Simple Girly Look

Saturday hang out with my girls! I wanted to wear something simple but still fashyon and it turned out to this simple girly look. :)

The truth is..... I was going to commute going to somewhere early that day so I made sure to tone down my look. Like anyone of you, every time I commute I didn't want to attract much attention so I want to look simple. But simple doesn't mean boring.

I always love wearing jean. A good pair of jeans is a must in everyone's closet. A pair of jeans with a simple tee is the way to go!

But hey! A simple tee may be made better with details. Look how cute my top is. :) It's not your ordinary top. It has this sheer lacey details that looks girly and sexy too (a little lowback pa siya haha). I love these kind of tops! It's simple yet very versatile and comfortable.

I wore minimal accessories too, just a watch and this cute single bracelet and colored bag to give my look some more color and fun. 

Tip: Use an overnight / everyday bag so you are sure that you have all the things you need while doing errands. But bring a small bag and put it inside your big bag so that you're ready to go on that night out or get together with your girls. :)

Lastly, to finish my look. I wore another very comfortable flats so it will be easy for me to move around. I am really more of a flats person.

I love these footwear! It's not your ordinary flats. It gives my look more fashyon and not flat and simple.

(H&M top, F&H jeans, Kate Spade sling bag, Suiteblanco bracelet, Esprit Accessory, Primaluxe Footwear)

I hope you can relate to my posts. :) I am just like you.


Mitusyado Sei-Men

Finally! After several times of attempting to try Mitsuyado Sei-Men it's only now that I have tried it. By attempt I mean planned visit to Mitsuyado Sei-Men that didn't push through due to change of plans. I have heard good reviews and news about it. And since it's just near our place, I know that I definitely should try it.

We arrived I think quarter before 1 and there's still line waiting to be sited. But since it's past the usual lunch time already we got our sits pretty fast.

Upon entering Mitsuyado Sei-Men.... I was impressed with the interiors and was looking around checking out their very nice displays.

TV screen at the waiting area.

Look at the cute small details of the interiors. Look how they are very much into details! I felt that I am in a different place and was about to have a great Japanese experience. 

Counter / Cashier

 I have heard about their Cheese Ramen so for sure we got it. But then we also wanted to try a different variant so we decided to get some Aji-Tama Tsukemen (if I am not mistaken, the one with soft boiled egg) plus the ever famous gyoza.

While waiting for our order, we were handed with our bib plus some hot tea and oh boy I love their hot tea. It taste good and not your ordinary tea. It's a great Japanese tea.

Ready to eat :)
By the way, their bib is made with good material. It looks strong and not just plain paper only.

I like their gyoza as it is crispy on the outside but juicy on the inside. It taste good but not over the top good but I like that it has a juice inside. It's like a xiao long bao but not super similar. You just have to try it to get what I mean. :)

Condiments, we used some of these for the Gyoza
 Now let's move on to the Tsukemen.

Hard Boiled Tsukemen. 

How to eat Mitsuyado Sei-Men Tsukemen:

1. Get some Noodles
2. Dip it to the sauce / soup
3. Eat it :)

I tried the soup and it's a little oily but very tasty. I can't really explain the taste. It has its distinct taste, a mixture of sour, salty and beef. It's really for dipping the noodles.

I super like the soft boiled egg. They made it the right way.... soft, tasty and still whole. I like it.

Now let's talk about the Cheese Ramen! The one that people are talking about.

Cheese Tsukemen. 

How to eat Mitsuyado Sei-Men Tsukemen:

1. Pour the cheese into the noodles and mix well
2. Get some Noodles
2. Dip it to the sauce / soup
3. Eat it :)

Upon dipping the noodles with cheese into the sauce / soup it tastes creamy. The cheese is not that salty but tasty. I actually like it. It taste cheesy and creamy in a right way. I ate half of both Tsukemen so I didn't feel umay. But my family all felt umay and it was hard for them to finish one serving though they were still able to finish it. :)

I liked my experience with Mitsuyado Sei-Men. I liked the taste of the Cheese Ramen though it's not that super duper over the top. I appreciate and like their interior plus their staff are very accommodating and attentive to the needs of their customers. Big Bravo for that!

Here's some more interiors of Mitsuyado Sei-Men.

How's your Mitsuyado Sei-Men experience?


What to do with almost empty lipstick?

What to do with a near empty lipstick? It's almost an empty tube but it still has few products left. I am a person who finish a product until the last drop unless it irritates my skin or I loss it. Same goes for my lipstick, I finish it until the last pigment! But how to do it as it will be very hard and harsh to apply the lipstick on to our precious lips if our lipstick is as short at the tube already???

Simple! The magic trick for this is to use Lip Brush. It seems so complicated problem but the answer is so simple. Right? No more wasting of your favorite lipstick! 

I have 2 lip brushes in my make up brush set from Megaga. I got the set from Shopsui. To know more of Shopsui product do check out their webiste.

Although yes, I am guitly of not using my lip brushes most of the time. It's really advisable to use lip brushes everytime you apply lipstick as it makes the lipstick more define on the lips. Lipsticks are applied better with lip brushes plus evens out the amount of product on the lips. Lipstick will be blended well and I just find that it sets better on the lips.

