Glambox Airbrush Pro 5000

Yes I know, I am sick and I need rest but this won't stop me from attending Glambox's event last Saturday!Haha Thank you again to my dear friend Yellow Yum for bringing me along to this event! And boy I am glad to have finally learned about Glambox personally. I already know Glambox via Yellow Yum's blog

The event was packed with several activities held at Mango Tree Greenbelt. Basic Airbursh Demo, Blogger Trial, Advance Airbrush Demo and Airbrush Personal Activity! Great activities to personally experience Glambox Airbrush. 

Glambox team were very accomodating and very friendly! What I also like about them is that they really know  and skilled to use their products. Ang galing diba! That's a real entrepreneur! Two thumbs up! We were first welcomed by no other than Ms. Valerie Tan (Yes, she is a TV personality and a business woman too... GIRL POWER!!!). Partnered with equally beautiful and gorgeous Ms. Andrea.

With our further a do! Presenting Glambox latest product - - - - - Glambox Airbrush Pro 5000 Series 

What's great about this product is that it has High PSI Function up to 40 PSI. It's power saving that automatically turn to sleep mode feature when it reaches 40 PSI for safety measure. It has a big gun cup capacity with lid and it has a compact design and built in handle for ease of tansport. This is heavy duty! Great great for professional mua!

Look at the PSI function and the adjustment.

Close up look on the gun cup.

Here comes the firs activity, Glambox Airbrush Demo by Noi (former Bobbi Brown MUA from SG). My golly! He's great! He gave us several tips that will surely help us understand more about Glambox Airbrush.

Thanks to Marge for volunteering that day! Although she has pretty skin already, I was surprised with the result! Continue reading below.

The pretty and funky Marge!!!

Glambox Airbrush is easy to use! Just put about 10 drops of the Glambox foundation in the cup. Press the button that will bubble the foundation then it's ready to use! (By the way, the push button has a 2 way device that controls the air and liquid color flow independently of each other.) 

When ready, hold the gun at 5 to 6 inches away from the face then spray it in a circular motion to prevent streaks and stain looking pigments. Noi shared us some great tips! Instead of formulating the foundations, layer it! It's hard to reformulate 100% accurate. So true!

After doing the face (by the way there's contouring done too), Noi did the Marge's eyes using Glambox Airbrush too. For that day it was all about bronzing the natural way! Don't forget to lower the PSI level since eyes are the most sensitive part of the face.

Loo at how flawless Marge look already while Noi was doing her eyes!
Look at the contouring too! It's so natural!

The final look. It's as if Marge didn't wear any make up on!
Aba naman, natural looking!
Now on the second part of the demo! The avante garde look with Ms. Diane Lim as the model ( She really looks familiar hehe). Look closely, Noi have already done Ms. Diane's base and you can see how flawless looking is her face! Love it! Now Noi will use Glambox Airbrush to create an Avante Garde look.

Noi gave us another tip! Spray small amount of products only because it's easier to build up rather than erasing or removing.

Final touches before putting eyeliner and lashes.

 My gosh! How nice!!!!!!

Topt it with red lipstick.
Red Lipstick will work with this look. Although avante garde, it's natural and dark color.
The final look! Bagay na bagay kay Ms. Diane!

And the last part! Bloggers get the chance to use Glambox Airbrush Pro 5000 and create our own look.  My gosh nakakatakot haha! Ano kaya ang ikakalabasan ng gawa ko?hehe The winner will get the chance to win a Glambox Airbrush Pro 5000 kit! Wow!!!

We were provided with mask sheets to work on with our look. I got the one with Florence shade.

I wanted to try it again so I sprayed another layer of Glambox Florence Foundation and then worked on what I can do. Haha! Although I really don't have the creativeness yet on this kind of mu look because I didn't want a natural looking (I wanted to play around the colors). 

And here's my final output! Walang kokontra haha!

Look at the blush, I used Glambox Airbrush on it! How would you know that it blended well!
Now it's time for judging...

Photo grabbed from Glambox's FB Page.

We are very lucky to have a special guest Ms. Cindy Go (Preview Mag beauty editor) as our Judge! Another pretty girl!

And the winner is.... Crizzy! One lucky girl to take home the new Glambox Airbrush Pro 5000! 

Ms. Diane, Ms. Andrea and Noi
Not everyone get the chance to personally use Airbrush and I am very lucky and happy to experience Glambox Airbrush. It is great that I was able to know more about it personally and its output. And I tell you (with out exageration) there really is a 100% difference! It's really natural looking but you'll still look the way you are. Confusing? In short, Glambox Airbursh provides a flawless natural complexion while you don't look like wearing any make up. That's great right?? And that's what I want in make up! For me, Make up should enhance our looks and not totally covering the real us!

Glambox loot bags after the event. Thanks to Val and Andrea! Congratulations for a great event!

I am no Glambox Airbrush expert but I surely did learn so many things about it. I can say that I was enligthened and delighted the wonders of it. I would like to get  so to know more about it, attend their work shop check out their website, I guarantee that you'll have a different perspective about MU!