Etude AC Clinic Daily

Hi guys! You may already know that I do experience break outs even if I am pass my teenage years already! I really want to fix this so I finally decided to get a full range of facial care that is specially medicated for Acne prone skin. I decided to get something that is not too expensive but also not cheap. Here's my experience with Etude AC Clinic Daily line, I got their 3 products (facial cleanser, toner and moisturizer). They still have several products to help minimize acne, but I decided to get these first. I wanted something that will help me minimize breakouts first.

I already bought this before I found out that they have another facial wash from AC Clinic Line that is stronger. This is a foam wash:
  • You only need a soft pump and get a few amount of the product
  • Felt a squeaky clean feeling
  • Feels so light on the skin
  • Has a soft smell too which I do appreciate
  • Sealed with plastic 

I got a lot of product for this post :)

Now let's move on to the toner which is always the second step after facial wash. 
  • Like the foam wash, only need a few products to clean the face
  • It has a light distinct smell (I can describe it same as those of the after shave but so much lighter)
  • Has the right opening to get the product (product doesn't come out too much)
  • With seal which I really prefer
  • Clear in color
  • Doesn't have stingy feeling even if it's AC line
  • Feels clean on the face

Last for this post is the Gel Lotion, this is actually their moisturizer.
  • Has the same smell with the toner
  • Also sealed
  • Also needs a few amount for the whole face
  • Light on the face 
  • Thick but not super thick
  • Can be easily spread on the face
  • Not sticky

I started using last March 29 and up to now I still have not yet finished all three products. Using it daily so it's basically sulit! But I will be able to finish faster the toner then the facial wash. The moisturizer will last longer. 

What I noticed happened to my skin while using this product:
  • After a month of using, I noticed that I experienced more break out, continuous break out
  • But after around 1 and 1/2 month to 2 months, lesser break out
  • My face is not that oily anymore, don't notice shine on my face during afternoons
  • My face didn't dried up even if these are for acne prone skin
  • I still experience break outs but not as much already (this is also partnered that I try to sleep early as much as I can)
Overall, I think this is a good product for acne prone skin. It is value for money as it can last pretty long. It's also light on the face and no other side effects.

I would want to continue using these products. I would also want to try their spot or acne treatment.

What do you think?



Fete De La Musique 2015 Outfit

It's my second year to join Fete De La Musique! Same as last year it was jam packed and with filled with great stages! But I am sad as I was not able to fully enjoy it since I was tired again.. At about 10pm, I wanted to go home already and sleep on my bed! But then again with what I saw, it was a very very soulful, energetic and solid event. The only thing is that it rained! But thank God it didn't rain all through out the night thus music enthusiast were able to enjoy the whole night. 

I decided to wear something very comfortable but a balance of hot and cold outfit. Meaning it's something breezy but I am covered up to make sure I won't get cold. A short jumpsuit is my way to go! The fabric is thin but it has sleeves, plus it's shorts so I can move freely. In attending music festivals, a small sling back is the way to go, don't bring too much valuables just enough money to get you through all night. And btw, it's rainy season already so don't forget to bring your umbrella! Lastly, comfortable footwear is a must! Tip: Don't wear valuable accessories since you need to walk around the Metro! 

Sorry for my grossy nails! 

(Bazaar jumpsuit shorts, Swatch Watch, Aranaz sling bag, Free Fish Footwear)

Here's my blooper pic, and yes! I look sleepy :)

How was your Fete De La Musique 2015 experience? You may want to check my experience last year.



HK Disneyland Outfit

Oh No!! And Yes... It's been a while since my last post! I've been busy and I've been very tired so I was trying to get my needed rest. I've been busy with both work and personal stuff plus I've also been traveling! As much as I can, I tried to document so that I can share some with you. :)

Last April I went to HK Land for our company incentive trip! YIIPPPEEE!!! Thank You God for your blessing! And of course a visit to the Happiest Place is a must! All the kids at heart have the excuse or the chance again to feel like children and just have fun in this magical place! So here's what I wore, made sure to wear comfortable outfit plus breezy and cool! During our visit, we checked that the weather would be hot, though it rained for a while, over all it was still hot! So during any travel, make sure to check the weather of your destination! During travels too, I always wear comfortable footwear plus I prefer a sling bag with good storage plus I wear a few accessories only. Don't want the hassle of mixing and matching and also having the chance to leave some of them. Tip: Bring an accessory that can be worn with any outfit. 

(H&M top, Bershka shorts, Ice Watch, Jade Necklace, Prada bag, Primaluxe Manila Footwear)

Here's my blooper post! I have a photo bomber :)

Here are some more of the outfits that I wore during that trip. I wasn't able to document all my outfit for that trip.