Dove hair therapy hair fall rescue

After chopping of my hair, I noticed that I have hair fall problem. I just don't know if I have hair fall problem before and didn't notice it since I have long hair. Now that I have short hair, my hair are falling direct on my table.

You may remember that I already posted a post for this variant (click this link to read my previous post). But for this post, I can finally review it in accordance to its promise to reduce hair fall in 2 weeks.

No doubt that I will surely use Dove for my hair problem. 

I've been using this product for 2 weeks already so I can already share with you if it's as effective as it claim.

Know more about the product:

Here are the ingredients of the product:

Like on my previous post, this variant has the same look of Dove shampoo. It's also in pearly look with a balance of creamy and liquidy but rich texture. It has the same distinct fragrant smell that is not too strong but smells good on the hair.

After 2 weeks of using it, I still have falling hair but I notice that it was reduced. I think that this product is effective but we need to manage our expectation as it won't totally eliminate hair fall. So for hair fall problems, I can recommend you to use this product.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Got the product at my own expense and review is base on my personal experience and opinion.



The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Lotion

I can't believe this will be my first post of The Body Shop! I've been exposed to The Body Shop since I was in high school. Their lip and cheek tint was the bomb when make up were not that normal for teens yet. 

Their lip balms, body wash and lotions were very much popular too! I would like to share with you one of their lotions.

I actually got this from one of the loot bags that I got from an event. It will be my first time to use Sweet Lemon.

This is a very popular size for The Body Shop lotion as it is very handy for your favorite variant. I do appreciate the simple packaging, very The Body Shop and easy to get the product. It has the right amount of product, right size, very handy so as not to be heavy inside our bags.

Though this product is tiny, it has the right size of whole to be able to get the product. Not too small and not too big to squeeze a lot of products.

Since it's Lemon, it's only natural that they have it in color yellow. Upon opening and applying the product on my skin. It smells very lemon.

The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Lotion is a balance of creamy and liquidy texture. It's not super creamy. It feels refreshing when applied on the skin. It's not sticky at all and gives the right moisture and softness to my skin. 

with flash
 At first, I kinda felt that it didn't give me the right moisture that I needed. So I took a break using it and road tested it after several days. After using it daily for 1 week, I was satisfied with the positive result.

with out flash

Will I buy The Body Shop Lotion?
Yes. And I would want to try a different variant.

What's your favorite scent for The Body Shop Lotion?



Hershey's Chocolates Galore! Whoopers, Hershey's Drops

Well hello, another late post. But again and again, better late than never. :) I just wan to share with you  my thoughts about Hershey's chocolates that was new to me until I met them. :) I got these goodies at S land and tried and observed it before sharing my experience with you. 

Hershey's have their own store at S Land and I knew that I wouldn't go home with out getting any of their goodies. True enough I got several and in different packagings (not to forget Jolly Ranchers too).

Let's first talk about Whoopers, I actually saw this last and just shoot it in my basket. It looks familiar to me as it is the same with Maltesers. Curiosity comes first if Whoppers is better than Maltesers as it indicates to be The Original Malted Milk Balls.

It has the same size packaging but it doesn't look Hershey's product at all.

Sorry for the injustice photo, it already melted due to traveling and I placed it inside the ref.

My experience:
  • It has the same look with that of Maltesers when  not melted
  • Milky and not too sweet (good)
  • Malt is harder and doesn't melt in the mouth
  • I think the actual chocolate is smaller than that of Maltesers
  • Smells good chocolate
I still prefer Maltesers over Whoppers.

Now let's move on to the famous Hershey's Milk Chocolate and Cookies and Cream.

It was my first time to see Hershey's Drops (btw, this is already available here in the Philippines). I know it taste the same but because of the look of the chocolate I knew I should get it. It looks very handy and easy to eat like M&Ms but bigger. What's great about Hershey's Drops is that it's made as candy shells so it won't melt easily.

Now let's know more about Hershey's Drops. When reading the packaging, I thought it's in a hard candy form or maybe with the same type of M&Ms. But upon opening and tasting it.... Hershey's Drops is all chocolate. Milk Chocolate and Cookies and Cream chocolate from the outer to the inner.

Upon opening it looks so nice! It's shiny and like marbles of chocolates! 

It has just the right size. Not too big nor too small to be eaten. Look at the Hershey's logo at every chocolate candy.

What I like about these Chocolates:
  • It tastes so good! Very chocolatey and cookies and cream, same taste of their other formats
  • I don't really love cookies and cream but I love this one
  • Milk Chocolate is very Hershey's milk chocolate
  • It doesn't melt even if I didn't place it inside the ref after several months
  • The packaging has a lot of chocolates in it
  • Great for tropical country!

Took this photo after several months, still didn't melt :)

It is also available in a handy packaging! I love the packaging, I got the 2 flavors in this container and just refill it every time. 



Etude Bubble Hair Coloring - Mocha Pink

After having my hair cut short, I then colored it to complete my look. According to the hairdresser who cut my hair, since I have super black hair I look so white so he suggested I color my hair. I followed his  suggestion but I opted to do DIY hair color.

