Fete De La Musique 2015 Outfit

It's my second year to join Fete De La Musique! Same as last year it was jam packed and with filled with great stages! But I am sad as I was not able to fully enjoy it since I was tired again.. At about 10pm, I wanted to go home already and sleep on my bed! But then again with what I saw, it was a very very soulful, energetic and solid event. The only thing is that it rained! But thank God it didn't rain all through out the night thus music enthusiast were able to enjoy the whole night. 

I decided to wear something very comfortable but a balance of hot and cold outfit. Meaning it's something breezy but I am covered up to make sure I won't get cold. A short jumpsuit is my way to go! The fabric is thin but it has sleeves, plus it's shorts so I can move freely. In attending music festivals, a small sling back is the way to go, don't bring too much valuables just enough money to get you through all night. And btw, it's rainy season already so don't forget to bring your umbrella! Lastly, comfortable footwear is a must! Tip: Don't wear valuable accessories since you need to walk around the Metro! 

Sorry for my grossy nails! 

(Bazaar jumpsuit shorts, Swatch Watch, Aranaz sling bag, Free Fish Footwear)

Here's my blooper pic, and yes! I look sleepy :)

How was your Fete De La Musique 2015 experience? You may want to check my experience last year.


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