Victoria Secret Inspired

I just recently hosted my sister's bridal shower and as I was so busy with work, I was also busy prepping up for it. It was all so last minute and I was fortunate enough to have dear friends of ours who helped me along the way (you all know who you are!)  And as I was on stress alert with work and with what bridal shower theme... One of my friends suggested to have Victoria Secret Inspired Theme Bridal Shower. So here's what I wore during the event. Syempre pakana ko ito kaya kailangan magoutfitey din ako! And it was indeed exciting and challenging to think of what outfit to wear. 

Here are my considerations: I want either something corset, lacey or peplum. So looking around, I was so happy when I saw this dress! It has all the details that I wanted but in one dress na. Kahit peplum lang masaya na ako. But it not only has a corset type fit but it is also lacey! 

Plus factor is that it is in black and pink colors, very VS right??? So this is what I call VS inspired outfit. It doesn't necessary be a lingerie but something sexy and yet sophisticated! Pwede pala yun.haha

Wait a minute, look how sexy this outfit is as it is see through and low back, nice right??

I love the colors combined with each other, specially my short pink tail. I am really not a fan of train dresses but this dress changed my mind. A train with the right length and color should do the trick. It gives a little drama to the whole outfit. 

Another thing that I like about this dress is the lacey top. It hides my flabs and yet make the whole look more sexy.  The combination of lace and pink tube top is really lady like instead of girly girly (You don't want to look like a young girl attending a bridal shower).

Bonga ang pink peplum detail! This kept the whole look updated and in season.

And of course since the theme is Victoria Secret, the outfit won't be complete with out wings. We were all Victoria Secret Angels that night! Nagkataon that the wings matched my outfitey ( to all the girls, it wasn't intentional :) ).

A body hugging dress with the right cloth will hid all your flabs but will bring out the "curves". Pair it with your loved heels to make you look more sexier!

(I Candy dress, Pill Footwear)


Good Sheperd

Another Filipino delicacy! Ube ube ube... pang matanda! hahaha joke. When we say Ube, we always think about Baguio! Baguio is the summer capital of the Philippines, but no... I didn't go to Baguio. Next best place to Baguio is of course... Tagaytay! But for this post I would concentrate more on another Filipino delicacy that I was able to take home during that trip.

I just found out that Good Sheperd is also available in Tagaytay and I said to myself that I will only bring home pasalubong if I will be able to drop by Good Sheperd. So here's what I got. 

The famous Ube Halaya! I was not really fund of Ube until recently due to my office mates love for it. Nakakahawa basta food! haha 

It looks yummy right?? And yes it is delicious. It is sweet but not too sweet that will make you want to stop eating. It is so soft but not soggy! A great dessert! For those who are not familiar with ube, you can eat it as it is, include it in your desserts like halo halo, spread it in to breads etc.

I also got the Macapuno. I super love this when I was still younger! So now as I saw this kind of sweets again, I definitely got one. But since I already got Ube Halaya I decided to get the Macapuno (coconut base) with Ube balls.

Another Yummy Treat! It really smells like Macapuno, great Macapuno aroma. It doesn't only smell Macapuno but it also taste Macapuno. Though it is coated with sugar, it's not too sweet. I like that Good Sheperd products are not too sweet and are placed in a nice microwavable containers. Good Sheperd Macapuno is soft but not too soft that it will be squashed. I love love love!

Drop by Good Sheperd every time you get by Tagaytay!



Snoe S Skin Stem Cell Sunblock Cream

My facial sunblock has just ran out so I was thinking if I will get the same product or I will try to get a new one. Since I just got Snoe Shoo Zit, I decided to check out some of Snoe's facial sunblock. With their several SPF facial product I decided to get Snoe S Skin Stem Cell Sunblock Cream. 

Sealed with cute Snoe tapes! Like like like!
 Snoe S Skin Stem Cell Sunblock Cream is not your ordinary sunblock! It not just protect our face from the rays for the sun but it also acts as day moisturizer and primer! This is a great product for girls like me who are on the go! This helps me save up time since I won't have to apply several products anymore. Another break through prodcut by Snoe I must say! They really provide unique prodcuts that caters to our needs!

