Mochiko Mochi Ice Cream

If you've been following my blog, you all know that I LOVE mochi ice cream! I've been dying to try Mochiko... Finally! Yesterday I got to try it. They offer several flavors and I opted to get green tea.

Here's my experience:
  • The size is big!! As in! for a mochi ice cream.
  • The ice cream has a light green tea taste.
  • Green Tea ice cream is wrapped by the mochi. So there's a thick mochi at the bottom.
  • Costs Php 70.

My verdict: I like it, the ice cream is not too sweet and has the light green tea taste. Mochiko has generous amount of ice cream! Like Like Like! The price is just right for the big size.

Do check out Awesome Kingling's blog about Mochika milk tea flavor! 



  1. I tried this at the food fair at BCG this weekend! Have you tried the cookie dough mochi? It was delicious!

  2. Hi Girl Gattara!! I have just tried cookie dough from Sophie's Mom. How was it? :)