Cool Blue

It's raining hard on a hot day.

I think this is a peacock?? haha

Merry Christmas! haha
Loving these adories! They smell good too!!!
Loving the heart shape on my right and the classical design on my right.
Getting used to the Jade bracelet? haha

Thanks to Yellow Yum for inviting me to Snoe blogger's convention! Yippee!! It's my first blogger's event ever! Here's my what I wore during the event. I will blog about the event and the products soon! 

Although the theme was Suntervention which means summer (You'll know why when I blog about the event)!!!! I still did not wear my summer attire. I just really wanted to wear this dress! haha Anyway, this is a dress and it is so breezy! I love the skirt, the cut, the fabric, the fold, the flow when I walk. I just love it! Again, it is a very hot day and I wanted to wear as comfortable as ever since I'll be going to several events that day. To make my look more fun and somehow summery, I added some hint of colors specially with my striking slip ons with matching Green toe nails (that's what I call my summer nails, you've known this if you follow me on twitter). Again, idaan sa color! haha I love colors even if I'm mature enough to wear colors. Kanya kanyang trip at keribels yan! I played around with classic but colored accessories to match my whole look and wore a belt to accentuate my waist. My waist naman ako! hehe It is really fun to match classical with casual and bright pieces. For petite gals, tea-length skirts gives you an illusion of longer legs. More fabric with a little bit of skin seen, then match it with wedges or your fave heels mukhang long legged ka na! Winner.

P.S. They awarded best dressed and I did not won :( . Next time, I will follow the theme na talaga! :) Competitive much? hahaha Just having fun!

(Greenhills dress, Crossing's necklace, Heart bracelet c/o sister, right bracelet from my style idol, Jade bracelet, Belt originally came from a different dress, Mel flats)


  1. I certainly love that skirt! I wonder if tea-length skirts look as good on taller girls?

    1. It's so cute right!! Loving it! :) Tea-length skirt will also work for taller girls. I'm actually 5'3'' and it worked for me. (Although 5'3'' is not tall enough).
      You may look at the pegs of Carey Mulligan, I think she is 5'8'' or 5'9''. :)

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