Nail Art Day

Nails nails nails, us girls won't forget about nails when talking about fashion. Besides having it as part of our styles it's should be part of our hygiene. For this post, I will share with you easy to do nail art. Nail arts have been a buzz here in the Philippines I think 2 to 3 years ago already. More and more girls are very into nail arts but for on the go girls nail art is something to consider. You have to have extra time to sit and wait for your nail art to be done. But cry no more! You can have your nail art done in an instant and you can also do it at home! Presenting.... (OA ba sa pagpresent?? haha) Sticker Nail Art. I've learned about this from my sister in law, she has the best nail art designs ever! So here I am trying this DIY nail art at home. 

Here's how it look...

I know you are all excited to know how to use this!! :) 

All you need are: Nail stickers, water, buffer and clear polish.

First, Clean your nails then prepare the nail stickers. It's big so you can cut it into half which is good since you can use the other half next time.

After cutting the nail stickers into half, place it in the water then to you nails. Buff the excess nail stickers at the corner of the nails then top it off with clear nail polish! Voila instant nail art done!

It may sound very easy but you need practice to perfect it! Thanks to my niece for helping me do this nail art! Mwah mwah!!!! So here how it goes......

  • Ensure that the nail stickers are wet enough so they stick to your nails
  • Cut the nail stickers with curves at the end so it will form accordingly with your nails
  • When applying clear polish, make sure to apply very thin coat on the first application and let it dry after re-applying the second coat. Nail sticker will melt when you apply too much nail polish on the first layer

P.S. Will need some more practice! I will try to do this again next time and hopefully, successful story na! :)



Old Town White Milk Tea

I was introduced to Old Town via my office mate. Old Town is a known coffee brand  particularly their white coffee in Malaysia and also in Singapore. Old Town do have coffee shops too in Malaysia. But for this post, I would like to introduce to you a different product from Old Town and it's their Milk Tea variant. You all know that I love drinking milk teas and I won't let this pass! I actually saw this in a supermarket here in Manila somewhere in Greenhills :) and in an instant I bought this to try it! 

Old Town is very know for their White Coffee!!! White meaning more creamier taste and texture and it's the same with their Milk Tea. It's actually 3 in 1 already, so you'll only need to add water!

It contains 8 pieces of 40 grams sachet and costs 160 pesos.

A sachet may look too much in one cup but it's actually just right.

My Verdict:
  • Milky and creamy in right way! (Stands to its brand as white milk tea).
  • I can taste both the milk and tea, balance of the two!
  • Very great aroma of a milk tea.
  • Has just the right sweetness, not too sweet.
  • One sachet is just right!
  • Can drink this either cold or hot!
  • Great drink for relaxation or just anytime you like to drink a milk tea.
  • Great thing about this is that you can drink this anytime you want.
  • Super Like!
Have you tried this already?? You would definitely agree with me. :)




Well hello! :) As promised on my previous post, I will tell you more about the accessory that I wore. Do you love it?? I hope you do..... 

You already know that I love fashion and as a fashion blogger I love to wear accessories too... Besides my love for fashion, I'm also a business minded person. What's the connection right??? Here I am, officially launching my new baby! Drum rolls please... hehehe OA na ba??? Just having fun. On a serious note, I would like to formally launch to you my new endeavor along with my sister. StyleCo.! 

Since I love wearing accessories, even way back in high school (wala na magcocomment please! haha) I do wear the latest fad in accessories. So fashion and business??? Why not put it together right?? Doing things that you love the most will give the most fulfilment too. So to all of my readers (my sister, niece, friends) haha, kidding aside. To all my dear readers, I hope you'll visit StyleCo.'s, it's an online shop that focus first on accessories that will suit every modern lady's love for accessories. For us girls, fashion is part of our life and we are sharing you our good finds at an affordable price. Hope to see you on our website.

P.S.  All the designs are my personal choice! I handpicked it in accordance to my taste, style and latest trend and of course I also took into consideration what a true modern lady would love to wear... But I do hope you'll like all the designs and please support StyleCo. :)




It's another lafang day today.. Oh no!!! Diet mode na ako and on the first day sira na after a day of exercise pa naman! Waaahhh!!! If you remember my previous post what to wear when eating buffet?? Comfort is a must and loose type specially at the tummy part is the key! But never the less fashyon and style shouldn't suffer....... 

Here I am today, wearing a very comfortable just above the knee length flowy cut dress. I paired it with my super duper comfortable sandals, you don't want to walk like a turtle due to blistered feet. I again opted to wear minimal accessories to match my outfitey... Less is More!

