample size at Robinson's Magnolia. I was so happy that I will finally try it with out getting the big size yet. 

So I finally tried it the shampoo yesterday and the conditioner today. I was impressed with the shampoo, it really made my hair soft and silky.. parang Salon hair talaga. Remember that I have my hair permed, I didn't even put any hair cream yesterday since I really wanted to know the result of Tresemee and it didn't fail me. My office mate also agreed that my hair looked better yesterday. Additional plus factor is that it smelled really really good but in a light way. It's not irritating!

Going on to the conditioner, it just have a weird smell (like a salon smell). But after a while, it goes off. It soften my hair but I liked the shampoo better! I think I will buy the shampoo and I am excited to use it everyday.

I hope that they could release smaller sizes so many Filipnas could get to try Tresemee, as they said Salon hair everyday for Filipinas. It's a good thing that part of their Marketing strategy is to sample since it worked for me. They convinced me to get Tresemee via trial.

Have you tried Tresemme?? What do you think?

Don't have photos to share since with my permed hair, you won't see the result that I am describing. I just want to share my experience about it. :)



Snoe Hair Heroes

Well hello, I'm very sorry for lack of posts the past week. Been busy practicing for the annual Christmas Partee!!! :) I have not yet told you that I just got my hair permed. And of course after perming, I need something for my hair to hold the curls nicely! I wanted a new look and opted to have a digital perm as I want something low maintenance and wash and wear because I don't have enough time to glam up my hair everyday. 

When having digital perms, it is very popular to use hair mousse to hold up the curls. But for me, instantly I know what product I would definitely buy and it is Snoe Hair Heroes in Intense Argan Oil!!!

I learned about Snoe Hair Heroes Intense Argan Oil when I first attended Snoe blogger's event which I blogged about it here

This is actually a leave on conditioner or more of a treatment! It works as a cleansing conditioner, detangler and deep treatment mask. It is a 5-in- 1 product that replaces shampoo, conditioner, detangler, leave-on conditioner and even shaving cream.  

It hydrates the hair while retaining its own natural nutrients and oils. It also nourish and revitalize the hair due to its anti-aging, healing and conditioning properties. What a great product right???

What I like about this product is that it act as my hair moisturizer while it holds up my curls. I love that I am nourishing my hair properly and maintaining its natural nutrients with out worrying a mahangin ba sa labas look everyday! haha I am confident that my hair won't look buhaghag while giving it a nice treatment everyday! And of course, it smells good! It overpowered the smell of a newly permed hair. By the way, a lot of my friends and co-workers commended my hair's nice smell and it's because of Snoe Hair Heroes in Intense Argan Oils. Lastly, it comes in pump which is very consumer friendly.

Snoe really has the best label designs... they put character into each of their products so it's easy for us girls to understand the personality of each product and match it with our own. 

Time for the test! Look how my hair looked buhaghag with out Snoe Hair Heroes in Intense Argan Oil. Yippe one great product for only P499! Value for money since it do a lot for my hair as I use it everyday. A little pump goes a long way! I do 4 to 5 pumps everyday, it just sounds a lot but it's definitely not.

Disclaimer: I got the product at my own expense.
To know more Snoe Hair Heroes in Intense Argan Oil, check out Snoe website.

What products are you using to hold up your curls???



Terra and Agua flats

Christmas season is near and I know a lot of of you needs outfitey and of course don't forget your footwear as it completes the whole look. 

Here I am again with another Terra and Agua pair. Thanks to Terra and Agua for this beautiful cute ballet flats. What I love about Terra and Agua is that it's material is in plastic (Plastics ba tawag dito?) or in a material that can be used even when it's rainy season. So fashyon during raining season = possible! Yippee!

But now, since Christmas is near... us girls would love to look our best. So why not get a footwear that we can look our best while wearable even after Christmas. When I say wearable, I mean I can use it anytime and not just on occasions again. Like this cute black ballet flats from Terra and Agua.

It's simple ballet flats in color black but with a touch of girly look because of the flower. And with with the golden dots, it gives the look a more classy look.

How can you go wrong with a nice flats, that don't look so casual and the best part is.. it is super comfortable! You can dance the night away! Party party!

Look how nice they construct the shoes, look at the lining inside of the shoes and of course the details of the soles. 

Here are some of their shoes which I saw on their Facebook Page.

These are just their flats, wait until you see the full collection plus their flip flops, wedges and with heels! For sure, You'll love em.. So what are you waiting for?? Get ready for the Holiday Season!

Disclaimer: I am not connected with and or with anyone from Terra and Agua.


Blistex Lip Tone

Merry Christmas everybody! It's the first day of December and everybody's busy with Christmas Parties, Shopping, Gifts, Holiday attires etc! But it doesn't have any connect with my post for today. I just want to feel the Christmas spirit.

My first post for December, I already need to buy lip balm since I will finish it soon. Then I just thought of  why not try something new since there are a lot of lip balms out in the market. So upon choosing what to buy, I finally chose Blistex Lip Tone since I do wanted to try it too. It's a lip balm with a touch of color and SPF. Great right? It's an all in one product that is great for daily use so I don't need to pile a lot of products on my lips everyday just to get the right kissable lips look specially that I don't really a lot a time for make up. I need to do may simple daily make up in just 5 minutes I think... 

I got it with a free big Blistex Paper Clip, I appreciate the free item since I do read books and it looks cute naman...

Blistex Lip Tone works like a lip balm since it is said to have moisturizer-nutrient complex and vitamins and natural extracts.

I also find the lip tube cute as it is colored rose pink in metallic and shimmery type. It has the same size and easy twist with the other lip balms.

The lip tone is also colored rose pink since it is said to have pigments to color the lips while moisturizing it.

Time for swatches: 

I needed to apply it at my hands for more than 2 times as it is not as pigmented as I expected. 

My Verdict:

What I like about the product:
  • It is an all in one product, lip moisturizer, lip color and with SPF.
  • It has high content of SPF at SPF 15.
  • It has cute colored tube!
  • Pinkish natural color.

What I don't like about the product:

  • It's not that pigmented, I need to apply at least 4 times on my lips just to have my desired look.
  • It's not as moisturizing as expected, my lips feels dry if I don't use Carmex or EOS. 
Here's sample look of my lips after applying more than 4 times.

I probably won't going to get this again, I do still need to apply other products so it doesn't serve what I needed. It is also not as bright to have a statement lips.

What's your experience?