Dove Hair Fall Rescue Range

You may think I have posted this already! But look twice, this is a different variant of Dove. You may check my previous post to know about it. To share with you, I was actually convinced and became a user of Dove when I got the chance to try it. And since then I do use Dove Hair Therapy. And lately, I was able to get a sample of Dove Hair Fall Rescue Range. They are now promoting their Hair Fall variant. I am already a Dove user and I am satisfied with their Hair Therapy Range but I do still want to try this since I do encounter hair fall. But using it for one time only, I won't really have a result but then it's worth a try to know how will this work... in terms of softness.

Here's Dove Hair Fall Rescue Range.

Root Strengthening
I would like to focus on the physical attribute of the product, so to know what Dove Hair Fall can do... check out the image below.

Here's the sample item! It has both the shampoo and conditioner! I appreciate that Dove provide information about their Hair Care so that we understand what does it do. Other shampoos just give out samples.

Now let's check out the products!

with out flash
closer look
with flash
 The Shampoo

  • It has the same smell with their Hair Therapy Range
  • It also has a rich formula
  • The sachet is enough for my long and thick hair
  • Creamy in Color
  • It gives a squeaky feeling after washing
  • It bubbles and washed all of my hair just right.

 Now let's move on to the conditioner.

with out flash
with flash
  The Conditioner
  • It has a more salon like smell ( I don't like it much)
  • It also has a rich formula
  • The sachet is enough for a sample
  • Creamy in Color too
  • It gives an instant soft and smoothness to the hair
  • It made my hair less frizzy and fall into it's place

 Do check out their Facebook, Website and Twitter to know more about their products or for updates.

Look how my hair looks clean, fresh and healthy. It falls into its place nicely.


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