4 Fingers

I've been eating chicken for the past 3 days! Baka tubuan na ako ng pak pak (I might get wings already)! hehe Sharing with you 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken that I recently tried at Mall of Asia. Since my office is near MOA, I am now able to try different restaurants.

Looking at their menu, they are similar with that of Bon Chon. 

I liked the look of their interior as it is like very Brooklyn but due to the small space it's not that noticeable and felt.

This is how small their area.

Look at their wall art.

Now let's move on to the food.

Look at their waiting number, very consistent 4 Fingers logo. Of course I ordered their Chicken and have it in mixed flavor (spicy and soy garlic).

My Experience:
  • Skin was crispy
  • Chicken was flavorful up to the meat
  • Chicken meat was soft
  • The spicy flavor is really spicy but tolerable
  • Soy garlic is good
  • Rice was ok, it's normal rice only
  • The quantity of the food is ok, rice for me was enough but if I just ordered 1 piece then it wont be enough.. hehe
  • The Red ice tea was also ok, not that sweet and refreshing. It's not the usual powdered tea

 I also do appreciate their presentation, placing the food in a steel lunch box type. And look at the cup with full details. I just had a little hard time eating at the lunch box type as the space is little to debone the chicken.

Here I am to enjoy my 4 Fingers chicken.



A different outfit on a kiddie party

I've attended my nephews and godchildren's first birthday party and here's my different take on what to wear on a kiddie party. Most of the time, we tend to wear cute colorful dresses. Since it was again a very hot day and like my previous fashion post I still can't wear shorts / skirts due to my pasa and scar.

I decided to wear still something colorful and of course breezy. So color yellow is the color to go! :) I love color yellow and it's my favorite color. It's the time to wear this yellow sleeveless top, it's light weight and again breezy. Again though it's sleeveless it's not skimpy. I like the cut with a subtle raffle like v neck so it's not girly. It's stretchable and thin fabric that follows the shape of the body. But this kind of top is not advisable for dining buffets, you'll surely end up as if you have a baby bump.

Since I can't wear shorts / skirts, I opted to wear this light colored jeggings. It's actually not white. And yes it's jeggings and the fabric is actually thin.

I paired it with my new flats that is very cool! I love the camouflage print and perfectly matched with my look that day!  This is very comfortable and it actually fits me very well. You can really see that I am a flats person. :)

Lastly, again due to the summer heat I used minimal accessories again. Just this sling bag in red to have something to contrast my look so that I won't look too girly plus this beaded bracelet that I bought from Baguio for only Php 20. I then just wore pearls to complete my look to add a little class.

I love this bag as it has lots of pockets and can hold many things though it's not that big.

With the colors, my outfit looked young and fresh but still maintaining the comfort and breezy feeling.

(Promod Sleeveless top, Bershka jeggings, Ice Watch, Pearl Necklace, Bead Bracelet from Baguio, Tommy Hilfiger sling bag, Primaluxe Footwear)

Did you like my different take of outfit when attending a kiddie party?



Cali Burger

And I finally tried Cali Burger! I've read many reviews and many posts how people are raving about Cali Burger and are dying to try it! Since it's just near our place it was easy for me to go and grab a bite of their burger. So here's my Cali Burger experience.

Cali Burger is located at the top level of Century City Mall like park area. Other restaurants were still close so it was a good thing that people are raving for Cali Burger, if not then people might not see their location.

I appreciated the whole feel of the restaurant. It feels very laid back relax as if I was in a surf place! The look of the whole place, furniture and even their LED / Big Tv screen. They also have outdoor place over looking the metro but there's really nothing to see, the view is not that good. It was also spacious. 

Now let's move on to the menu and their food offerings.

Looking at their menu, they only have limited offerings. Just Beef or Chicken burger with the option of having it with cheese or double patty. We were looking forward to have onion rings but too bad they don't have it. 

During our visit they have beer o' clock promo. Free beer for every combo meal. Luckily I saw this and asked for the beer. If I didn't ask for this offering, they didn't gave us. So you should ask for this.

May disclaimer na agad. hehe

After ordering, they provided us with the light up thing for them to inform us that we can already get our orders. So Cali Burger is a self service chain.

And the light lit up! It's time for me to get our burgers! Our orders came I think at the right phase, there were several people ordered before us but it didn't took Cali Burger a long time to bring out our orders.

Of course, I got their hamburger. I asked from the counter if what beef do they use and she told me that their beef burgers are made from Angus Beef.

My experience:
  • The actual burger is thin
  • I felt that it's a little bland
  • The bun was ok, normal
  • The fries were so good and big
  • The cheese was a little few, at first I didn't even tasted that there was cheese
  • Vegetables were fresh

closer look of the burger
We've also tried the milk shake. As I get older, I find myself eating more and more deadly foods and or drinks. Oh no! But of course I eat / drink them in moderation.

For this post, we tried chocolate milkshake. For me, I liked it but it wasn't that addicting. But it was good enough. Usual milk shake but flavorful. It's better to mix it again so that the chocolate won't be concentrated at the bottom.

Overall, it was ok but the price is actually expensive for the taste and size of the burgers. But the look of the restaurant and even the cups and trays were very in theme. 

Here I was with my Cali Burger. :) 



Holiday casual wear

And it's summer again here in the Philippines! The sun is shining brightly and it's time to hit the beach! I hope to be able to go to the beach this year! It's been so long since I was able to set my feet on the sand!

Here's my casual outfit during the last Holiday. I was going out to meet with friends and I was just going to commute that day. The sun was so up but just to share with you I can't and haven't been able to wear shorts nor skirts for the past few weeks due to scars. I have scars and pasa on both legs due to my clumsiness. :) I have been bumping to office drawers that caused me scars and pasa. :) 

I decided to be very causal since I will commute. Nothing very attractive to bad peeps so I wore this very breezy sleeveless top and with out a choice paired it with jeans. The easiest way to go for a casual wear but yet trendy.