What do you think about my accessory for today?

 I only need a mini bag that day just to carry my must have items when out.

Tip: Wear a thin belt to cut a monotonous color and also to emphasize the waist. To those who have a straight body shape this trick will do for you.

And lastly, to make the look more fun and sophisticated (in short, breaking a manang look) have this type of dress with low back line.  Nice right?? So for all the sort of conservative type of girls, you may try to wear this kind of dress. Love love love!  

P.S. To know more about my accesory for this post, stay tuned for my next post. I have a surprise coming up for all of you.

(Forever 21 low back dress, TBA necklace, Kennet Cole bag, Salt Water sandals)


Zero Kuma Concealer

How's your long weekend??? At long last, a long weekend again for this year!!! Yippeee.... I've been waiting for this long weekend to have a good rest and do some other stuffs that I wasn't able to do due to my busyness at work. And when I say busy, it is coupled with late night sleep partnered with early morning rise. So to be honest, I noticed that my under eye became puffy and dark. Happily, I got Zero Kuma Concealer during K-Palette blogger's event which I was super excited to use. Let's see if it satisfy my excitement and expectation.

Zero Kuma Concealer is not your ordinary concealer!!! It is Concealer plus Beauty Serum in one! Yes, I know your question.... What does it mean? It does what a concealer should do, cover blemishes and dark spots and because it has a serum it also do moisturizing, brightening and Improves Blood Circulation. Bonga diba?? Zero Kuma Concealer is available in 3 variants and each variant has a different usage. 

First is Zero Kuma Concealer in #1. It is the moisturizing variant, if you have dark circles and dry skin this the one for you!

Most of us have dark under eye and some could also have dull skin and pigmentation. If you have these problems Zero Kuma Concealer #2 is the right one for you.

Lastly, to improve blood circulation and minimize dark circles Zero Kuma Concealer #3 should be your pick.

Took swatches with Yellow Yum during the event.
In choosing Zero Kuma Concealer, you shouldn't look at the shade but rather focus on what problem you want to address.

Here's what I got during the event. Zero Kuma Concealer #1, due to it's moisturizing effect it is the most ideal variant when you don't know what to get. You can't go wrong with this variant if you want to give Zero Kuma Concealer as a gift.

It's nice that they provided a sticker in English!!!

Time for swatches.....

with out flash

closer look

with flash

When blended.... You can see that it blended well with my skin. The half right part is the one with Zero Kuma Concealer. You can see that it's hard to know if which part has the concealer.
with out flash 

with flash
closer look
Here's my actual test for you to appreciate Zero Kuma Concealer more. Prepped my face with powder and covered blemishes. Leave under eye with our any concealer yet for this test. Nakakahiya man, keri pa din! :)

No under eye concealer yet.
Small amount goes a long way
With Zero Kuma Concealer on my right eye
Can you see the big difference?? It instantly covered my dark circles and reduced the puffiness look. Bongacious diba!!! 

Both eyes with Zero Kuma Concealer

My Verdict:
  • I like it as it's a concealer with sebum
  • I only need to put small amount and it goes a long way
  • It's easy to blend
  • It doesn't cake
  • It doesn't have any weird smell
  • It works!
I would like to try Zero Kuma Concealer #2 when I finish this variant! Love Love Love! K-Palette really invents great products which I can say they put architect on it. They don't just invent your ordinary cosmetics but there's something into it that makes it different from other brands!

Tip: Observe hygiene, it's recommended to swatch the product on your hand first then use a brush or your ring finger to blend it.

To know more about Zero Kuma Concealer, check out their Facebook Fan Page.

Disclaimer: Got the product during K-Palette blogger's event. Above review is base on my personal and honest opinion.



Cream-O Crinkles

How's everyone! Here's another food post, while I am road testing beauty products that I got. You may not know that I love crinkles #simplepleasures! haha And I saw this Cream-O crinkles while getting "baons" of my pamangkins. Of course I do get some of their baons and bring to the office because I get hungry even before lunch time came! hahaha 

Since I love eating crinkles, my expectations of this is just simple. Sweet, chewy and moist.

Ayan chewy daw! Same with my expectation! haha

The picture looks yummy...

Actual product looks different from the picture...

My Verdict:
  • Not to sweet which is a good thing.
  • But it taste somehow like a brownie.
  • It's not chewy as expected and not the right amount of sugar powder (although I don't like sugar powders).
  • Overall, it is a good baon or snack if you want something handy, sweet and doesn't expire easily but I will not buy this often.

What do you think???