Bon Chon Chicken

It's March already! 2012 is really fast! My first post for the 3rd month of the year.

We Filipinos really love to eat chicken. No matter how it is cooked ...... fry, adobo, curry, buffalo style, tinola (soup) etc. Chicken never fails to satisfy our taste buds! One of the best chicken in town is Bon Chon Chicken (Bon Chon Chicken we met again!! haha) 

Presenting! Bon Chon Chicken!!!! 

This is very affordable! Only Php 145.00 for 2 pieces chicken with rice and drink.

What's great about Bon Chon Chicken is that it is available in 2 flavors. Spicy and Soy Garlic (for those who don't like spicy food).

I got the spicy one and I tell you I really love it!!! :) The skin is really crispy and flavorful. It has the right spiciness (not too spicy that make you want to stop eating it) with a little sweetness. But this great flavor did not reach the meat of the chicken, on the positive note it is juicy and soft. Still great chicken!!!

This ice tea is not your ordinary ice tea, it has a lemon like taste that is not too sweet. Best paired with the spicy chicken.


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