Medieval Costume

Hi guys!! I'm very sorry for MIA this end of 2014! I've been busy both in work and personal stuffs ( lots of activities happened) :) But before we end 2014 I want to share with you what I wore during our Christmas Party at work! It's better late than never... hehe

Yearly, we have themes during our annual Christmas party and for 2014 the theme that won is Game of Thrones. It was actually very hard for most of us to do it since we find that we won't be able to use our outfits anymore thus it then became more of Medieval themed party. I was actually not planning to make an effort to go in Game of Thrones or Medieval costume but during the week of our party..... things changed and here I am wearing a princess Medieval costume! haha

Thanks to my Marketing Family who insisted that I should wore this outfit during our annual Company Christmas Party. :) This is actually a rented Medieval gown located somewhere at CCP near Star City. This is my first time to rent an outfit, it's actually nice to rent there since it's very convenient. You just need to get and return, no need to wash it since they'll do the laundry already. The best part of it is that, renting costs around 700++ only! The only downside in renting is that if there's no available size for you. hehe

I love that it was very comfortable! It was a little big for me but thanks to my friend, we were able to fix it and just pined the loose parts! Tada!! It fitted me very well including the length! I also love that it's a little low at the back. haha

Since it's very shiny already, I tried to wear minimal accessories but then I can't help it! haha I just felt that I needed to accessorize! haha Itodo ko na ang pag career ng Medieval costume! haha But I opted to wear neutral colors that matched with the sparkly gown but of course all with very Medieval and princess feel. Pati head hindi nakaligtas...hehe :)

Lastly, during parties I want to wear sling bags so I can move freely but of course still maintained the Medieval and Princess feel. So a vintage bag is the way to go. I love bags that can be used as either sling or clutch bag.

And by the way, since I am a Medieval princess (haha!!) I finalized my look with a subtle smokey look and with a very girly pink lips. Hope you liked my mu. :)

Here's my blooper pic for this post. OA lang sa pagkafeel na princess. :)

P.S. This look was finalized 3 days and up to the last minute of the our Christmas Party. Head Piece just remembered I have such just 2 days before the party. I haven't even able to practice my make up look days before. haha Next year, I'll make sure to prepare earlier. haha

(Medieval rented gown, American Eagle necklace, Charriol bracelet, The Landmark leaf bracelet, previously owned Head Piece,  Christian Dior Vintage Bag, Charles and Keith Heels)