Serenitea Jumbo Cup

Finally, Serenitea is now open at Greenbelt 3! Today, 030412 is their Grand Opening thus they offer Serenitea Jumbo Cup! From what I know, they only offer this during grand opening or anniversary.  As a Fil-Chi I'm really a fan of milk teas and Serenitea is one of the known brands here in the Philippines. So here's my Serenitea Jumbo Cup experience. :)

I've tried Serenitea for several times already but it is my first time to drink Serenitea Jumbo Cup (excited much haha!!!)

Stacked Up cups! Large and Jumbo cups.

It's time to get our drink!

When they say Jumbo, they really mean JUMBO! It is really BIG! haha We got Hokkaido flavor, since Assam is not included in their top picks for Serenitea Jumbo Cup. We have it in less sweet but for me it is still sweet for my taste. But no problem with this, they offer different sugar levels according to customer's taste.

It's as tall as our hands!!!

Used two hands to measure the diameter for this Jumbo Cup.

A great thing about Serenitea Jumbo Cup, it is priced the same with their large size. For Hokkaido Jumbo Cup, this is priced at Php 105.00 only! Not bad right! Like like like!!!

P.S. Do check out Awesome Kingling blog and watch out for his battle of the milk tea review!


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