Lotus Biscoff Spread Crunchy

Cookie Butter Spread is very "in" here in the Philippines! In fact, even if we don't have a retail store distributing it... it still posted a craze and lots of people are searching and wants to buy it! There are a lot of online shops that are selling this but you can also get it at a retail outlet from Power Plant mall.

I've tried the other brand already and as curious as I am, I decided that I should try Lotus Biscoff Spread! It is said that Biscoff is the original one! So as soon as I was able to visit Power Plant again, I decided to get it but it wasn't available. I went back to the mall again after a week and saw that it is already available and with out any hesitation I bought one. 

So let's discover if it taste the same or even better.

To start of, Biscoff Spread is a European spread particularly from Belgium. As the name itself, this spread is made from Biscoff cookies. What's great about Lotus Biscoff Spread is that it's made from natural ingredients, no artificial flavors, 0 gram trans fat per serving and 0 cholesterol, non-GMO ingredients and it doesn't have any nuts!

With this kind of spread, we prefer to get it in Crunchy! It's good that they differentiate the variant base on the color of the cap. It's regular if the cap is color red and it's crunchy if the cap is color yellow.

Same as the other spreads, Lotus Biscoff has a seal too. Lotus Biscoff label / packaging is simple and with an enticing shot of the spread on a bread. I appreciate that the simplicity feels and looks homey. The look is like it should be in every home's kitchen and to be consumed everyday as part of breakfast / snack or anytime you want to have it. (But I like the packaging of the other one. hehe) Lotus Biscoff is also placed in a glass jar.

I like it that the seal has an extended part for easy to peel out.

It has Cinnamon too and made from either Soya, Canola, Palm or Sunflower oil
Sorry! I accidentally destroyed the spread before taking a picture of it.

Upon opening, it looks very intact and dry. It smells so good too! Now let's try it! Had it with a wheat bread too.

My verdict:
  • Though it has cinnamon, I didn't taste the cinnamon which I like! 
  • It tastes like a cookie that is positive for me.
  • I think it's a little sweeter than the other brand but I still like it.
  • The crunchiness of the cookie is great! It's very crunchy but not hard that it will stick in between teeth.
  • It has generous amount of cookie but not too much as it will be over cookie.
  • With this brand, I didn't taste any oil taste like soya oil. I love it! It focus more on the taste of the cookie!
  • It smells very cookie!
  • When spread, it's actually creamy and not too dry.
  • This spread is actually not oily!
  • I actually like this, it's delish!
Look at the generous amount of Crunchy cookies!
I would definitely buy this again!

Which one do you prefer??


She Looks Great!

It's a rainy Sunday again! It's been raining in the afternoon here and it's raining hard! So everyone, please keep safe!

I super love weekends! Yippe.. I try my best to not think of work during weekends so that I'll be able to recharge and regenerate energy just in time for Monday. It's also during weekends that I get to do things that I WANT to do! So I love weekends! haha

Today is another day for goofing around the mall with the fambam. I love wearing comfortable clothes lately and I am not in the mood to glam up. But hey, when we say comfortable it doesn't mean that we should look like losyang.

So here I am wearing the most comfortable thing on earth and it is t-shirt. T-shirt need not be boring! Make T-shirts fun with prints and statements on it!

Since I didn't want to look super casual. I matched it with this paper bag styled shorts. This type of shorts actually would work well with thin framed body. And yes! I am not thin as evident in the photo above. But I think it worked as I tucked in the t-shirt to at least give me some shape. This type of shorts would work well with well fitting tops too.

Since I don't feel like glamming up lately, I wear few accessories too. So I just wore this bracelet that I got from my office mate and my everyday watch. Plus these forever oh so comfortable footwear.

This bracelet complemented my look of comfortable casual but yet with a hint of fun and style. Look at the details! Cute!

