And yes, I've been into another event and now it's one of the best days of my dearest cousin! I am very happy to be a part of this wonderful event. Since it's somehow getting hot already I opted to wear something breezy. Since it's an engagement party, I wanted to wear something with color but still formal enough. I realize that I don't have enough time to prepare for the special events that I attended. Good thing, I have something in my closet.

 It's a formal event but looking at my closet this is what I have and wanted to wear. I was thinking that this doesn't really look formal because of the zipper detail so I will have to make it work with accessories. 

Since the dress is very colorful already, I need to wear toned down colored accessories like this Celine bag in olive color. I first saw this bag while reading Ms. Jenni Epperson's blog! I super love and like her! I got hooked and really dreamed of getting this bag since it has 3 pouches together which means space! In attending special events, us girls mostly encounter small bags but with cellphones, wallet and re-touch gadget... small bags are not realistic anymore. So this bag is a saviour! It a sling bag that looks very classy and trendy! I am happy to get this bag! I might use this often specially that I got it in Olive where I can pair it with any colors! haha Simple yet very classy look!

Since it has 3 pouches, I can opt to use it separately and make it as clutch or even a pouch too! Very user friendly and in a fashyon way!

I also opted to finally wear this ruby red colored accessory which also looks trendy but kind of a serious way. Like the bag, it looks mature or classy but also trendy because of the shape and how it's connected together. I love wearing simple, comfortable but still fashyon outfitey!

Since I am still on my adventure to loose weight, I am mostly wearing illusioned outfits like this dress where it has a cut on the waist, drapes and the vertical zipper that creates an illusion that I have a smaller waist. Though I find this loose for me (haha! Feeling pumayat!)

Lastly, I wore a golden toned slip on heels. A black one might make my look more casual while a golden tone will always help a look more classy.

(H&M dress, Anne Klein Necklace and Bracelet, Celine Paris Bag, U.R.S. & Inc footwear)


Yabu Original Katsu Set

Yabu we meet again! After my first Yabu experience, I've been eyeing to go back again to try their other menu. And true enough, every time I visit Yabu I am able to try their different offers. For this post,  I tried their Original Katsu Set. Original Katsu Set is still a Katsudon but the saucy Katsudon. This is very popular in Japanese restaurants! For Yabu, it is dipped in egg and dredged in fresh panko. With the Yabu signature, it comes with miso soup, unlimited Japanese rice, unlimited cabbage, fresh fruits and side dish!

Look how yummy and juicy it looks! And true enough, it's very juicy, flavorful and yummy! It's taste like other Katsudon but the difference is in the sauce and the tenderness of the meat. Though it's dipped in a sauce, it's not soggy! I don't know but I felt that the rice in this set is better! Haha Maybe it's just me. But this is one good set if you are a "saucy" person.

I thought that since this is saucy, I won't need their signature Katsu sauce but I found myself still using it again!

 What's good with Yabu is that they have a nice Japanese interior. It's has a very comfortable and cozy atmosphere. The Yabu staffs are all very friendly and accommodating.

I hope to visit Yabu again soon!


Winter Beauty Products! Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm and Celeteque Facial Moisturizer

After sharing with you on my previous post what I think are some of the winter clothes must haves. Now I would like to share with you some of the beauty products that you should have on a winter wonderland trip. 

First of, you need to bring a lip balm! For this trip I tried Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm in energizing orange. I really wanted a lip balm that has spf and this one has SPF 20. 

Since it will be oh so cold! I know I need a lip balm to prevent cracked lips. I am prone to chapped lips so this is a must! Upon reading Maybelline Lip Balm, it says it has an instant 8H moisture that shed away rough dryness for supple, smooth and cushioned lips all day long.

Oh it's enriched with Centella Essence that reduce fine lines, increase elasticity and increase suppleness.  

Look at the colorful packaging of this product which will surely capture those who are girly girly and the young ones. Ok fine, I am not that young anymore but I still wanted to try Maybelline Lip balm.

My verdict:
  • It really did what it promised, I didn't had chapped lips during my whole trip.
  • It doesn't have any smell and taste which is good.
  • It protected my lips well.
  • It's easy to use like other lip balms placed in tube.
  • It has a cute packaging and colors.
  • It has SPF 20!
  • Though I don't know why it's called energizing orange. I can't smell any orange scent.

Another must have beauty product is a facial moisturizer! Since I have oily face it's like I am in my teens! I need a facial moisturizer that is very light, oil free and good for sensitive skin ( ang arte ba?? haha! As if naman I have sensitive skin. hehe) 

I've been using Celeteque Facial Moisturizer for several years now as my sister was the one who discovered this. First of, we need something that is water base, oil free, very moisturizing and hypo-allergenic where everything is present with Celeteque Facial Moisturizer. Bonus for this is that it's fragrance free and dermatological tested.

Though I have oily skin, I can't skip moisturizer since I am not getting any younger anymore! haha! So a good thing is that we have this kind of products in the market! Look at how it looks like a water but more of a gel type! It feels very light on the face but I can still feel it's moisturizing effect! It's not sticky on the face!
 By the way, this is their old packaging which I got buy 1 take 1 at Landmark. I was actually able to get this with the new packaging already but buy 1 take 1 with long expiry date! Great deal!

Since I am very aware of Celeteque products already, I was surprised when I got some Celeteque products last December. Thank You! You know who you are! haha! So here's what I got in the Celeteque bag.... I will make reviews next time, I have a lot of products line up! Exciting! :) As I promised, I will try to post more often! 