Again, I used Etude brand to color my hair. At first, I was planning to try a different brand but then when I was searching for the color that I wanted I only saw it from Etude. I wanted a color that looks light enough but I don't want it to be blond. Other brands have those in blond type only, there were Japanese brands in the market, but then I was not familiar with the brands and didn't had enough time to research about it so I settled with Etude.

This color was actually my first choice from the available colors that time. I think this is the lightest that they have. So let's see how will this result to my hair - Mocha Pink.

To check out how to use Etude Hair Bubble coloring, please do check out my previous post

Still has the same packaging and type. But I would appreciate if they'll have more English for the information and details.

Still the cute pump bottle!

First of, place the liquid ingredient of this pink packaging inside the liquid ingredient from the pump up container.

The pump container has this liquid clear ingredient that is more of liquid and not creamy in texture.

The pink packaging has this orange color of liquid.

Now let's start coloring my hair, but before that I made sure to use the safety gear that they provided. It includes plastics and hand gloves.

After combining the 2 liquid ingredients it turns into a foam that is brown in color.

Since I already have short hair, the amount of Etude's hair color is actually more than what I need. I tried to finish it, but I really can't. The foams are like building up on my hair and it was even dripping. It just mean that I had so much on already. Like what the packaging indicated, I waited for around a little over 30 minutes to rinse it off. 

I actually used this conditioner the next day. I should have used it the actual day while rinsing of the hair color. 

This conditioner treatment actually helped my hair to to be soft but it was not enough. It's few even with my short hair and I felt that my hair was not that soft after all.

So after doing all the steps here's the final output. 

What I think about it:
  • It's actually not light enough for my hair
  • After using it, my hair was a little dry
  • It colored my hair but since my hair is so black, the color comes out when hit by light
  • It didn't come out the same with the color from the box
Will I repurchase? 
Not this color anymore. But I will still consider to buy Etude Bubble Hair Coloring.

Here's my hair when hit by light. As you have seen on my previous post. :)

Where do I get DIY hair color that will give me lighter colored hair that is brownish but not blonde? 



VO5 Herbal Escapes Kiwi Lime with Lemongrass Extract Clarifying Conditioner

Since I just had my hair cut and done my own hair color (will be posting about it soon)... I felt that my hair wasn't as soft anymore so it's time to condition it again! When I got home from B land, I saw this and tried it once since I am longing to condition my hair.

I was excited to use it since it looks very fragrant though I am not sure if it will make my hair soft. Never the less I would want to make my hair smell great.

Not that I know, this variant is has 5 essential vitamins that will promise to make my hair moisturize and stronger. Plus it promise to protect and promote hair growth. But for me, I would want to test this brand and variant for the moisturizing effect.

My experience:
  • It smells so good! Fruity but not so strong
  • It has a liquidy texture and not that thick
  • Not creamy but very lightweight feeling when applied
  • My hair got instant softness
  • My hair smelled good and it stayed on for several hours
  • Instant soft and unfrizzy hair
  • More manageable hair
Will I repurchase?
Yes! Surprisingly this is a great conditioner!

Have you tried VO5? Did you like it?



Party in UK! Baguio Style

Here's another ootd post that I was able to squeeze in during our busy week at Baguio.

Look at the busy street of Baguio! Everyone is busy peeking through the parade of floats!

Again, like my previous post, my outfit was not enough for the freezingly cold weather but just right for noon.

For cold season, I cold weathers I like to make it simple and wear something comfortable like this cropped long sleeves and paired with this somehow a little high waisted marbled washed skinny jeans. This top is so comfortable, structured but somehow sexy with a peek a boo of my skin (kaya ako linamog sa Baguio?? haha!) Along with this super soft, light weight and very comfortable skinny jeans. Again jeans, need not be boring! Here's another style now in darker color.

I didn't wear too much accessories just a watch since I will be on the go for work. Less is more for this look. 

(River Island cropped long sleeves, Bershka marbled washed skinny jeans, ICandy eyewear, Esprit Watch, Anthology Footwear)

How do you like my look? 



Paris Love!

I was in Baguio for the past week and it's for work. It was a very busy busy event for Panagbenga but I was able to try to get some fashion post to share with you. :)

It was still super cold in Baguio even at this time of the year! It's almost summer time but it's still super cold! The weather is so hard in Baguio as it's freezingly cold but super hot during noon!

My outfit actually is not enough for the super cold weather! I wasn't able to prepare more thick clothes as I didn't expect it to be super duper cold. I was not in the condition when I was packing hehe.

But luckily I was able to grab several long sleeves that somehow kept me warm with that freezingly cold weather.

I super love this long sleeves of mine! I super love the design and when I saw it... I knew I had to get it. This jeans is oh so love too. Super comfortable and yet very fashionable. Jeans need not be boring right! There are lot of styles for jeans too like this light colored jeans. But we need to be careful, this is not fit for voluptuous girls as your lower body might look even bigger.

Luckily I brought some scarfs with me but it was the silk one. haha I just tucked it in to provide me more warmth.

(Shana long sleeves top, F&X light colored jeans, Shanghai Scarf, Timex Watch, Yosi Samara Footwear, Kenneth Cole Bag)

Here's my blooper pic for this post. I've got this little girl photobombing while I do my post. hehe