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How's your long weekend??? At long last, a long weekend again for this year!!! Yippeee.... I've been waiting for this long weekend to have a good rest and do some other stuffs that I wasn't able to do due to my busyness at work. And when I say busy, it is coupled with late night sleep partnered with early morning rise. So to be honest, I noticed that my under eye became puffy and dark. Happily, I got Zero Kuma Concealer during K-Palette blogger's event which I was super excited to use. Let's see if it satisfy my excitement and expectation.

Zero Kuma Concealer is not your ordinary concealer!!! It is Concealer plus Beauty Serum in one! Yes, I know your question.... What does it mean? It does what a concealer should do, cover blemishes and dark spots and because it has a serum it also do moisturizing, brightening and Improves Blood Circulation. Bonga diba?? Zero Kuma Concealer is available in 3 variants and each variant has a different usage. 

First is Zero Kuma Concealer in #1. It is the moisturizing variant, if you have dark circles and dry skin this the one for you!

Most of us have dark under eye and some could also have dull skin and pigmentation. If you have these problems Zero Kuma Concealer #2 is the right one for you.

Lastly, to improve blood circulation and minimize dark circles Zero Kuma Concealer #3 should be your pick.

Took swatches with Yellow Yum during the event.
In choosing Zero Kuma Concealer, you shouldn't look at the shade but rather focus on what problem you want to address.

Here's what I got during the event. Zero Kuma Concealer #1, due to it's moisturizing effect it is the most ideal variant when you don't know what to get. You can't go wrong with this variant if you want to give Zero Kuma Concealer as a gift.

It's nice that they provided a sticker in English!!!

Time for swatches.....

with out flash

closer look

with flash

When blended.... You can see that it blended well with my skin. The half right part is the one with Zero Kuma Concealer. You can see that it's hard to know if which part has the concealer.
with out flash 

with flash
closer look
Here's my actual test for you to appreciate Zero Kuma Concealer more. Prepped my face with powder and covered blemishes. Leave under eye with our any concealer yet for this test. Nakakahiya man, keri pa din! :)

No under eye concealer yet.
Small amount goes a long way
With Zero Kuma Concealer on my right eye
Can you see the big difference?? It instantly covered my dark circles and reduced the puffiness look. Bongacious diba!!! 

Both eyes with Zero Kuma Concealer

My Verdict:
  • I like it as it's a concealer with sebum
  • I only need to put small amount and it goes a long way
  • It's easy to blend
  • It doesn't cake
  • It doesn't have any weird smell
  • It works!
I would like to try Zero Kuma Concealer #2 when I finish this variant! Love Love Love! K-Palette really invents great products which I can say they put architect on it. They don't just invent your ordinary cosmetics but there's something into it that makes it different from other brands!

Tip: Observe hygiene, it's recommended to swatch the product on your hand first then use a brush or your ring finger to blend it.

To know more about Zero Kuma Concealer, check out their Facebook Fan Page.

Disclaimer: Got the product during K-Palette blogger's event. Above review is base on my personal and honest opinion.


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