Mixed Matched

It's been a while since I posted a fashion post. Philippine weather have been very unpredictable lately, now it's pouring rain later sun shines brightly!! Gosh! You may go out of the house wearing an outfit that might not be weather appropriate.... But today was a very hot day and I opted to wear something breezy like a mullet skirt. Its sheerness and short front and long back makes it perfect when you feel like something girly but not oh so girly. Paired it with a loose top with ribbon details make my outfit again a little girly girly.....

Nakikisama ang air, with a little flying effect. hehe

Can you remember this?? I've actually worn this before, so you see re-wearing clothes is not something that we bloggers should be ashamed of. On my previous post, I was not able to take a good photo of this top so sharing wtih you again a better vision the details of this top. This top is oh so love! I can pair it with a bright shorts, skinny jeans, and of course skirts.

Honestly, I don't usually like wearing a super girly girl outfit that's why to break the girly look I wore my Sand Water sandals. Interesting right?? Keep on reading this post to know more about it.

To break the girly girly look, I wore black accessories with gold or bronze type details. This kind of details gives the accessory a more classy classy look but with an attitude. Love it right?? I will definitely get more of these! (Finally got my blogger bracelet at The Bead Shop.)

Before I finish my outfit, I saw my sister looks very casual so I opted to wear my Salt Water Sandals to give my outfit a little casual look. I first learned about Salt Water Sandals via Manila Fashion Observer and I got hooked to this.

Salt Water Sandals is made for the beach! Finally a footwear for the beach besides flip flops! Oh yeah! That's why I made sure to get this on latest trip and really searched where to get this. On a side kwento, it was hard to look for the place of the store where this was available. So along with my friends, we were like in a maze and race searching for the place. Luckily my friends were really game and they accompanied me until we finally saw the place and found out that it was still closed! Oh no!!! Buti na lang, I have great friends and they told me that we will come back again after we get some other stuffs! Yippppeee!!!

Wow they even have wearing instruction! They have it in neutral colors like red, black, brown etc. But when I saw that this baby is also available in gold and silver! I knew that I will get it in this color. So finally! I decided to get this in silver color. Yehey!!!!

I read reviews that this adories are very comfortable, but when I saw the instructions I was alarmed that I might get blisters or it might turn out to be not feet friendly considering that these are leather made. But as expected, Salt Water Sandals are very very comfortable! It fits very good to my feet, so this is a must have! Literally fashion and comfort in one!

 Check out Salt Water website to know more about it and the colors.



Lulu Make Up Work Shop

Do you love putting make up on but don't know how?? Do you want to enroll in make up workshop but find it expensive?? Well, problem answered!!! Join LULU make up - Make up work shop! Wanna know more about the work shop? Check out flyer below.

By the way, the location of the workshop is at Studio SnR!So what can you ask for??? Great work shop and place right?? Reserve your slots now!

To know more about LuLu Makeup and Studio SnR, check our the FB Fan Page.



The Face Shop Vita C mask sheet

For those of you have been following my blog, you know that I'm super duper busy and all stressed out. I've already learned how to manage stress and hand in hand with that are occasional visit to spa and   dermatologist. I do also have quick at home stress relievers and my recent one is The Face Shop Vita C mask sheet which mamsy gave me. 

 The Face Shop Vita C mask sheet is your at home spa that helps tone and whiten skin. It has Vitamin C, Raspberry and Strawberry extracts that brighten dull skin and fights free radicals. What's great about this product is that it has Patented Phytolex Nanoliposome that effectively delivers beneficial ingredients deep into the skin and helps protect tired, rough skin from environmental damages.

It's very easy to use! Just wash your face, remove the sheet form the pack and place it on your face for 15-20 minutes. So easy right!

Cute! The color of the mask is light pink!! So girly!

This is another embarrassing picture! hehe
What I like about the product:
  • It is very easy to use
  • Very cool and calming to the face
  • My face felt relaxed
  • It has a good light rose smell, I'm not a fan of rose scent but this was fine
  • It's good that I don't need to wash my face afterwards, it's so user friendly 
I'll check if they have a variant that is specially for Oily Face. I would definitley want to get this again.




Finally! J.CO donuts we meet each other.hehe I've seen J.Co since last year at Greenbelt, but up to now it is still close. I've been waiting for it to open but my wait is over, happily I was at a mall where J.Co is present. With out a doubt, I told myself that I won't leave the mall with out getting J.Co doughnuts and decided to get one dozen and share them with my family! Sharing is loving... right? It's good to share than experiencing it alone. So here's my J.Co experience....

