Tuna Chicharon

Well hello! And I am back! I was on business trip for the past 2 weeks and I wanna share with you great pasalubongs that you can find here in the Philippines! I think I might explore on having a pasalubong or pinoy finds here in my blog.. what do you think?? I want to showcase what are the great finds that you can only discover here in the Philippines! 

I went to General Santos in Mindanao and it is eveident that they are known for Tuna! I was not able to go around the city so I was only able to buy pasalubong at the airport. And luckily while I was really hoping to get some frozen Tuna, I suddenly saw this Tuna Chicharon. Chicharon is a very well known snack (or is it better considered as junk food). 

Gensan Tuna Chicharon is available in 2 flavors (Garlic and Hot).

It is very affordable at 35 pesos each pack. The quantity is just right specially for a pasalubong size. It is not too bulky as baggage and the best thing..... it is Tuna! Less guilt for a junk food! Yippe!

I have tried the Garlic flavor only and gave the Hot as pasalubong. It is great that it maintained its crunchiness and it really taste like the real Tuna! Since it's Tuna, it has the fishy smell, so to combat the fishy smell it's recommended to dip it in vinegar! Yum Yum Yum! One great product that we Pinoys should be proud of! Lastly, the garlic flavor is not overpowering, Tuna is the star as it should be!

Have you tried it? What do you think? 


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