Rexona Crystal Anti-White Marks

It's the second ber month already and it's my birthday month (just sharing) hehe. Here's a very quick post. I am just lucky that I don't have to use deodorant on a daily basis but I still use it once in a while to keep myself from having that bo.  Here's another deodorant that I got from my nephew which he got for free from school. Yipppeee! I super love free items. haha I hope he will be able to get more freebies from school. haha!

Though this Rexona variant is for women, it looks sporty to me. But it doesn't matter that much for me, I still appreciate the look. It's that it's very Rexona.

As the variant name itself, this Rexona promises to refrain from having that white marks upon application because of it's invisi mark technology. Ok so let's put this to test!

It has the same big roll on balls with the other deodorants. And I appreciate that it is not yet whitish or wet upon opening. Thus I am ensured that it is not yet used.

Time for swatches since it promise to be anti-white mark.

with flash
with out flash

Base on the swatches above, it is clear to a little whitish in color when applied more than enough amount but after a while it vanishes.

What I like about this product:
  • It really works! It really doesn't give white marks on the shirt even if it has a whitish color. I even tried to wipe it with a black shirt but the shirt didn't get any white marks. 
  • It doesn't feel sticky!
  • It has good amount of product at 40ml.
  • It's very easy to apply, it roll ons great on the armpit.

What I didn't like about this product:

  • It has a light soapy smell
  • It has aluminum in the ingredients
Will I purchase again?
No. I don't like the smell and the aluminum ingredient.

 Sayang naman as it has this great anti-whitish mark technology!


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