 I got one dozen and chose Avocado Dicaprio, Green Tease, Tiramisu, Black Forest, Oreology, Berry Spears and Blueberry Moore. It's only Php 350 for one dozen, not bad right???

I tried Avocado Dicaprio and Green Tease. And here's what I think. 

Avocado Dicaprio
  • Super soft and moist! As in!
  • Avocado creme inside really taste like avocado, it's foamy and not grossy creamy type
  • Green topping is sweet but manageable
  • Chocolate topping is a little sweet
  • Over all, I super love it specially the creme! Two thumbs up ay all fingers up!! hahaha 

Sorry for the blurred photo, I only used my Itouch and forgot to take a picture of it. Excited na kasi ako kumain. hahaha Glutton much?? Forgive me...hahaha

Green Tease
  • Ate this the next day and is still soft but not as soft as when I first bought it
  • Still soft and fresh
  • Green tea topping has the right sweetness, it's not sugary
  • Creme in the middle doesn't taste like green tea but I still like it due to its light taste

Since this is fattening! haha I shared Berry Spears and Blueberry Moore with my sister and pamangkins. Both the doughnuts are very soft, the fruit toppings above are like jams but has the right sweetness, the cream cheese inside is verrryyy good - it really taste like cream cheese but very light. I Love it too!!!!

What I love about J.Co doughnuts - they are not oily and the creme inside are light but very tasty. The cremes didn't gross me out where the creme feels fattening. Super Like! I want to go back and try cheese me up, cheezy rich and their coffee and yougurt. Hala! Everything pala?? haha

I also took some photo of the interiors, it feels cozy and a good place to relax and hang out.  

They have hot and cold coffees too! 

Their yougurt seems delicious too!!

They hardly fill up the display since they have lots of customers but I didn't wait too long to get my J.Co. I hope that their Greenbelt branch will open soon.

To know more about J.Co, check out their FB page and website



Myra E Vita Glow

Hi there! This is one super back log post! I  got this product last Mother's day, that's what you call back log. hehehe I've been sooo sooo busy but since I am happy blogging, I find time for it. It's like my relaxation time and of course I want to continuously share things with you. During Mother's Day, Myra E was all over the mall giving out Myra E to all women. When their model handed the sample to me, I was surprised that they were giving out an actual product and not sample size only. Later I found out that it will expire this July 2012, but then it's still free so like like like. haha

Here's how it looked. They wrapped it in clear plastic and tied with a cute small ribbon! Not bad for a free item! 

It's Myra E Vita Glow tinted facial moisturizer in Beige. Myra E is a well known brand for their lotions. I was looking forward to use the product and was guessing if the color will match my skin tone.  

What's great about Myra E products is that they are Vitamin E enriched! It is said that Vitamin E gives good benefits for the skin. 

Myra E Vita Glow is a tinted facial moisturizer. It's like an all in one product where it is like a foundation or make up base that has moisturizer and SPF 15. I like tinted moisturizers because it helps me save a lot of time, I don't need to put alot of products on my face. Since it is tinted, it's like a foundation or make up base that evens out skin tone with natural coverage. It also contains minerals that gives skin a healthy glow. It can also act as a sunblock with its SPF 15, blocking UVA and UVB which are harmful rays of the sun. As the brand name itself, it is enriched with Vitamin E that helps keep skin soft, healthy and young-looking. Lastly, it is dermatologist tested

With Flash

With Out Flash

With Out Flash

With Flash

What I like about the product:

  • It saves me time because I don't need to put seperately sunblock and foundation. Bonus for me is that it even has moisturizer.
  • Has small particles that somehow acts as light diffuser.
  • Easy to blend.
  • Doesn't have any strong smell.
  • Matches my skin tone, I don't look like a white lady. They really created colors that will suite the Philippine market.
  • Light weight
  • All in one product
  • I think this is very affordable
My wish list for the product:
  • I hope that they increase the SPF content. I do prefer to have at least SPF 30 for facial sunblock. 
  • It has a liquid texture already, I wish that it is more intact together because it's messy and the product drops easily. It will be easy to finish the product with out really using everything.

It blended well with my skin, I didn't even use loose powder. The glitters are not visible when applied to the face.