Durian Yema and Durian Polvoron

A very quick post for today. Another Philippine find that I got on my trip to Gensan. Since it is near Davao there were several Durian delicacies for pasalubong items. And here's what I got, Durian yema and Durian Polvoron. I hope to try the Durian coffee next time, but I need to go to Davao first.

What I think about Durian Delicacies:

  • Both really taste like real Durian
  • It's sweet but still manageable
  • I Love the yema! Really balance of yema and durian taste! It is a bomb!
  • Polvoron was ok but it's not intact together, when opened it turns to powder
  • Smelled like Durian but not that strong to make the whole room smelly
Durian coffee I hope to get you soon!!



Shamrock Baked Polvoron

Here's another pasalubong corner or pinoy finds here in the Philippines. Now let's go to Cebu, Shamrock is a well known brand for Otap. So to look for a different Cebu find besides Mango and Lechon I was happy to see this! I love polvoron so I bought it  at once! It was like, it was meant for me to buy this. I was in Cebu very quick (I mean literally quick, for about 9 hours or less!) So there's really no time again to look around and get something to bring back to Manila. Then I suddenly saw this and found out that it's the last piece. Enough about my story let's go back to Shamrock Baked Polvoron.

It actually didn't taste like the usual polvorn, it's texture is more of a cookie rather than the powdery that melts in the mouth. It's kinda messy to eat but to offset all these, it tasted good. It's creamy and not too sweet. It's a great snack. I was just expecting it to be the same polvorn that I was used to. Never the less I will buy this again because of the taste! It makes you want to eat more after the first bite.


Tuna Chicharon

Well hello! And I am back! I was on business trip for the past 2 weeks and I wanna share with you great pasalubongs that you can find here in the Philippines! I think I might explore on having a pasalubong or pinoy finds here in my blog.. what do you think?? I want to showcase what are the great finds that you can only discover here in the Philippines! 

I went to General Santos in Mindanao and it is eveident that they are known for Tuna! I was not able to go around the city so I was only able to buy pasalubong at the airport. And luckily while I was really hoping to get some frozen Tuna, I suddenly saw this Tuna Chicharon. Chicharon is a very well known snack (or is it better considered as junk food). 

Gensan Tuna Chicharon is available in 2 flavors (Garlic and Hot).

It is very affordable at 35 pesos each pack. The quantity is just right specially for a pasalubong size. It is not too bulky as baggage and the best thing..... it is Tuna! Less guilt for a junk food! Yippe!

I have tried the Garlic flavor only and gave the Hot as pasalubong. It is great that it maintained its crunchiness and it really taste like the real Tuna! Since it's Tuna, it has the fishy smell, so to combat the fishy smell it's recommended to dip it in vinegar! Yum Yum Yum! One great product that we Pinoys should be proud of! Lastly, the garlic flavor is not overpowering, Tuna is the star as it should be!

Have you tried it? What do you think? 



Terra and Agua

I need a new pair of office shoes! I usually wear flip flops going to the office and just change into my office shoes. But it's raining here and there and anytime of the day so wearing flip flops is not really advisable specially if you think about leptospirosis. Oh no! So I am on the search for the right office shoes for me and here are my considerations....
  • Fashionable - top on my list haha!
  • Comfortable!
  • Jelly / rubber type - I need a water proof footwear
  • Never the less it should be affordable
  • Office appropriate
Happily I found Terra & Agua located at Glorietta near Rustan's.

Terra and Agua came from Brazil that is brought to us by the Alberta Group. If I am right they are also the owners of Geox. So here's their latest offer to us Pinoys! We all know that Brazil are expert in flip flops and jelly type of footwear so I didn't hestitate to check out this brand.

Are you excited to see what I got???

So here it is my new office shoes! Yippee!!!!

Why did I chose this??? It's because it has 2 inch heels where I am comfortable considering I will wear this for long hours. I can walk and run with this plus the style is very office like! I was supposed to get this in color black but they don't have new stock na! Good thing, they still have it in red and I decided to get it at once. What I love about this is that it has the lightning detail that makes this unique! Checklist above = Check! Smart Fashion = Check!

Another plus factor for this is the inner ligning! Look at the flowery and very sophisticated ligning! I love it!!

While waiting for the SA to get the above style, I browsed other styles and I can't help myself to try another one. What can I do I need shoes e (palusot ba?? hehe)... So I got two Terra & Agua footwear! 

Here's the other one that I got, and I made sure to get this in color black na. At least I will have something generic but still not too generic.

What I love about this style is the details! It's flats but the cute round details makes this unique and funky! Still looking sophisticated and office appropriate! Checklist above = Check! Smart Fashion = Check! I am happy with this purchase!! Yippee!!

Terra & Agua is very consistent with their lining! Look at the gold lining and even the fine details of the soles! 

Can't wait to wear this in the office!

Fashion Post soon.

To know more about Terra and Agua check out their Facebook Fanpage.