As you can see the colors for me this day would be different shades of brown and grey that complemented each other. I find my look as casual with style. :)

Blooper Photo for this post. :)

And my finger toes are exercising! hehe
(Hang Ten T-shirt, Forever 21 shorts, office bought bracelet, Esprit Watch, Marc Jacobs Bag, Fitflop Footwear)

Hope you had a great weekend!



Fine Hyaluron & Collagen Plus

Well hello! Vain moments striked again and it's time for me to take Fine Hyaluron & Collagen Plus that I got during the Fine Living Essentials Blogger's Event. To know more about Fine and the wonders of Collagen please read my previous post

For this post I would like to share with you the taste of Fine Hyaluron & Collagen Plus.

I only have one Fine Hyaluron & Collagen Plus so it will be hard for me to post a review of it's effectivity. But at least I can share with you my experience of having it.

Looking at the label, it's written in Japanese. I hope they would have stickers printed the information in english.

As you can see on the cap, Fine Hyaluron & Collagen is in dark orange color. You may also notice that the bottle is in amber or dark color so as to safe keep the Collagen inside and refrain from several reactions like light reaction. This is to ensure that nothing will change with the Collagen.

And here I am tasting Fine Hyaluron & Collagen for the first time on itself. I've tried it during the event as it was mixed in an orange juice. But when taking it on itself, it taste like vitamin C. There was no after taste and the taste was consistent until I finished one bottle. It actually has a right amount of product in one bottle. The Collagen is very liquid, it's not like the kid's vitamins which are with thick texture. This Collagen is so easy to drink and does not give a tangy nor irritating feeling in the mouth and throat. There came to a point that I felt I was drinking a soda. 

If you have the budget, I recommend you to get Fine Hyaluron & Collagen Plus!



Vaseline Healthy White UV Ligthening

A very quick post for today. As promised, here's my review of Vaseline Healthy White UV ligthening whitening even-tone lotion. To know about it and how it work, check out my previous post.

I actually realized that I should have used the triple ligthening lotion first before this variant.  But I've used this already and I'll share with you my experience.

I used the tube for 24 days and I only used it at night particularly on my knees only so I can review the effect of this variant. If you read my previous post, you will know the effect of this variant. And after 24 days I find that the color of my knees were the same. It's as if nothing happened in terms of lightening / whitening. I've placed just right amount of product on my knees, not too much and not to few. But it helped me keep my knees soft and moisturized. 

Photo taken June 6, 2013
Sorry for my ripped out skin. :)
Photo taken June 29, 2013
I will now be trying the Vaseline healthy white SPF triple ligthening lotion.



L'oreal Total Repair 5

And here's another hair care post. I am happy with my current hair product but I just felt I want to give my hair a new shampoo and just in time I saw this L'oreal promo as it has free hair treatments. I am a sucker for free items but then again I still consider that I am getting a good product. I have actually tried this product before but didn't get the chance to share my experience with you.

For this post, I will be sharing with you only L'oreal Total Repair 5 Shampoo.

I appreciate that the packaging is very simple but yet with the right hint of colors and images it looks it has science in it!

L'oreal Total Repair 5 promises to fight hair breakage, dryness, dullness, coarseness and split-ends. 

The product has just the right hole so it's easy to get the product.

with out flash 
with flash
My experience:
  • The actual shampoo has a right consistency, it's not super thick creamy nor too thin watery
  • It smells more of a honey, I didn't like it at first but I got used to it after several wash
  • The smell is just mild but very fragrant, it's not irritating to the nose but the scent lasts long on the hair
  • It made my hair soft and looked healthy
  • My hair instantly didn't look dull and dry
  • I've been using the product for several days only so I can't seem to know if it helped me reduce split-ends but I don't see split-ends with my hair
  • I just noticed that my hair became a little fluffy or what we know as buhaghag
  • But I still like it since I feel that my hair is not heavy
  • I like that even when I sweat, my hair still smells good

My hair wearing L'oreal Total Repair 5

Await for my review with L'oreal Total Repair 5 Hair Treatment.


