Wildflour Cronut

Here's another Cronut which I am excited and wanted to try. I said to myself that if I will get my first Cronut, it should be from Wildflour. But too bad it didn't happen. haha Wildflour Cronuts are hard to get since it's always sold out so most of the time it's by order. I will be around BGC so I decided to order it, but they only accept maximum of 6 pieces per reservation unless you pay it in full. You have the option to deposit via bank or pay it at the store.

So here it is.. Keep on reading!

Their box looks good, simple and clean look. It holds 6 pieces of Cronuts.

Wildflour Cronuts are available in Chocolate, Strawberry, Mixed Berries, Plain and Vanilla priced at Php 120 each. They also have Dulce De Leche and Tiramisu at Php 150 each. I got a dozen pieces in different flavors.

On the first look, it doesn't look as appetizing and it looks hard.

Let's take a closer look of each of the flavors.

 The chocolate is good! I am not sure to what chocolate they used but it taste premium.

 The Strawberry flavor is also good! It taste very strawberry and not super artificial, it's very flavorful.

  The Vanilla flavor tastes very Vanilla and not super sweet.

Lastly, mixed berries like the other flavor tastes like berries. It's sweet but not super sweet and it's also not sour. All of the toppings / flavors smells good.

Wildflour Cronuts are big in size and are very thick.

Each Cronut has cream inside too and for the strawberry, the cream is with strawberry flavor too.

My Verdict:
  • The flavors are great! It's very tasty and flavorful.
  • The Cronut itself is crunchy on the outside and chewy and soft on the inside. It has the flaky croissant texture.
  • The size is very big and thick.
  • I find the flavored toppings somehow few, they can add a little bit. But not too much since it will be too sweet.
  • It has its distinct taste as it doesn't taste like a croissant nor a donut.
  • I hope that we can lessen the sugar on the outside, those big sugar bits.
  • It's recommended to eat it at once when it's still fresh as I notice that it leaves a different mouth feel. I think it's the sebo? If you can't eat it fresh, I recommend to reheat it for a few seconds only so that you'll enjoy your Cronut better.
Will I repurchase? Yes, but I don't and won't go through the hassle anymore. I'll just buy if it's available when I visit.

Who would want to send me some Cronuts?? haha! Joke.

Do you like Cronuts?


Le Cour De France Croughnut

There is a Cornut Craze here in the Philippines and it's only now that I will be able to try it. It was very hard to get cronuts as I tried to get it from 4 different stores and every time.... Cronuts were sold out. So here I am, first time to try Cronuts from Le Cour De France. I first saw that Cronuts are available at Le Cour De France too from Jenni Epperson's instagram.

With the Cronuts craze, we already know what's it and how it started so I'll skip that intro and talk about the Cornut itself. For Le Cour De France they call it Croughnut. It's available in three flavors, Double Belgian Chocolate, Mixed Berries and Parmesan Cheese.

Image grabbed from Le Cour De France website

I've tried their Belgian Chocolate and Parmesan flavors.

Peek a boo!

Sorry for the messy photo. :)
My Verdict:

  • Each Le Cour De France Croughnut costs Php 89.00.
  • It's smaller than the size of the other cronuts.
  • The Chocolate flavor tastes so good! It's like dark choco but not that bitter. It's not super sweet too. It has a great chocolate.
  • The Parmesan cheese is also good. It's not salty but flavorful. It's a little smelly, but normal for this kind of flavor. 
  • The cream in between of the croughnuts are great too! It's light and not so sweet but delish. The amount of the cream is generous too.
  • The Croughnut base is a little hard (but not that super hard) and not chewy. It's not super flaky.
  • For my first time to try a Croughnut I actually liked it specially the taste. But I find it pricey for the size.

Would I repurchase again? I will consider buying it again.


Vaseline Healthy White Triple Lightening Lotion

After using Vaseline Healthy White UV Lightening lotion (to know about it check my previous posts here and here. So it's time for me to test if this lotion will help me lighten my skin. I used this lotion on my knees only. 

I used this for more than almost one month everyday and I felt that there's not much of a difference in terms of color. I am just not sure if my knees lightened a little bit but same as the other Vaseline lotion, it kept my skin smooth and soft. But I think at least it helped me to maintain the color of my knees.

Photo taken last July 27

Photo taken last Aug. 22

What are the most effective whitening lotion?



BYS Loose Powder

I just finished my previous loose powder and it's time for me to try a different one! For loose powders, I am open and comfortable on trying different brands as long as it will match my skin color. Fortunately I have a fair skin and given that brands available here are mostly Korean and US or Europe brands,  I can find colors that match my skin. 

I went to a department store and searched for what brand of loose powder to buy. I had several brands to choose from and I finally decided to get BYS loose powder. I got BYS because I got curious with the brand. Upon trying the tester, it matched my skin tone and I find that it has a nice consistency. Lastly, I also noticed that it is affordable. But let's continue to discover this loose powder so read along.

To those who are not familiar with BYS, it is an Australian brand. I think it's my first time to hear an Australian brand cosmetics and it's definitely my first time to try it. Base on their website and their outlet stores, I notice that they specialize on colors so I think they are focus more on nail polish, lip colors, eye shadows. I will have to try those next time.

I like their packaging, it's very simple but edgy. It's sturdy too and is not made of very thin materials.

Look at the generous amount of product even if it's affordable.

BYS loose powder is available in 4 colors, Light, Light to Medium, Medium and Dark. For my skin tone, I got the Light color.

It's very affordable. Only P399 for a 13g size.

I like that is individually sealed. I am assured that the product is new.
Every loose powder is inclusive of powder puff for application. But I prefer to use a Loose powder brush.

