Horlicks Lite

Here's one family favourite.... Horlicks! I've discovered this via my brothers, they told me that we were having this in candy form which I super totally don't remember.hahaha If you know this, you know where to get it. hehehe When we go abroad specially in the neighboring Asian countries we always make sure to buy this and bring it home. On my latest vacation, it was my first time to see Horlicks lite. I have always seen it in classic or chocolate flavor that's why with out any hesitations I got this at once. 

Horlicks really has a very indescribable taste. It is a malt drink that can be taken either hot or cold. 

Horlicks has many vitamins and minerals that are good for the body. I'm no Horlicks expert (I just love drinking it hehe) so I leave the explanation on the picture below. To know more about its benefits check out their website

Preparing Horlicks is very easy! 

I recommend that you melt the Horlicks powder in hot water first, making a thick paste to prevent lumps. Then add more water or add skim milk to make it creamy. Lastly add ice if you like it  cold. 

Here's my cold Horlicks Lite malt drink. In the picture below I only mixed it water since I wanted to know the taste of lite. Although it's lite, I can really taste the same Horlicks flavor. It's like Horlicks regular but lighter on the tummy. Yum yum yum! 

You can see that there are lumps because the hot water that I prepared was not enough yet. hehe Excited na kasi ako uminom e!

Are you curious to try it? You can get the powder in Cash and Carry and Unimart. For the drink itself, you can try it at Toastbox. Stay tuned I will blog about it next time.

Share me your experience if you like Horlicks too.



Bobbi Brown BB Cream

It's been a while that I made a beauty haul post. I love cosmetics not because I want to cover my flaws but more of to enhance my good features (naks! Nagbubuhat ba ng sariling banko??) But seriously speaking, I think that wearing make up should be for enhancement and not for recreating another face or person. With this, one of my favorite mu are bb creams. It is really an all in one product, it's like a tinted moisturizer and with my latest Bobbi Brown BB Cream it even has SPF 35! My gosh!! Nakakainlove!! haha This bb cream even has higher SPF content than my everyday facial sunblock.

I love the packaging since it is easy to squeeze out the product but I prefer having it with a flip cap. And of course the ultimate Bobbi Brown signature all black look makes this bb cream look oh so sophisticated!

Can you see the creamy silky texture? It may look dark in picture but in reality it is just right. You can see from the picture below how it blended nicely with my skin. It seems that I did not put anything.

My verdict:
  • It has a nice creamy silky texture.
  • It is odorless which I think is great. Odorless means less chemicals added in the product.
  • It is easy to blend and blends nicely on to my face.
  • It is light weight as if I am not wearing anything.
  • The great thing is that it matches my skin tone and it did not make me oily all through out the day.
  • It resulted to a luminous healthy looking skin. 

Overall, I love it!! It really is an all in one product. By the way I took these photos of mine wearing the product for almost 12 hours already and I did not do any retouching or blotting.

What are your favorite BB Cream?



Barney Purple

Hi guys! I'm back, no I did not forget about blogging and I miss blogging. I have a lot of back logs soon so please stay tuned! Here's my latest outfit post. Remember about my latest Pill footwear??? Here it is, wearing it with my cutie patutie body hugging dress. You can see that wearing heals makes us girls look more leaner and sexier! haha (May kokontra ba??? hehe) You can't see it clearly but the dress is actually color purple. Mixing colors are fun! It can work, just match the right hues together. I also used my so called chandeling accessory to balance of the color and monotony of the dress. This body hugging dress is a savior when you don't know what to wear then pair it with a very stylish and comfortable foot wear. Kaboom and Vavavoom! haha Comfort is the key to look good, know the venue, the occasion and of course the weather. SMART FASHION!!! 

(Forever 21 dress, Forever 21 necklace, Bangles c/o mom, Pill footwear, The Face Shop nail polish)


Yellow Yum as Top Female Online Entrpreneur

Hi there! Can I ask a favor from all of you??? Yeah I know you're all very great and you will do as I say.. haha! Close your eyes ooops no no no, how can you read my post if you're going to close your eyes. hehehe Just goofing around.

But seriously, I need your help and I would already like to thank you in advance. Please help ms. Yellow Yum to win as the Top Female Online Entrepreneur, as she was nominated by AVA. Ms. Yellow Yum is the owner of Skin Hour and Shop Sui.

Please click this link and vote for her, all you have to do is like and comment "I vote for Charlene Tan".



Mother's Day Specials

Today is Mother's Day! The day specially dedicated to our Mothers! We make them feel extra special and let them know how much we love and appreciate all their hard works for us! The day is not yet over! For those of you who are yet to celebrate and are to get gifts for your beloved Moms here are some of the places and things you want to might check out. Iba na talaga ang panahon ngayon! Ang dami na pwedeng pagpilian. Here are just some of the Mother's Day gimiks. :) 

Happy Mother's Day to all Moms!!



As a fashion and beauty blogger, one thing that I can't live with out is Lip Balm! I may go out with out bringing any cosmetics but not lip balm. I don't know why my lips are always chapped but maybe it's because of the super hot weather we have here in the Philippines. My saviour to this problem is Lip Balm! I've been using lip balms ever since high school and have tried several brands already. I've already tried many brands and there's one brand that I only got to know last year and it is Carmex. Oh my gosh! I can't believe that I only discovered Carmex last year and just in time as I was searching for it online I found out that it is readily available in almost all leading department stores. Hoooraayyy!!!

Here's another story of my recent vacation. It was a super hot vacation and besides bringing Snoe Suntervention sunblock, Carmex Lip Balm is one thing that topped my list when packing. I got the Carmex stick.

I have been using Carmex in the round packaging and I was planning to finish up previous sticks that I currently have on my vaca trip. But I can't help not to get Carmex Lip Balm in stick before I get going on my vacation.

Here's what I think:
  • It really made my lips moisturized even with the super hot weather!
  • I did not feel that my lips were chapped all through out my vacation.
  • It is very light weight when applied, as if I was not wearing anything.
  • I loved the strawberry smell!!! Like!
  • What a great thing that it has SPF 15. Perfect for my sunny sunshine encounter!
  • It really is Long Lasting relief for dry chapped lips.

P.S. I have several Lip Balm and have it on different places! haha This is really my must haves item.

To know more about Carmex check out their website and their Facebook Page.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Carmex, I got the items at my own expense.