Black and White

In a few weeks time it's Holiday Season again! So we need to make the most out of 2014. I've been trying to put more ootd post and I hope you are all enjoying. hehe! Though it's raining and it's Ber season already it became hot again. I don't know what's wrong with the weather so here I am wearing something breezy as if it is summer!

With the hot weather I opted to wear something with very thin fabrics and in white. If I get plain tops I try to make sure that it has a little something to make it more interesting like this white top that is V at the back. A little low but not too low. These shorts are very comfortable but a little too short than the normal. :) But I love that it is gartered and with belt like cut to hide my tummy. I really wear minimal accessories lately and just prefer classical pieces like a pearl necklace and this black and white pearl bangles. To complete my relax look, wore my boat shoes and neutral tone bag to maintain the feel of my  black and white outfit. I think it's best to just stay with in the neutral tone for a clean and crisp look.

Blooper pic for this post. I should be more lady like. I tend to have photos that my feet are always wide open. :)

(Terranova top, Cotton On shorts,  Ice Watch, Celine Trio Bag, StyleCo. Bracelet,  Footwear)



American Eagle Accessories

I've got a great deal that I want to share with you! I dropped by American Eagle just to check out. But then.... I saw something that I was looking for (which is not part of this post.. wait for it... hehe) And while waiting for my nephew I checked out the accessories and learned that it was on sale. The sale is different. You can avail 2 accessories for Php 899 only! What a great deal from close to Php 2,000 each down to Php 450 each. I know it's just marketing but then again it's steal a great deal. haha

Here's what I got for Php 899 only. I don't know until when is their sale but please do check out their stores.

Look at the price if it's not on sale. :)

Here's another one. I will be using this in one of the event that I will attend in the near future. Please watch out for it. :)

This is priced lower but then turned to Php 450. :)

P.S. This is not a sponsored post. 

What do you think of my purchase?



Niu by Vikings

And yes, the same day of my cheat day at Magnum Cafe it continued until Niu by Vikings! I promise I will burn these excess calories! I actually saw Niu by Vikings last time I went at SM Aura (I think early October) but I was in a hurry so no time to try it yet. So on my next visit it was a good thing I was already able to try it. I asked the receptionist if what's the difference of Niu from the regular Vikings.... She told me that they offer US Prime Beef, Lobster Miso Soup and Foie Grass. It also includes unlimited wine and cocktails upon hearing it I got even more excited. haha

Here's the rate and yes it's a more expensive than the regular Vikings. Let's see if it's worth it or it should be priced the same. Sorry this post will be heavy on photos.

Upon entering Niu, it feels very classy, high end, hotel feel, premium the the regular vikings. The interiors were very nice. Very classy, cozzy and very clean. The lights were very bright, the temperature was just right. The sound was just right, they have a pianist for the music.

Even the utensils were very posh!

I think they actually have the same stations as the normal Vikings but of course with better food offerings. 

P.S. It was very hard to take photos since I didn't want to interrupt the people while taking their food.

Here's the Wine and Cocktails station.

At that time, they are offering 3 cocktails, very cold beer, smb, and several white and red wines. I appreciate that they have someone roaming around offering wines (in a very presentable trolley). That person is knowledgeable of the wines. They also have baristas too! I love it!

What I first got for the night. :)

More beverages:

They also have tea (you can have it in tea cups). Can you see the ref, it's actually full of very cold beer.

Here's the Lobster Miso Soup. Sorry for the blurry photo.

Chinese Station:

Their hakaw is great! I love the fish balls with surprises inside!

Japanese Station:

They actually have more, they have yakitori and I forgot what it's called but like misono type of food. There's actually more.

Grill Station:

They also have Middle East selections too.

The best part! Beef Station! 

Their beef is superb! It's very tasty, juicy and best of all soft. Partnered with Truffle gravy! Great great!

I wasn't able to take photos of the Lamb! Their lamb was also very good! Not that malansa but very tasty and soft. Best with Mint Mojito sauce.

Their Foie Grass is also great! I find that it's also not that malansa and not that fat. They fried it so it tastes so good! Sorry no photos of the actual Foie Grass. :(

Pizza Station:

Pasta Station:

They also have green salads too.

 And of course! Dessert Station!

Food selections were actually great!

They have rooms too for private celebrations.

I think that Niu really sets apart from the regular Vikings because of its interiors and the actual food selection. The staff were very accommodating and they always offer that they can serve the food and beverages to us. The chairs were comfortable too. Their wash room looks very nice too.

I think they were able to pull off the premium feel and taste. 

P.S. This is not a paid post.

How did you like Niu by Vikings? 

I will be on a diet again. :)