Besides the outer seal, I appreciate that it also has an inner seal. I am ensured that the product is sealed plus the product won't spill out.

Now let's look at the powder.

with flash

with out flash
 It has a yellowish tone that is great for fair skin colored ladies. Now time for swatches.

with flash

with out flash

Now blending it on my hands.

with flash

with out flash
 Voila! It's gone. It's as if I didn't put any loose powder on my hand.

After road testing the product for more than a week. Here are my observations and experience.

What I like about the product:

  • Matches my skin tone and it looks very natural
  • Very light weight, as if I didn't put any loose powder on my face. It doesn't add up additional layer feeling after applying foundation and concealer
  • It sets my foundation well
  • It doesn't have any fragrance and just smell as a natural powder
  • Like any other loose powder, I need to have re-touch to minimize a shiny look
  • Since it looks natural on me, it doesn't whiten my brows and lashes 
  • It's easy to apply as it has a silky smooth texture
What I don't like about the product:
  • None
I would definitely buy this product again.

Applied bb cream, concealer and BYS loose powder only

What BYS product have you tried?


L'oreal Smooth Intense Caring Shampoo

Sorry for mia, again I've been busy with work. :) But here I am back... again. hehe Here's a very quick post. After using L'oreal Total Repair 5, I tried L'oreal Smooth Intense Caring Shampoo. I was not that happy with the Total Repair 5 so when I saw that this variant is anti-frizz then I thought that this variant will work better. 

It comes with free hair treatment too.

I will focus on the shampoo for this post.

This variant has 2 main ingredients (Nutrileum and Silk protein)  that will help make hair less frizzy, smoother and silkier.

Now, let's try the product.

My experience:
  • The actual shampoo like the total repair 5 has a right consistency, it's not super thick creamy nor too thin watery
  • The smell is just mild but very fragrant, it's not irritating to the nose but the scent lasts long on the hair but I can't explain the smell.
  • It has a honey like color.
  • It made my hair feel light and clean
  • My hair didn't look dull and dry but 
  • I used up a whole bottle before sharing my experience and I felt and observe that it didn't help me to lessen the frizziness of my hair.

Will I repurchase? 

No, I would still stick with my other shampoos.



NYX HD Studio Primer

I can't believe I have not yet blogged about this! Anyway it's better late than never right? So here's my first HD mu! I got Nyx HD Studio Primer. Of course like any of you I got very curious when HD mu emerged! There were HD mu craze and of course I also want to try it. 

Before we move on, let's recall what's HD mu. HD mu basically are mu to match HD cameras. We all know that HD cameras are great, it produce clear and very realistic photos but the problem with it is that it also evidently shows our flaws like wrinkles, spots and even cakey mu! My gosh, lalong nakakakstress kesa sa magkaron ng magandang picture mas kita pala ang mga gusto nating itago! So to answer these problems, HD mu came out. HD make up have these light scattering ingredients to bounce away the light and make our look more flawless. It helps to reduce the strong presence of fine lines, wrinkles, cakey mu, blemishes etc. Most of HD mu are made sheer or translucent to have an effect of a more natural look plus an illusion of flawless or an even finish. Wow the sound if it seems very enticing and it's like a magic potion for instant beauty! With this information, I would definitely want to try HD mu and for me the best mu in HD would be primers. Primers basically have almost the same function as of the benefit that HD mu does.

It's great that Nyx HD Studio Primers are Talc and Paraben Free, it means it's free from Magnesium and Preservatives. I love that it has a very simple but very chic packaging. Simple black and white is very sophisticated.

Look! It says that it's good for all skin color!

Now let's move on to the actual packaging of the product. It's in plastic pump up tube form. It's also in black and white and I like it. Simple yet very sophisticated. 

Yehey! Nyx products are animal testing free! Like Like Like!

I like that it has a small whole of the pump so that I won't pump out too much product.

Now time for swatches!

with flash

with out flash
It has actually greenish white color! Now let's blend it....

with flash
with out flash
Look! It disappeared, it actually blended well with my skin on my hands. Look at the right side, my hands looks smoother and it actually felt smoother.

For this post, this is the amount of product that I had pumped out. Let's put it to actual test.

I placed a few to different parts of my face and blended it after.

Ok, another embarrassing picture!
after blending
 Now, you can see the actual effect of Nyx HD studio primer. It actually smoothed my face somehow. It's not that evident but it does, specially on the cheek area. 

After placing enough amount on my whole face, here's the remaining product left on my hand.

 After Nyx HD Studio Primer, I placed some concealer on my blemishes and under eye area and just some face powder.

My Verdict:
  • Easy to pump out the product but I can't control it. I usually pump out more than what I need so I just apply it on my neck.
  • A little goes a long way, few products can cover the whole face.
  • I road tested the product for several days and since it's in greenish white color it can tend to make your face whiter. Base on my observation, this product won't work well with dark skin tone unless a darker shade of foundation will be applied.
  • It smoothens or evens out my skin though it's not that evident.
  • Since it's a primer it hold my concealer and face powder very well. I like it.
  • I don't see my mu cake specially on the under eye and the corner part of my eyes.
  • It blends well on my skin and doesn't give white streaks instantly but I find that my face gets whiter after several minutes / hours. Good thing I have fair complexion. But hey, it supposed to bounce the light to make my mu look natural right?
  • Since it's not a mattifier, my face gets oily later of the day.

after applying concealer and face powder.

took another photo when I got home, my face looks a little whiter
but it's not super evident since I only placed a few product

Would I consider buying again? No, it's because it whitens my face. If it's translucent then I would consider getting it again. I can't put more product so that I can get my desired smooth finish as it will whiten my face.

The trick for this product is to put a few products at a time. It's easier to build up rather than to erase, instead of erasing  it's better to remove all and redo it again.