The long wait is o-v-e-r! I am proud to present to you (dandandandan.....) Snoe Suntervention blogger's convention. It is actually my first time to attend a blogger's event and I was very "EXCITED" for that day to arrive. (By the way, I got to know Snoe brand via Yellow Yum).

The theme for that day was Suntervention, you'll know why as you read along this blog post. But obviously it's a summerific theme. Even if it was raining that day everything was soooo in theme, from the welcome drinks (by the way the cocktail drink was so good!!), venue decors, Snoe staff (hey hey, there were Snoe hunks too) outfits and even the activities. Snoe Suntervention blogger's convention was hosted by the delightful Nyay Violante (yes, she is the sister of Nyoy Violante).

Snoe staffs strutting their stuff! Super talented!

I love this cocktail drink!!! 

The whole experience will be nothing with out the star! We are very lucky and honored as Ms. Jen Gerodias-Diaz one of the owners finally revealed to us their newest product. It is the Snoe Suntervention Sunblock with SPF 80++ I will post more about this after testing.

Look at the side, one of the Snoe hunk! haha

And as surprised as I am, they had more products to launch! Wow! Ms. Jen introduced to us the new Snoe Oh My Wash, Snoe Body Wonderland Slenderizing Gel, Snoe Hair Heroes Extreme and soon.. more of Snoe cosmetics. Wow! Nakakabilib! I know how hard it is to come up with a product!

Snoe Hair Heroes Extreme modelled by fellow blogger Aya.

All through out the event, we had several games where we were given Snoe money to be able to chose the items that we want which I have already posted here.

Before I end this post, I just want to share with you my thoughts about Snoe. It is a great experience to attend such event. I am able to learn more about the products clearly as I was able to test and experience some of them. I can truly say that the products they offer caters to the kikayness of every girl but with great substance (May ibubuga and comparable to big brands!). The products are a mix of fashion, attitude and quality. They really use high quality ingredients but priced affordably. Another great thing about Snoe, is that it is a proudly PINOY brand! Let us all support Pinoy Pride!

All the staffs were ohh ssooo accommodating. Kudos to Snoe team for training such great staffs, they do really know what they are selling (well knowledge staffs) and are very accommodating. You won't feel that they are just making bola, instead you will feel their sincerity while explaining the products.

There's the Snoe Oh My Wash Femme Wash!

Lastly, get ready for more exciting Snoe offers!
  1. They will be more accessible, find them at Watson's and Mercury.
  2. Look forward to a Mid Year Sale.
  3. To our sisters in Visayas and Mindanao, they'll be coming to you soon!
  4. Join their Summer giveaway, for more details check out their website or Facebook Fanpage
  5. Salon tie-up with Bang's Tony and Jackey.
  6. To the business kikays, await as they venture into franchising in 2013.

With Ms. Jen and my dear friend Ms. Yellow Yum

You may find Snoe at Robinson's Metro East, Robinson's Lipa, Festival Mall, Cinderella Glorietta 3, SM Muntinlupa, Robinson's Galleria, Robinson's Ermita, Market Market and Landmark Trinoma.

To learn more about the brand, check out their website http://www.snoebeauty.com/.




I told you on my previous post that I just attended a blogger's convention. And I am very proud to tell you all......   Snoe blogger's convention! Yippeee!!! 

Before I blog about the whole event (bibitinin ko muna kayo! :) ), I would like to share with you the items Snoe generously shared with us. 

Snoe SunTervention, Wow it's SPF 80++
Summer is early this 2012! This will be great for our summer essentials!

Snoe S Skin, Snoe's version of BB cream! 

With all the products displayed, I really wanted to get this baby! 
This is my top pick and I am super duper happy to be able to have this. 
Super megaduper excited to try this.

Snoe Magic Apple whitening S-rub.
This scrub is good for whitening and exfoliating elbows, knees and any part of the skin.

Snoe Whitening Detox Clay Mask
What a great product! It is calamansi made, a proudly PINOY product!

Stay tuned! I will review each product as I experience it! Super excited particularly with the BB cream. Stay tuned also for my post about the whole Snoe blogger's convention. It was such a fun event! I am very honored to be introduced to a Filipino beauty product by my fellow blogger and dear friend Yellow Yum.



Cool Blue

It's raining hard on a hot day.

I think this is a peacock?? haha

Merry Christmas! haha
Loving these adories! They smell good too!!!
Loving the heart shape on my right and the classical design on my right.
Getting used to the Jade bracelet? haha

Thanks to Yellow Yum for inviting me to Snoe blogger's convention! Yippee!! It's my first blogger's event ever! Here's my what I wore during the event. I will blog about the event and the products soon! 

Although the theme was Suntervention which means summer (You'll know why when I blog about the event)!!!! I still did not wear my summer attire. I just really wanted to wear this dress! haha Anyway, this is a dress and it is so breezy! I love the skirt, the cut, the fabric, the fold, the flow when I walk. I just love it! Again, it is a very hot day and I wanted to wear as comfortable as ever since I'll be going to several events that day. To make my look more fun and somehow summery, I added some hint of colors specially with my striking slip ons with matching Green toe nails (that's what I call my summer nails, you've known this if you follow me on twitter). Again, idaan sa color! haha I love colors even if I'm mature enough to wear colors. Kanya kanyang trip at keribels yan! I played around with classic but colored accessories to match my whole look and wore a belt to accentuate my waist. My waist naman ako! hehe It is really fun to match classical with casual and bright pieces. For petite gals, tea-length skirts gives you an illusion of longer legs. More fabric with a little bit of skin seen, then match it with wedges or your fave heels mukhang long legged ka na! Winner.