Silk Very Vanilla Soya Milk

After milk teas let's move on to Soya Milk. Since I have Chinese roots I was introduced to soya milk at a young age. Though I didn't appreciate it at first, but now.... I Love it! There are a lot of great soya milks in Chinatown, but if you're craving for Soya Milk anytime of the day just go to the nearest supermarket, coffee shop and get your Silk Soya Milk. Many says that this brand is the best Soya Milk in town and I do agree that this brand is good! So here I am to give you my review.

I love drinking soya milk since it is said to be beneficial for our health. Since it is made of soy, it is great source of protein and cholesterol free. For those who are lactose intolerant, this is the milk for you since soya milks are said to be lactose free.

I got Silk Very Vanilla Soya Milk. Though I am not a fan of Vanilla flavors, I don't know why I got the very vanilla variant. Never the less I love drinking soya milk so I will still enjoy drinking it anyway.

What I like about the product:
  • Very light taste (in a good way)
  • Light on the tummy!
  • Semi sweet due to vanilla flavor (I am not fund of sweet milk)
  • Smells so good! Vanilla aroma!
  • Good source of protein and calcium.
  • Nicely sealed for freshness.
  • Easy to open.
  • It has expandable straw! Like Like Like!!!
What I don't like about the product:
  • Taste more of the vanilla than the soya.
  • It's a little pricey compare to other brands.                    
I would like to buy the product again but not with the Vanilla flavor because I am not a vanilla fan. But this is good for those who are lactose intolerant and wants to drink milk but are not fund of soya! This is the product for you! 

I will get another Silk Soya Milk again but vanilla no more. :)

Disclaimer: Availed the product at my own expense.



Neutral and Quirky Fun

 As promised, I will try to blog more fashion posts as much as I can. So here I am again on a Sunday lafang day! :) I always want to wear something comfortable any day! And I wanted to wear something more casual but not too casual that day. So the best thing to do is wear a pair of super comfortable jeans in a different color! To those who are afraid of colors you can try to wear neutral colors like olive green, brown, navy blue or khaki. 

Since I already have a neutral colored pants, I opted to wear a yellow to somehow mustard colored top. Most of the time, people are scared with yellow since it is too bright, but just choose the right shade of yellow. For this look it's more of the warm tone and it complemented very well with the jeans. 

But I am a gal that is not afraid of colors and to make the look more fun! I must add some colors by wearing a pink belt. Since my top and bottom are both on the warm side. My belt popped out finely matching the girly ribbon details of my top. So for those who are afraid of colors, you can wear it in one of your piece for the day, may it be either a belt, bag, accessory, shoe or a top. Pick one then go on with the rest with your very used to neutrals.

Never the less, I added some quirkiness with my moustache necklace and Egyptian like bangles in blue as it matched my somehow casual neutral look but with a twist of "qurkiness" I must say.

And lastly, I finished the look by wearing a jeans looking footwear. But then again, I don't want to look oh so casual so the great thing about this footwear is that it is wedge. Since it has a little height gives me better posture to balance my neutral quirky and fun look. Something casual but not too much casual (ang gulo ba?? babae kasi e! haha). 

P.S. Sorry for the blurry pics, the lighting did not cooperate that day. :(

What do you think???

(From Thailand Top, Uniqlo jeans, Forever 21 necklace,StyleCo. bracelet, 168 belt, from GH wedge)


Teenage Fashion for Boys

I've learned that I might love Fashion Styling after all just recently as I also start this blog. Yes I am no fashion stylist nor fashion expert but I just am a fashion slave. :) Same as my previous post, I am like you and my posts will be something that you can relate too. And I will really try to post more often. I am your friendly digital fashion stylist hopeful and I hope I can help you in my own little way. (Ang drama ba??) haha!

For now, I would start this digital fashion styling by styling teenage boys. My inspiration for this peg is my teenage nephew who will be an incoming college peeps for the next school year. I've been there and though I am no guy, I wanna style teenage boys for their daily school look. Thanks to Polyvore I can do this! haha

Teenager Fashion for Boys

Factors to consider:
  • Teenage guy
  • Tropical Country - expecting rain and shine anytime of the day
  • Comfort is a must! As teenage guys are very active and on the go
  • Stylish 
So here's my recommendation!
  1. Nice statement shirts as this is very casual and very comfortable specially when walking around the school and the sun is up!
  2. Partner it with a nice simple cap and shades to combat the heat of the sun. Make your shades more fun and use colors! Young ones use colors while it still fits you! You can have solid or combination.
  3. Never the less, the weather lately is very unpredictable so don't forget your varsity jacket or your regular hooded jacket. Varsity jackets are very in and trendy. For hooded jacket, opt for something in colors to keep away from being boring, get a dark green, blue or even orange with some prints!
  4. To make your look a little updated, instead of wearing plain jeans try to wear chino or brown pants. You still get the same comfort with your trusted jeans, fashion and comfort.
  5. Comfort comfort, when you say comfort.... Sneakers are the best partners for teenage guys! Again, have fun! Look for colors, when we say colors it doesn't need to be neon or girly.
  6. Accessorize, accessorizing for guys doesn't mean you need to wear bracelets or necklace. Instead accessorize with a sporty big colorful watch and army fabric belts.
  7. Don't forget you need a spacious bag where you can put all your school essentials! Be funk with colored back packs or messenger bags, make sure to get the size where your books will fit in. By having this type of bags you can stroll around hands free during breaks.
What do you think?? PWEDE ba?? hahaha
Share me your thoughts if I should post more of this!



