Ovomaltine Crunchy

Hello there! I am very sorry for lack of posts, I've been quite busy lately. :) 

Well anyways, with busyness I make sure to start the day by eating breakfast! I need energy to last me until lunch time but then I don't have the luxury of time to eat a full meal... :(  
Breakfast for me mostly equates to bread... that is why I am very fond of spreads. I want to try different spreads to give my bread a different approach. For this post, I've finally tried Ovomaltine! 

Ovaltine is a well known brand for choco malt drink here in the Philippines but not much for Ovomaltine spread until today. After the cookie butter craze, it's all about popular brands of choco spreads and I'll start of with Ovomaltine.

I am very curious if it taste the same as the Ovaltine drink specially when taken as it is. haha! 

Again, I am very fond of products that are properly sealed! Check!!!

Time to try the actual Ovomaltine!! Yyiiippppeee!!!

Look at the crunchy and chocolatey texture. It's like I can already smell through this photo. haha

Close look
 My experience:

  • Smells chocolate, a little like Ovaltine drink
  • The crunch texture is the same of cookie butter, I like it as it doesn't stick through the teeth
  • Sweet taste like Ovaltine
  • Has the creamy texture!
Will I purchase again?
YES! I like it. :)

Please do await for my next post for another choco spread post. :)



Estee Lauder Blush

My staple make up would consist only a few products. Just foundation, setting powder and blush! When I feel like a little dramatic I just add some mascara / liner / lipstick. So here's one of my staple mu to share with you. It's actually my first time to be able to try Estee Lauder blush and I'm excited to try it.

I love the packaging! It's so chic in golden mirror type. It's very handy and thin, great to bring along for touch ups. I love that it has a wide mirror too!

This blush palette has 2 shades of blush with it accompanied with a brush. Looking at the colors, it looks very vibrant and dark. Again, I love products that are sealed or protected, for this one they placed plastics to protect the blushes and the brush.


Now time for swatches.

Though the colors look dark, when I applied it on my hand it actually doesn't look as I expected. It's actually lighter and I think nicer. You can see on my hand below that it actually complements well with my skin tone. The brush inside this palette is soft too. But I still prefer to use my blush brush. :)

closer look
with better lighting
Now let's see how it looks when applied.

Let's start with the lighter one, the one on top of the palette. It's actually pinkish white, a shade that looks sweet that's great for sunny occasions / events.

sorry for my blemishes :(

I actually liked it. It looks so natural as if I didn't applied any blush on. Two to three swipes are enough depending on how pink would you go. But for me two swipes are already ok. It has a little shimmer that brightens my cheeks but doesn't make it shimmery / sparkly.

Now let's move on to the darker shade and let's see how dark will it go.

Upon application, it's a little darker than the previous one but still not that super dark. I like it this way. It's pigmented but just the right color for a blush. It's darker but still looks natural on the skin. It looks matte on the skin but not flat. This one could look a little more pinkish on the skin. This is great for that night cap events / night outs. 

This palette is actually good for gals with fair skin. It's pigmented yet looks natural. I am a fan of natural looking mu look. Mu should help us to enhance and not to change our look. 

I am liking this Estee Lauder Blush!



Japan treats

I just got Japan treats from my bro and it's actually my first time to encounter with this kind of Japan products. 

I do like the banana fruit and when dipped in chocolates! It is heaven.. so I was excited to try this Osaka Banana Chocolate.

I really appreciate if products are well sealed.

Upon opening, I was surprise that it only contains 5 pieces.

But  I love that it's individually pack so I can bring it with me or can eat it one at a time.

Another thing, I also appreciate that they have individual food silicon on each pack.

Now let's try and open this Osaka Banana Chocolate. It's actually shaped like a banana too. 

The chocolate coating taste more of like a mamon rather than an actual chocolate. Look at the texture, it looks soft, thick and fluffy.  

Moving on to the banana, it taste a little banana only. It taste more of a gabi. It's ok but I didn't like it that much. It's a good snack since it's thick and very full.

Now let's move on to this salty treat Cheese Almond. I love cheese! I can eat anything with cheese, cheese can complement any food. I am actually excited with this one.

I super love that it's also individually packed.

Look! It actually have individual whole almond per pack. This one actually taste good! It taste like a rice cracker, the almond is a real almond. Upon opening it smell cheesy already and talking about cheese, the cheese is not that salty but taste good! I like this Cheese Almond.

What Japanese snacks have you tried and liked?



2014 Chinese New Year Outfit

Here's what I wore last Chinese New Year. I just had a simple dinner with my family since I will be coming from work and will have to work again the next day.  

It was a weekday so I will be coming from work. I need to have an outfit that will fit for work and for our family dinner. Another factor to consider is that I just commuted going to the office that day.

So I decided to wear a dress that is not too formal but also fit for work and of course in color red. It was said that ancient Chinese peeps wore red since the bad spirits are afraid of red plus it gives good luck. There's no harm in following the belief. :)

I like this dress since it has just the right length. It's not super short but long enough to be worn in the office.  I also like the smooth fabric that's very fit for smart casual events.

I just wore my blazer and my stocked heels when I was in the office. But after office I can just be casual with it and paired it with my ever reliable Yosi Samara flats.

Since I just commuted that day and I know I'll be pigging out again :), I wore minimal accessories. Just wore this classical heart shaped pendant ( I already forgot where I got this) and a simple watch.

Look at how cute the texture and the design of this dress. It's a balance of fierce and wholesome look. The touch of animal print and wide neck but young a line style. I actually wore it with a belt but due to the festivity I needed to remove it (mas mahalata yung fullness ko.. haha!)

(Stradivarious dress, Esprit Watch, Yosi Samara Footwear)


Tresemme Smooth and Silky Touchable Softness

Hi guys! It's already the second month of 2014 and we just finished celebrating the Chinese New Year! Here's my first Feb post and I would like to share with you my experience with Tresemme now in full product and not just via sample only.

I have actually finished this product already, I got this at S&R last year and it was on sale! Yippe! 

Even if it's on sale, I still checked what hair problem does it answer cause I don't want to buy something that I won't use anyway even if it's on sale.


Now let's try how did this variant work! Tresemme with their tagline Salon hair. So let's put this to test.

Here's the look of the actual shampoo. It looks so pearly!

What I like about the product:
  • It was on sale when I got it!
  • A lot of product since it's 1.3L
  • With pump, easy to get the product
  • Nice smell, not so strong, just right
  • It really helped me to have manageable hair
  • My hair was soft and not that frizzy
  • Since it's only a shampoo, of course I needed to pair it with a conditioner once in a while
  • Overall, this is a good shampoo
  • I just hope they'll have it in 2 in 1 product for women on the go
What I didn't like bout the product:
  • Just got this at S&R, might not be available on my next visit

Will I repurchase?
If it is still available, I will repurchase specially if it's on sale again. :)