P.S. They awarded best dressed and I did not won :( . Next time, I will follow the theme na talaga! :) Competitive much? hahaha Just having fun!

(Greenhills dress, Crossing's necklace, Heart bracelet c/o sister, right bracelet from my style idol, Jade bracelet, Belt originally came from a different dress, Mel flats)



Here's the Jade bracelet again!haha
By the way, can you see the sailor details on my other bracelet??

(Rockwell tent bazaar dress, HK tights, Pearl silver necklace, Sailor bracelet got from office, Jade bracelet, Burberry Bag, SM flats)

It's time to hit the buffet again (sira ang diet!! hehe) Keeping that in mind! I always prefer to wear loose tops particularly on the tummy part and pair it with fit bottom. For this look, I paired it with tights since I know that we will be going to a hotel. That's the secret when I know I will be eating more than usual!haha Personally, I prefer to wear less accessories when dining because I don't want them going my way. hehe Buffet eating makes me walk more so comfort is a must. This adorable flats seems like made for this particular look and moment (moment talaga!! haha). It is very cute and shiny (fashyon right?) and comfortable too. You may probably notice that it's somehow a must for me to wear fashyon and comfort at the same time. So girls! Remember when eating in buffets,we should look good both before and after the dining experience. Let us minimize and refrain from the bloated look. :)      



Sophie's Mom Red Velvet

As promised, here is my post of Sophie's mom Red Velvet cupcake.

I got to know red velvet cupcake 5 years ago as introduced by Sonja's cupcakes. Since then, many establishments have tried re-creating red velvet cupcakes and (for me) most of them fail to achieve the right red velvet taste! But not for Sophie's Mom! Their red velvet is to die for! The great thing about Sophie's mom's red velvet is that they didn't try to imitate Sonja's red velvet. Instead! They created their own interpretation of red velvet cupcake. Again, as promised here is my review of Sophie's mom red velvet cupcake.

By the way I also got their Mango cupcake too! haha! 
Looks Yummy Right??

Sophie's Mom Red Velvet:
  • Cupcake is soft and moist, it is very intact and does not separate easily.
  • Bonus! There's some choco chip inside the cupcake.
  • It's all about the frosting! And their frosting is really good! I can taste the right red velvet flavor.
  • I think that the frosting is cream cheese base.
Over all! Good Red Velvet Cupcake! Great rendition of a home made red velvet cupcake! This is very recommendable and is only priced Php50! Totally sulit!!! It doesn't only look good, it also taste good!Sophie's Mom mochi ice cream

Mango Cupcake:
  • I'm mango lover and this became one of my favorites too!
  • Mango fruit is sweet! It has the right sweetness and not over ripe sweetness (assurance that they use fresh ingredients!)
  • Cupcake is soft and moist too. It is not that sweet and taste like a mamon (unique mamon taste).
  • There's mango in the middle of the cupcake too!! Yippe!!!
  • The mango fruit and the cupcake complements each other! Good blending of the ingredients!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Sophie's Mom. Bought the items myself. I am just a fan of their products. Like Like!! Check out my previous post about Sophie's mom mochi ice cream.



Sun Shine and Rain

The weather is so tricky now a days! Before I went out of the house, it was raining hard but it still feels hot and super summery. I opted to wear something breezy and comfortable on a Sunday sun shining hot and rainy day. I really don't know what to wear since I am very conscious of the weather, it rained but the sun seems to shine again. I finally decided to wear a breezy top since it was still super hot. I paired it with leggings just to be sure that if it rains again I won't look too summery. haha! 

The look is  very casual and relaxed so I wore a sliver classy necklace to have a little contrast. As you can see again! :) I am wearing my Jade bracelet so I always need to pair my accessories with it. Surprisingly, I am not having a hard time pairing it with different types of accessories. Jade bracelet is very versatile! haha (Am I convincing myself?? haha) But seriously, I can pair it with different kind of accessories, for this look I paired it with sporty look accessories. Sporty and classy accessories do look good together. 

Look at my baller bracelet! There's my name embossed! Cool, Right????
 The baller also has different inspirational words. Cute!
By the way, this is given to me by my nephew.

It has Chinese characters, it's for luck.

To make my look more fun, I matched my sporty classy look with a leather satchel in a dashing purple color. Don't be afraid of colors, have fun with it! :) For people who are afraid of colors, choose a darker shade instead of the bright ones. Dark shades of colors (may it be an accessory, bag, shoes or even tops) is best for people with neutral shades of wardrobe. 

If you will notice I am a flats person. I  really am having a hard time wearing heels. Fashion blogs did not always mean that I should always be in high heels. There are so many cute flats available in the market and  of course in different styles and colors. So for me, idadaan ko sa color! haha!!

(Mango top and pink bandeau, Details leggings, HK silver necklace, Baller bracelet given by my nephew, Suunto watch, The Cambridge Satchel from Madison, Sole Sister flats)