Pink and Black

I'm back to my fashion post! I miss doing this already! You might notice on all of my fashion posts that I'm just a typical lady like you. Yes! You heard it right, just like you. My fashion posts are very relatable, I am same like you that goes to work, commute, walk, battles the rain, etc. So I will try to post as often as possible to show you that we need to get fashion working more here in the Philippines. Huwag tayo papahuli from other countries specially like Thailand (though I love shopping in Thailand haha). Let's keep our feet busy and get fashion all over the metro as applicable to our weather and Pinoy lifestyle!

On a hot Saturday that turned into a rainy cold Saturday with full of errands and I will share with you a little secret of mine (atin atin lang ito ah! Promise???), I got this peklat on my binti and it stress me out!  I don't know if these are bed bugs or what that's why I opted to wear pants. Share with me any product that can easily lighten and remove these peklats! 

For this post, I started on the pants then goes on and after piling up everything I found out that my outfit for the day is Pink and Black including my mu and nails.

Sliding on to my jeggings and slip-ons gave me great convenience while doing my errands.  

The big what I call fringy details on my top helped me hid my big tummy paired with the dark colored shade of jeans. For skinny girls, wear lighter shade of fitted straight jeans to emphasize your legs and make it look a little chunkier. You don't want to look like a skeleton. 

I missed wearing light and simple necklace so I brought it back, a classy look yet with a fun heart shape. Nice right??? I also need to fit some dress for the day so wearing accessories that won't need me to remove it is a must. I always tend to leave things kasi....

Same goes with the bracelet and unintentionally it matched with my classy necklace and whole outfit of all black and pink. 

Simple sli-ons is a girl's best friend when you feel like wearing flip flops but wants to look more sophisticated.  To make this slip-ons a little fun there's a small dangling details! Parang earings lang ba?? hehe

Lastly, the ever reliable big bag where I can just shoot all the things I needed.

(From Thailand Top, Giordano jeggings, Long Champ bag,StyleCo. bracelet, VNC sandals)

Filipinas! Let's invade the fashion world everyday!



Pancit ni Mang Juan

Finally!! I learned how to cook adobo!!! My family were all saying that they can already smell the adobo that I was cooking and if it's almost done. And yes I told them that I'm almost done cooking adobo! My gosh... me cook adobo?? Am I kidding you?? Where in fact I don't know how to cook. I can only cook pasta and fried foods. But, No! I am not kidding you. I just did cook adobo but it's not your best cooked chicken or pork adobo. It's Pancit ni Mang Juan in adobo flavor! haha  

It's time to give Lucky Me some competition. :) They've been the all time best selling brand when it comes to Instant Pancit Canton. But now, let's see what will happen as Pancit ni Mang Juan comes along. Mang Juan is originally popular from snack category for their Chicharon ni Mang Juan. It was really a big hit! Being a part of FMCG industry, it's easy for me to learn new products that are specially available in supermarkets. And guess what, when I found this on shelves it seems that people already know about Pancit ni Mang Juan with out them advertising it yet.  I learned about it via my office mates and due to curiosity I bought all the flavors at once. The great thing about their flavors are it's very pinoy! Adobo, BBQ and Tinapa!

I've already tried Adobo and BBQ. And tinapa is still for consumption! hehe BBQ flavor really smelled and taste like the real BBQ and it's spicy. So since we have kids at home,  it's more safe to cook a bandehadong Pancit ni Mang Juan Adobo flavor first. I have not yet tried tinapa flavor also, better to try it first before cooking it for the family (if in case they don't want the smell or the taste...)

See their consistent packaging with Chicharon ni Mang Juan?? It's very Filipino, cartoonish and cute! So attractive for a typical Juan. The packaging are very bright yet modern and doesn't look cheap.

I think it has just the right amount of noodles same with that of Lucky Me. It also has the usual powdered flavoring, soy sauce and oil. For my family, we don't use the oil anymore.

The picture don't really give justice to the final product! If you can just smell it, it really smells like a real adobo! As in the chicken or pork adobo. And mind you, it also taste like the real adobo thing and not just the soy sauce only. I think this is a great product, the flavors are very innovative and stands to it's true flavor. I am glad that it didn't fail my expectation to smell and taste the adobo flavor.

Do try their BBQ flavor too! I tell you it's also good! I hope I can blog about it too soon. But for now, I wanna try the tinapa flavor first. :)

What's the best pair of a Pancit Canton?? No other less than, a sunny side up!! hahaha And if I am not on a diet, I could have gotten some pandesals pa! Takaw much ba?? hehehehe

Share me what do you think about Pancit ni Mang Juan. Can't wait how are they going to advertise this product. They still need to advertise it even if word of mouth is already working for them.