Lotus Biscoff Spread Crunchy

Cookie Butter Spread is very "in" here in the Philippines! In fact, even if we don't have a retail store distributing it... it still posted a craze and lots of people are searching and wants to buy it! There are a lot of online shops that are selling this but you can also get it at a retail outlet from Power Plant mall.

I've tried the other brand already and as curious as I am, I decided that I should try Lotus Biscoff Spread! It is said that Biscoff is the original one! So as soon as I was able to visit Power Plant again, I decided to get it but it wasn't available. I went back to the mall again after a week and saw that it is already available and with out any hesitation I bought one. 

So let's discover if it taste the same or even better.

To start of, Biscoff Spread is a European spread particularly from Belgium. As the name itself, this spread is made from Biscoff cookies. What's great about Lotus Biscoff Spread is that it's made from natural ingredients, no artificial flavors, 0 gram trans fat per serving and 0 cholesterol, non-GMO ingredients and it doesn't have any nuts!

With this kind of spread, we prefer to get it in Crunchy! It's good that they differentiate the variant base on the color of the cap. It's regular if the cap is color red and it's crunchy if the cap is color yellow.

Same as the other spreads, Lotus Biscoff has a seal too. Lotus Biscoff label / packaging is simple and with an enticing shot of the spread on a bread. I appreciate that the simplicity feels and looks homey. The look is like it should be in every home's kitchen and to be consumed everyday as part of breakfast / snack or anytime you want to have it. (But I like the packaging of the other one. hehe) Lotus Biscoff is also placed in a glass jar.

I like it that the seal has an extended part for easy to peel out.

It has Cinnamon too and made from either Soya, Canola, Palm or Sunflower oil
Sorry! I accidentally destroyed the spread before taking a picture of it.

Upon opening, it looks very intact and dry. It smells so good too! Now let's try it! Had it with a wheat bread too.

My verdict:
  • Though it has cinnamon, I didn't taste the cinnamon which I like! 
  • It tastes like a cookie that is positive for me.
  • I think it's a little sweeter than the other brand but I still like it.
  • The crunchiness of the cookie is great! It's very crunchy but not hard that it will stick in between teeth.
  • It has generous amount of cookie but not too much as it will be over cookie.
  • With this brand, I didn't taste any oil taste like soya oil. I love it! It focus more on the taste of the cookie!
  • It smells very cookie!
  • When spread, it's actually creamy and not too dry.
  • This spread is actually not oily!
  • I actually like this, it's delish!
Look at the generous amount of Crunchy cookies!
I would definitely buy this again!

Which one do you prefer??


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