Now I am already able to appreciate this kind of style for sleeveless. Previously this type of style make me look bigger. But with this kind of style, you need to get the right side! You should get your actual size and not something bigger. I like that it hides tummy flabs! Since it's sleeveless and it's not a thin spag strap. I like the thickness as it doesn't look too sexy even if I exposed a lot of my skin. Very presko feeling but not skimpy looking. 

To give my look more edgy I wore this super nice flats with a very loud design. Though it is in animal print it still matched my relaxed non skimpy look but still trendy.

Lastly, when I commute and during summer season I really am not fund of wearing too much accessories so I wore this in thing bracelet that my niece made.

Hope you appreciate my casual ootd. Casual outfits need not be boring. :)

And here's my blooper pic for this post.

Is it ok with you for me to post blooper pics or I might as well delete them? :)

(Cotton On Sleeveless top, F&X jeans, Esprit watch, Primaluxe Footwear)



Tresemme Smooth and Shine Shampoo and Conditioner

Another hair care post! You may notice that I post more hair care for this year. As I promised to share more blog posts with you guys, it's hair care that I am more open and adventurous to try. :)

As I was about to choose a different hair care since I just feel like trying a different brand.... It was timing that I saw this Tresemme bundle of shampoo and conditioner that I was think on sale! For only Php 499 I will be able to get a big size (600ml) of both shampoo and conditioner. It's like only Php 250 each! It's very affordable where in I can surely use this for several months! A very great deal! I love deals! :)

It's just that they only have this bundle in Smooth and Shine variant. This variant is said to be for dry and frizzy prone hair. I currently don't have that problem but there's no harm in preventing my hair to be dry and frizzy. :)  

Oh so it's sealed! Like!

After reading the box, they say that this variant have Vitamin H and Silk Protein ingredients that will help calm firzzy and dry hair and will make it smooth and silky. They also say that Tresemme shampoo is formulated for Filipina hair.

To know more about the variants.

Now let's try the actual product. Of course let's start with the shampoo.

My experience:
  • Pearly look shampoo, cute
  • Liquidy texture 
  • Fragrant, but not strong, smell doesn't stay long on the hair
  • Gives a squeaky clean feeling 
  • Provides soft smooth hair
Moving on to the conditioner

My Experience:
  • Smells salon like
  • Thick but not that creamy, thick liquidy
  • Conditioning
  • Light feeling
  • Provides instant smooth silky feeling 
After several days of continuous using of the shampoo and at least once a week of the conditioner... my hair retained to be smooth and soft. My hair wasn't freezy at all. This variant actually worked for me. Though currently I really don't have hair problem (except for hair fall) but at least it helped me maintain to have soft and silky hair. I just hope that they create their conditioner to have a fragrant smell too.

How may hair looked :) Just combed it and no other machines or hair care used
I have another Tresemme conditioner to share with you. But I have to finish this variant first. :)



Racer inspired outfit

Hi guys! It's holy week already and it's Maundy Thursday and because it's a long weekend.... I'll have time to blog again. I am very sorry for being MIA, I'll try to blog more often. :) Since I was MIA, I have lots of posts to share with you.

A very quick fashion post, I just tried if I can squeeze in a simple photo to share with you on what I wore during one of our company event hosted by the department where I belong. :) Luckily, I was able to squeeze in 2 photos in spite if a very busy and long day!

The theme of the event was about racing, I was just given the privilege to wear something different at the start of the day and the dress code given was all black and racer inspired outfit. Given the guideline and consideration that I should change to our event uniform that day.... I made sure to wear something that I can easily change with out going to the comfort room (due to several activities to be done) and would definitely match the theme and our uniform that day.  

With this I decided to wear a thin cardigan with racer type look. I was initially thinking of wearing my leather jacket but it's not handy for me to bring along with my other stuffs. 

Luckily, I have this cover up with me that I had for a very long time already! I think I had this since college days pa! haha! With the stripe sporty details... this will be great for the event theme. I also liked that it has this (I think) dragon details both sides of the sleeves to provide more angst with my look. :) Simple yet  with a character, lastly the fabric is something shiny but very soft and comfortable. It's as if this cover up is really intended for the event. :)

Since me and my colleagues didn't want to keep on changing (besides the fact that we don't have time) we decided to wear pants all through out the day so we just have to change our top. To make my look a little different, I decided to wear a black pants with a different twist. Instead of wearing plain black jeans, I wore waxed pants. It's shiny and looks as if I was wearing leather pants. Given the summer heat, leather pants was not an option!

Thank God for the Stradivarius website! I can share with you how great this pants looks like! All pants images got from Stradivarius website.

Look at how it looks so sleek! It's not because it's worn by a model but it does look so! I like that it's supper comfortable and fashionable in one. I also appreciate that they have free alteration and I was able to reduce the length thus making it very fit for me.

I've got several comments where in they though I was wearing a leather pants. :)

Not to forget, I've also worn an inner tank top from Uniqlo! I love it for being functional of being underwear but also a great top. I didn't have any problem changing from my racer inspired cover up to our company polo.

Lastly, to complete my racer look. I borrowed my niece's sneaker wedge. Though her shoe size is already bigger than me, I just used a very thick socks so that my feet won't slip anytime I walk. Luckily the look of her sneaker wedge (that I gave her haha) matched very well with our theme.

I hope you liked my racer inspired look. Again function and comfort can be combined with fashion. :)

(Details jacket, Uniqlo Sleeveless top, Stradivarius waxed pants, Payless Footwear)