Earth Spa Aromatherapy Rose Soap

How's your January so far?? I've been attending a lot of events and some bonding moments with my girls! And with all those events, I need to make sure that I feel fresh anytime and anywhere I go. So when I was reviewing the gifts that I got last December, I decided to use already one of it which is Earth Spa Aromatherapy Soap. 

On the first look, I was little scared of this since I don't like the smell of Rose. But when I smelled it, it didn't smell the Rose that I don't like. It has a light smell of Rose which I prefer. So if you are very much into rose, you might not appreciate it. 

One great thing about this product is that after the outer packaging, it has another plastic inside to ensure hygiene.

It is actually very thick at 180g but it doesn't have that moisturizing effect. It doesn't melt easily so I will definitely use this longer. Yippee!! I've been using this for a week now and so far so good. I didn't feel any irritations. Do you know other Earth Spa products??




Yesterday was the DAY of one of my besties! And as I was thinking of what to wear, I want to wear something different where I wouldn't look heavy weight as I am on my quest to loose some inches and weight. I don't know why but animal prints are all over lately. This trend actually came out last year but as we entered 2013, more animal prints came out! So here I am wearing my latest animal print and it is screaming wrar! haha!

Since I really look young for my age, I am very lucky that it runs in the family! Thank You Lord for that! I just needed to buy some pieces where in I will look more mature when needed. So I think this dress would do the trick. 

It's a knee high length dress with a little longer than 3/4 sleeves. It has a silky texture with a very nice cheetah or leopard print? (Is this cheetah or leopard, anyway let's just put it as animal print. haha). This give me an instant mature look but still not that over mature or matanda look.


Since the dress is already a statement, I kept my accessories very simple and few. I paired it with a pearl swarovski bracelet and a simple ring. To top it off, I used my recent classic necklace that my sister gave me on her latest trip with her hubby. 

Lastly, a neutral colored bag with a little bling will give my look a little fun. My little black bag is the safest way to go on this very loud dress. The sparkling details gives it a different look plus I can either use it as a clutch or a sling bag! Plus it has enough space since I had 3 phones, a wallet, lipstick and house keys in it.

As you can see, this is actually a loose dress so to give myself some curves I wore a simple belt so as not to grab another attention. With the very loud dress, I didn't want to add another OA piece.

Look how thin I looked because of the dress separated by a belt partnered with pumps and a sling bag which gives an illusion of elongating my body. Nice right??

How do you find my fierce look? Let's bring fierceness in 2013!

(Mango animal print dress, Jade necklace, Pearl Swarovski bracelet, Ever New Ring, Ever New Bag, 168 Belt, Charles and Keith Pumps)


Banila Co.

We all know that people in K-Land are vain and are very much particular with their appearance. We know about it because of the Koreanovela that we watch here in the Philippines. So as a make up enthusiast, you know what's next! :) I definitely bought some mu items but I didn't just want to buy because I want them, I want to be a wise buyer and ensure that I will be using the mus that I will get. So ahead of time, I listed the mu that I need like a highlighter, face powder and a lipstick in either plum or tangerine shade. 

In the search for it, I found this brand which we don't have it here yet in the Philippines. It's the first brand that caught my eyes because of their nice packaging and their different types of products. I find that there's something unique with their products.

Here's what I got on the things that I needed.

First up, Banila Co. Marbling Blusher. This is actually available in 3 different colors, but for my skin type I am #03 Temptation. 

Look how chick is their packaging!

It has a brush with it and a mirror same size with the diameter of the packaging. On the first look, it looks like a blusher?

Time for swatches:

with flash

with out flash
When applied, you can see that it's orange in color. Oh no! It's more of a blusher. But wait, don't panic. Let's blend it....

When blended, this is how it looks.... It disappears and do what it does. It gives brightness and glow to the skin and highlight the areas that you want to highlight.

with highlight, can you see how it do it's magic??
On this kind of post, I don't edit photos so that you can see the actual product.
I had a mosquito bite and pardon my blemishes :(
with out highlight, can you see the difference?
with out higlight, see it's flat

What I like about Banila Co. highligther:
  • It has a nice packaging, very chic!
  • It has a mirror especially when I'm on the go.
  • A little goes a long way! 

Now let's move on to Banila Co. De La Rouge Lipstick. Title pa lang chic na right? And again, it really has a nice packaging too!

Box packaging 

Look at the details of the actual lipstick!
with flash
with out flash
 Time for swatches:

It looked pigmented. With the right orange tangerine color that I want. It's more on the pinkish warm color so it's not that bright.

I find it's texture as moisturizing and not that super matte when applied both on my hands and on my lips. It glides easily and little application gives enough color already. Though it doesn't stay long with out any lip liner underneath after eating a meal. Since it's very pigmented you can expect it to stay for a longer period of time if we are not talking about meals.

Here's my final look with Banila Co. Marbling Blusher and De La Rouge Lipstick.

I also placed highlighter on to my nose, tip of my lips, chin and a little on my forehead.
Hope you like it! And I will do another review for Banila Co. Prime Primer Pact since I have not yet  finished my previous face pact.

Interesting right??

Do you have any Banila Co. products? How do you find them. Please share your story to me.

To know more about Banila Co. check out their website (though it's in Korean Language).