As the name itself, Snoe S Skin Stem Cell Sunblock it helps the skin with moisturizing, anti-aging, whitening, sun protection and make up base

Let's look at the product:

with flash

with out flash
 Time for swatches:

with flash

with out flash

It has a pinkish color, now it's time to blend...

with out flash

with flash

My verdict:

  • Great that it has enough SPF content of 30
  • It is a 5 in 1 prodcut that helps me save time and answers the needs of my skin
  • It has a nice smell which I don't mind
  • It has a pinkish color when applied but blends with the skin
  • It's a little hard to blend, make sure to blend it evenly. You don't want to have pinkish streaks along your face
  • It's ok with oily skin like me
  • It doesn't look and feel oily and sticky when worn
  • A little prodcut goes a long way
  • Easy to get the product
  • I can get the amount of product desired
  • It is very affordable!
Since I am getting no youger, I always use sunblock to prevent fine lines, hand in hand with this is I need to use the right moisturizer. I need moisturizers to help me attain a healthy looking skin but not the creamy one since I have oily skin. So this product is something that matches the need of my skin and my lifestyle! Thank God we have this kind of products!

Tips: Get the product using one finger only, in the case you think you need to get more product use a q tip to retain hygiene.
Dab the product on different part of the face to blend it evenly.

To know more about the product, check out Snoe's website.

Disclaimer: Bought the item by myself and the review is base on my own honest opinion.


Benefit Peek A Bright Eyes

I am on a search for the next eye make up that I need to use real soon! I really don't have enough time looking around to check all the brands but that special occasion is next week already! Panic mode! I have a lot of things that I still need to get and get done! One step at a time! Eye make up first.... 

Here are my considerations: Good brand with good QUALITY! Neutral color but not brown or black only, I want something fun, fresh and young. Have a ready paired up colors so I won't need to combine different products. Very handy and pigmented! 

So where in the world could I get this with so limited time?? Think think think.... and suddenly I have thought about Benefit! And voila! It really didn't fail me! It has the product that I need!!! Yehey! Savior! I actually saw this already when I was just window shopping in Benefit and so I was happy that this is still available! I think it has 3 different colors but with what I need I got Peek A Bright Eyes!

I super love the funky and fashionable packaging! It really give the prodcut it's own personality and it make me want to bring this anywhere due to its cuteness!

Since I have a chinita small eyes with out any crease, this product would really be great for me! I need eye products that will help me bright and open up my eyes.

In the kit, it already has eye brighter, base shadow, contour shadow and highlight shadow with 2 brushes at only 1,700 pesos! What a great deal! Thank you Benefit! And I love that it is already available at Rustan's.

The product, it also look like the box! So cute!

What's great is that it has intructions included in different languages!

 Directions how to use, and it's very easy! You just have to put the base, contour and highlight. That's it! For MUA you know that this is really easy right? By the way don't forget to blend blend blend!

I hope that they would come up a matte one so I can use it for everyday use.

I really like products that has plastics in between so that we are assured that the products we get are new stocks.

The brushes
Time for swatches, and they are really pigmented! I really believe in good quality mu! It really has a difference. With the saying, you get what you pay for.

with flash

with out flash
Will share with you photo of the finished product when I use this during a special occasion.


Davao Durian delicacies

Here's another Filipino delicacy that I want to share with you! When you say Davao, first thing come in  mind is Durian! Though Durian might have a strong smell, it definitely taste good! It's tough on the outside and smelly but it sweet and yummy! Not all likes to eat Durian but for those who knows how to eat Durian, here are some of the Durain delicacy that you should get when in Davao! Since I will not be able to bring home a real fruit, here are the alternative Durian Pasalubong besides the usual Durian Yema, Polvorn, Candy etc. 

Let's start with Durian Cupcake!

Here's my experience with Durian Cupcake. It's very mosit and soft, it's great that it has cover on top to prevent the cupcakes from sticking on the box. Though it doesn't taste very Durian for me but for my sister she said that she can taste the Durian (she doesn't like to eat Durian by the way). This will be a great pasalubong for someone who doesn't really like a strong taste of Durian!

Now let's go on to Durian Pie, I was actually able to see this at the airport already and I was thinking if I will get it. But then I was curious to taste it, so I decided to get it. This pie really taste good!!! For Durian lovers, this is a great pasalubong! It really taste like the real Durian. It's sweet but not too sweet that you feel like eating sugar. The pie is good, it's not that thick and complements the Durian! I would definitely buy this again when I go back to Davao.

It has enough amount of Durian!

By the way I was also able to try other Durian products like the fruit itself, Durian shake which was great as a refresher and of course Durian coffee! Yippe! I also got Durian Hopia which I have not yet eaten yet! What's your Durian story???