Travel in Style

My last post from my trip to C land. Next few days, I didn't have the chance for my dad to take me good shots for blogging. :)

Here you can see that I do travel light, I opted to wear something with color again as I started with this stylish shorts. I like that it's very comfortable too plus it has pockets! To make the look a little different I opted to pair it with a gray colored top instead of pairing it the usual white tank top. I like the texture of my top as it is in leopard print. Since it's see through I love that I have a tank top with built in pads, tank top and under wear in one. Again, not much accessories just wore my black beaded bracelet, black and yellow loom band, watch and pearl necklace.

And I was very full! I ate a lot as in a lot during this trip!

(Aeropostale top, Uniqlo tank top, Cosmopolitan Shorts, Ice Watch, Pearl Necklace, Bead Bracelet from Baguio, Loom Band, Coach sling bag, Yosi Samara Footwear)

Here are some of the things I saw during our trip in a museum. Lifestyle of Chinese peeps that migrated to nearby South East Asian Countries like Philippines.




Here's another outfit that I wore during my last trip. I always pack light when traveling except when I go to super duper cold place. But this time around, according to my research the weather will already be hot but with chances of rains. So I decided to bring thin clothing and mostly shorts, but I was also ready with the rain thus I had my cardigans and shawl in my bag.  

Since it's summer I decided to wear a neon colored top paired with a light colored shorts. Very summery feel! I was supposed to pair this with a shorter and fitter shorts but since I knew that we will be going to several temples I decided to wear this one. Tip: Bring along a shawl, there are temples that doesn't allow people wearing shorts and mini skirts to enter. With this, you can use your shawl for cover up and work as a skirt.

I love this neon top since the material is super soft and comfortable. I feel breezy!

Keeping my look simple and comfortable still wearing few accessories. This time completed the look with my neon loom band again plus my chic Sunnies. 

(Terranova top, Bazaar shorts, Ice Watch, Pearl Necklace, Loom Band, Coach sling bag, Primaluxe Footwear)

Lake side view right across our hotel.

From a temple.



Travel Comfort Fashion

A very quick fashion post for today. :) I love traveling but I don't have the luxury of time to travel often. But none the less I try to have at least 2 travels per year. I am not able to share with you all my travel posts and travel fashion posts. Hopefully on my next trip I will be able to share with you some of my experiences.

When traveling I opt to wear simple and functional outfit especially if I am just about to ride the plane. I want to move freely and make sure that I won't feel cold. So I wore this jean type polo top to keep me warm. Since my top is already bright I opted to wear a dark colored jeans. And lastly wore this super comfortable rubber footwear. I love it so that I am ready no matter if it will rain or shine. I don't like to wear too much accessories when traveling so I just wore my classic pearl necklace and my bright yellow watch. Lastly, I love using this sling bag when traveling since it has lots of pockets that I can place my things. (Coincidentally that my outfitey matched the look of the place. haha!)

(DKNY top, Color Eighteen tank top, F&X Jeans, Ice Watch, Pearl Necklace, Coach sling bag, Native Footwear)

Here are some of my photos of the tourist spot somewhere in the land of C. I like that it's already modern but retained the classic Chinese oriental feel! I hope that we can also do the same here in the Philippines!



KFC CO + Creations Crispy Cheese Chicken topped with bits of real Clover Chips

I've been eating Clover Chips lately with my office mates and I felt that Clover Chips is back from what I am used to, which is cheesy and have enough chips in a pack. So when I saw this new flavor of KFC at FB, I got curious and wanted to try it. :) The new creation / flavor of the moment of KFC is Crispy Cheese that is topped with bits of real Clover Chips.

This new flavor of KFC is not just available for the classic chicken but also with their fun shots. What's great is that you can also order this flavor from any of their classic chicken meals. And look, their meal for this flavor is very affordable with bonus of mash potato and chicken rice (their version of java rice).

Now sharing with you my experience of KFC Crispy Clover Chips Cheese Chicken. 

And of course I requested for the thigh part! :) And now let's start with the rice. The chicken / java rice is very tasty and flavorful but not too salty. It's like fried rice. I appreciated that the rice is soft.

Moving on the the chicken. The breading of Clover Chips looks like the chicken was sprinkled with lots of cheese powder. But wait, it really tasted like the actual Clover Chips. The skin was still crispy, still the same texture with their original chicken including the meat. It was ok for me that the Clover Chips are with the chicken skin only since it's already salty. The meat is the same with the original. And by the way, the gravy for this flavor is different. It's tasty too, creamy and have the same taste as the sauce of ala king.

