Well hello! :) As promised on my previous post, I will tell you more about the accessory that I wore. Do you love it?? I hope you do..... 

You already know that I love fashion and as a fashion blogger I love to wear accessories too... Besides my love for fashion, I'm also a business minded person. What's the connection right??? Here I am, officially launching my new baby! Drum rolls please... hehehe OA na ba??? Just having fun. On a serious note, I would like to formally launch to you my new endeavor along with my sister. StyleCo.! 

Since I love wearing accessories, even way back in high school (wala na magcocomment please! haha) I do wear the latest fad in accessories. So fashion and business??? Why not put it together right?? Doing things that you love the most will give the most fulfilment too. So to all of my readers (my sister, niece, friends) haha, kidding aside. To all my dear readers, I hope you'll visit StyleCo.'s, it's an online shop that focus first on accessories that will suit every modern lady's love for accessories. For us girls, fashion is part of our life and we are sharing you our good finds at an affordable price. Hope to see you on our website.

P.S.  All the designs are my personal choice! I handpicked it in accordance to my taste, style and latest trend and of course I also took into consideration what a true modern lady would love to wear... But I do hope you'll like all the designs and please support StyleCo. :)


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