These lip brushes are tiny and very soft in material as it glides smoothly on the lips. 

And yes, I did a swatch for this post.

Look how defing the color of the lips on my hand. It looks smooth and not messy at all. So I now realize that I should observe using lip brushes more often ( I hope to do these talaga! I will try hehe)


The Face Shop Rice Water Lip and Eye Remover

My first post for make up remover! After going to events, always make sure to remove all traces of make up even when you are super duper sleepy! And here's my first post for my make up remover as I already finished my previous make up remover.

Here's The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Lip and Eye Remover. Though it indicates Lip and Eye Remover, I still use it for my whole face.

What's different with this is that it has Rice Water, Morning Oil and Soapwort that removes makeup but remains the skin hydrated. It is a ‘Emulsion in Toner’ formula, it is separated into 2 layers with milk-colored emulsion on top and clear water base on bottom part.

Look it is also sealed like any other makeup products. It is very important for me that makeup products are always sealed.

It has just the right opening for me to get the right amount of product that I need.

Since it has rice water it actually is whitish when applied on the cotton.

What I liked about the product:
  • It smells so good! This I have not yet experienced with other make up removers
  • It does not feel as oily as the other brands due to the rice water attribute
  • It feels gentle on the skin
  • No irritation on my skin and eyes
  • And it removes make up pretty good
Will I repurchase this product again?

Yes! As long as it is available in the market, this is a great make up remover.

Disclaimer: I bought the product on my own.



Spring Make Up

Here's a very qucik post. If you read my previous post, you already know that I went to the wedding of my cousin and the theme was spring. I had my hair done at Blo Blow Dry Bar and the question is how's my mu???? 

I actually did my own make up and of course I remained with the theme. I made it as my inspiration and the look that I chose was that of Katy Perry on her Roar music Video.

Image got from internet
Of course I wasn't able to replicate this look. I used this for my inspiration on my look It's very clean simple but yet very fresh.

So here's my look :)

I know that the look is not any close but I hope you appreicate and like my spring mu.


Blo Blow Dry Bar

Here's a different post for you! I attended one more wedding of my cousin yesterday and I was part of the entourage. In search for the place to have my hair done, my sister and I decided to finally try Blo Blow Dry Bar at Rockwell. 

I liked the presentation of Blo that they have different hair styles for only 500 pesos! But before we move on to that, I want to share with you Blo Blow Dry Bar at Power Plant Rockwell.

You can see how chic and girly the place is! It feels that I was in a salon in NY! It really made me feel that I want to look beautiful and have the best Blo service to look fab as I walk out the salon.

waiting area
 The whole salon is so clean and spacious! It has different images of style icon Audrey Hepburn! Love it!

The whole salon is more on white which looks very clean with a touch of pink color for that girly girl kikay feel!

The tools!
More tools!
 I decided to book an appointment one week before the event. Upon booking the appointment Blo staff made me fill up a personal sheet form and then I headed on my next destination. In just a few minutes I received an email from Blo informing me that I just had an appointment with them. Then a day before the event I received an email again from Blo reminding me of my appointment and was asking for a confirmation. And lastly, after I was done with my service I received an email again from Blo thanking me that I availed their service. I appreciate this act of Blo even if I know (since I am a Marketing person remember? :) ) that it is automated. It still made me feel that they are very sincere and serious with their service. It makes  customers feel that Blo is connecting with us personally.

So let's move on with my service, since the theme of the wedding of my cousin is spring I decided to get the Holy Wood combined with Go Fish style. I wanted to look like I am going to a red carpet but still with a spring pretty look. To know more of their basic styles check out their menu here.

My stylist washed my hair first and oh boy their shampoo and conditioner smells sooo good! I love that my stylist scrubbed my hair in a very relaxing way. The sit was very comfortable as I felt relaxed while my hair was being watched.

It really only took my stylist less than an hour to finish my hairlalu. I liked that my stylist got what I wanted. And as you all know I had my hair permed and I was thinking how will he make big curls for my hair?? But he was able to make it. :) He was able to make it with out any pain on my part. I just trusted him, sit back , relaxed and read a magazine. My stylist was able to made my hair smoothly.

So here's the final look of my Blo Hollywood with Go Fish Hair Style. :)

Hollywood Curls

Go Fish Braid

Full back Holywood and Go Fish
I super like that my stylist was very accommodating and has a light hand. He ensured to provide us with magazines, asked if his scrubbing was ok, etc. It was a good experience! It makes me wanna go back and get another Blo hair even with out any occasion. haha!

Another great thing about Blo is that they can open as early as 7:00 am if you need their service! Just make sure to make an appointment since they are in a mall and 10:00 am is their normal opening.

So here's my final look!

Full Length
Closer Look

Front View
Final Look again! :)

I super enjoyed this experience for a very reasonable cost! I love it! The Holiday Season is just around the corner I'm sure you'll be in a lot of parties and get together. For hair services just go to Blo Blow Dry to make yourself beautiful! I recommend that you make an appointment ahead of time just to be sure. They have a lot of customers.

I would love to try their other hair styles in my next events. :)

Disclaimer: This is not an advertised post.