Lastly, the mashed potato for this meal has kernel corn. Yummy!

Did you like it as much as I did?



Sunnies by Charlie

Summer times equates to Sunnies too! We are very fond of wearing shades to protect our eyes from the raging sunshine! I don't really like to buy lots of sunnies, I just want to get classic pieces that I can use for a long time and all the time! haha! But when I saw this I got hooked! 

I actually saw Sunnies several times already via social media and I think from mall events but I really didn't dare to check it out since I was into classic shades. But when I saw their kiosk at a mall and decided to check it out just to learn about the products ( I like to learn and discover new things anything about fashion), I was amazed. I should have checked out Sunnies as soon as I was able to know it.... too bad for me :(  Anyway, it's better late than never right! 

I was in awe with the designs! I felt that I wanted to buy lots and lots of shades but I decided to get one only and got Kerry Sunnies. I liked the style as it is very trendy and I like the texture / material. I find it different from others as it is matte.

Look how chic it is! With a matte material plus the winged style frame! It's so chic from all sides of it!

Last but most importantly! It doesn't stay to be chic only but functions well too! It has UV protection of 400 and yes!! it did protect my eyes from the rays and bright shine of the sun!

Style and functionality in one plus very affordable! I like it! I would probably get some more Sunnies. :)

Image from my Instagram during my last trip using Kerry Sunnies.

What Sunnies by Charlie have you tried?



Vaseline Instant White

Though I have (I can say that) fair skin, I got curious to Vaseline instant white specially on how they advertise this. I was convinced when there's this celebrity that made her testimony that this product really provides instant white.

I was planning to use this for my elbows, knees and to the scar that I have on my legs. But let's first talk about the packaging, I appreciated the look of the packaging as it is very girly but looks dependable.

It has the right size of hole, I can get the product easily with out getting too much.

My experience:
  • Actual product is in color pink (cute)
  • I appreciate the smell, fragrant 
  • Easy to apply
  • For me, instant white didn't work. The color of my skin was still the same
  • I didn't notice that my skin became instant fairer
  • I think it also doesn't have the whitening properties in the long run
  • At least it can work as sunscreen protection (though very minimal only)
  • I just use it like a regular lotion :(

Won't purchase this product again. I will still go for the aloe variant that I am also using right now which is great for this summer heat.



Glam Works Body Scrub

The sun is shining brightly and the weather is getting hotter and hotter everyday. With this kind of weather, I want to feel refreshed every time I will have my bath! Just in time, I just finished my previous body scrub and was excited to road test this product.

This is actually one of the gifts that I got during the Holiday Season. 

Yay! It's actually big. :) Now let's try the product.

The packaging is simple and straight to the point. It was very obvious that the flavor is papaya due to the color and the label.

My experience:
  • The cap has the right size of hole, I was able to easily get just the right amount of product
  • It smells fruity papaya
  • The product is a little liquidy in texture 
  • Though it has small beads, I was still able to feel it scrub my body
  • Provides instant softness and smooth skin (but have to put more product)
  • I also felt refreshed
  • Papaya smell stayed for a while on the skin
  • Though my previous body scrub was better, this is already a great alternative



Dove Intense Repair

It's summer time! After all your summer trips don't forget to take care of your hair! Your hair will surely gets dry after dipping into the pool or sun bathing on the beach. So after that summer outing make sure to pamper you hair. Pampering you hair need not cost too much, there are lots of available hair treatments in the market for different hair problems.

I've tried several Dove products and now sharing with you their mask. 

In line with Dove Intense Repair line, this treatment mask is for damaged hair. It has the Fiber Actives and Vita-Protein Complex that will help bind proteins in the hair. This will give the hair more resistance and strength thus prevents damaged hair.

Now let's review the actual product. And look, it has a small circle to ensure the product is properly sealed as it is a new one.

Upon opening, it has a second thin cover which I like to ensure the products won't spill.

The mask is creamish white in color that is very thick and creamy. It has a salon like smell, I prefer it to have a more fragrant smell. 

When applied on the hair:
  • It feels the same as of applying a conditioner
  • Light weight
  • Felt the thickness of the product when rinsing
  • Instant softness with the hair
  • Just notice that there's no significant enhancement on my hair 
(Result of the product may vary, to share I also had an officemate who used this same product and her hair looked manageable as if she went to the salon for a treatment.)

I think this product may help to treat damage hair. But for me, I'll just get other Dove hair care products.