Dairy Queen Oreo Cheese Cake

Here's a very quick post. Since it was so hot today, my family and I felt like we wanted to eat some ice cream and we thought of getting some blizzards. I actually got Mango Cheese Cake flavor last week already with my friends so I wanted to get another flavor today but still with cheese cake. After checking out the menu board I opted to get their Oreo Cheese Cake flavor as this is the only one other than the mango that has Cheese Cake in it.

Sorry for the blurry photo :(

I am on a diet (haha!) so I only got the 9 oz. size. This blizzard still taste the same! Equally good, the vanilla base is not that sweet which is great when combined with other ingredients like Oreo and cheese cake, I can still munch them until the last spoon. Dairy Queen provide generous amount of ingredients, it really has chunks of Oreo and cheese cake! I love that the Oreo and the cheese cake give the soft serve ice cream a different texture.

Look! They really put cheese cake and not just improvised cheese cake!

I enjoyed my cup of blizzard today. hehe 

It's their upside down marketing strategy that made them popular but the maintenance of their quality and flavor also helped them to stay known until today.


Laid Back Sunday OOTD

And I am back to Fashion posting! I am back to blogging! And today is a very laid back Sunday with the fambam. The best way to go is to wear anything comfortable like this breathable and stretchable polo shirt from Aeropostale. The weather is crazy here in the Philippines as we are now experiencing a summer heat weather while it was raining hard the past few weeks (the weeks where I was not able to blog huhu) And with this kind of weather, I feel like wearing colors and so here I am in a bright baby blue color! 

Since I am already wearing a very bright top, I opted to wear black shorts to tone down my look. I love wearing shorts every time the weather is so hot! Btw, here I am again wearing colors (Yes I know, I should minimize wearing loud or bright colors but I can't help it). In times that I want to wear colors, I now opt to have one bright or loud color then pair it with a neutral or black color including accessories.

I again opted to wear minimal accessories, less is more! I wore neutral accessories too like my blogger bracelet which coincidentally have a tiny blue shade too. Plus I also used my very versatile bag that can be used in both sporty, casual or glam look. I love that it is very spacious bag and since it is in color black, I can pair it with any outfit!

Lastly, I am using again my new pair of footwear from Primaluxe Manila. Coincidentally too, it matched with my black and blue ootd. It's very comfortable plus I love that it has the easy clip on. I didn't know it until I got it already. 

This type of clip on is very user friendly! It make me wear this footwear easily!

I hope you like my Laid Back Sunday ootd. 

Blooper Photo for this post.

Well hello! There's a blurred finger! haha Thanks for taking my photo! :)

(Aeropostale polo shirt, old shorts, The Bead Shop bracelet, Timex Watch, Tommy Hilfiger Bag, Primaluxe Manila Footwear)



Dove Whitening Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

Just to share with you, I got this product for free c/o my nephew! He actually got this in school but he won't use it as it is for ladies, so he gave it to me. You may already know that for deodorants, I consider natural ingredients! To know more, you may read here. But hey, it's free! Choosey pa ba ako! hehe 

I have actually used Dove deo before for several times already as I feel that it is light on the skin but tough on work! I appreciate it's smell, the distinct Dove smell. It's not strong nor too light, I find it just right and very clean smell. I find the scent of Dove as very pure, clean and very calm.

I also like that this Deo is not sticky as it also won't give a sticky feeling. It works good! Every time I use this product, I am very confident that I my underarms are very well protected. Another thing is that they have it in this smaller size too! Very handy, good for traveling! I also like the very simple but sophisticated Dove look! Very consistent with their other products. It looks like a dependable product.

 It works good but when I looked at the ingredients, it has aluminum. I hope that they remove the aluminum ingredient!

Will I repurchase? It depends, if I don't get to but any deodorant with out aluminum ingredient. Dove will be my alternative.