Clinique Super City Sunblock

Though it is raining! We should still wear sunblock at all time! Besides the rays from the sun we should also protect our skin from the light. Wearing sunblock could help us minimize wrinkles and skin aging. I've been using BB creams with spf already but since I have my no spf foundations I need to wear sunblock under it.

Here's my latest sunblock to share to you.

Look how this Clinique sunblock looks so fresh and chic! The packaging is very Clinique! That relax clean green look! But it also looks very dependable with the look and feeling that I am getting the product from a very dependable dermatologists (that's why their sales ambassadors looks that way too).

I super love that it has very high SPF at #40 and it is also oil free! That is very much important for me in a sunblock! 

The size is actually big enough at 40ml.

It's time for swatch!

I like that it is in a nude or flesh color and not white. 

with out flash
After blending on my hand, I find that the color of the sunblock matched and blended well with my skin color. But on flash it looks a little whiter.

with flash
 What I like:

  • It has a nude / flesh color! It is very important that it doesn't become whitish /grayish and leave white streak upon applying
  • Matched my skin tone very well
  • Oil free!
  • The texture of the sunblock is more of liquidy than creamy texture
  • It feels somehow light on the skin
  • It has a light smell of that sunblock (feeling that you're going to the beach smell but very light)
  • Upon applying and waiting for sometime, I noticed that I look very oily and shiny but it turned out that I need to wait for the sunblock to set on my skin and it didn't feel that way anymore
  • I didn't shine nor feel oily the whole afternoon (I applied the sunblock in the morning)
  • I think this sunblock will be a good primer too!

What I don't like:
  • I think it's a little pricey (but it's worth it)
Will I buy the product again?

I only wore Clinique sunblock and my face didn't have white streaks!
My face doesn't look oily too.


Casual Chic

Did you miss my fashion posts? :) 

Walking around searching for something in the mall on a Saturday plus meet up with friends... It means very comfortable clothes.

I've been wearing very casual clothes lately but then I wanted to look different.

So here's my interpretation of casual chic. :)

I started with this colorful shorts that is super comfortable as if I am wearing house shorts. haha I love that it has it's own texture and style that makes it very trendy.

Since my shorts is very detailed, I just wore a plain tee! So I had a very comfortable outfit as I am really on a search for something. Feeling and looking good while also feeling carefree!

I am actually looking for a pair of party shoes so when in the search for a shoe, you must wear a comfortable slip on footwear! You want to be free of fixing your shoes on and off while trying on several footwear!

This footwear is simple yet comfortable as I didn't had any blisters. Though it is simple it also has details that makes it trendy! Look at the shape and the gold lining! :)

Hope you enjoyed my casual chic look. :)

As promised, here's my blooper pic for this post. hehe

(Bench enviro tee, Cosmopolitan shorts, Pill Footwear, Timex Watch)


Pantene Silky Smooth Care

It's a very rainy weekend again! Keep safe everyone! As promised, here's one of the products for my review. I've used this Pantene Silk Shampoo for several weeks already but before going to my post I would just like to share with you how did I come up getting this.

Chika lang, pagbigyan niyo na ako :) It was time for me to buy my usual shampoo again. While I was about to get my usual brand of shampoo there's this brand ambassador who asked for a few minutes of my time and told me that she would help me choose the right variant for me. And later did I know Pantene pala ang prinopromote niya hehe! Then I thought it's worth a try! 

She first asked me what is my concern with my hair which is frizzy and she also asked some more questions (I already forgot) and she recommended this variant for me plus drink lots of water. She was actually recommeding me to have this along with its conditioner but I still have my stock of conditioner.

I like the consistent chic look of Pantene, it looks very pearly but not too intimidating!

What I actually need! To make my frizzy hair more manageable! I don't know what's the ingredient of this product that will do the trick. The girl didn't told me and upon checking the website of Pantene, it's not indicated too. So let's just test it.

It has a big whole where you can manage how much product you would want to get.

For this post, I intentionally got more product than what I usually get so that you'll be able to see it clearly. hehe Look at the texture of the shampoo! It looks very pearly too!

My experience:
  • It looks very pearly which I like
  • It smells so good, it's like fruity fresh spring smell
  • The actual texture of the shampoo is more of liquid, it's not that rich and thick
  • I felt my hair has a squeaky clean feel
  • But I felt that it didn't make my hair less frizzy :(
I don't want to have any special treatment or have a hair cut yet since I am saving my long hair for my cousin's wedding. I want to have long hair and have it styled so I am managing my hair with over the counter products are my thing to do for now.

Look at how my hair goes here and there even if I placed it at the back.
I have another hair care to use! And I am excited about it. :)



What's next?

What's on my bucket? :) I've got lots of items to blog about but I would have to road test them first. I've been squeezing in a lot of things and I am grateful that I have a lot of activities on my hand so I am very sorry if I lack posts.

So here are the things that I will be road testing soon!

Sani Spray Sanitizer, I would actually want to use this on Toilet Seat and I will be bringing this along with me on my next trip!

I've been trying several hair care for 2013 and next one lined up is Pantene Silk Smooth Care Shampoo.

Lastly for this post, I just got samples of Green Cross Soap from one office mate and it excites me to try these soaps for the first time. Given the crazy weather of sudden rainy then sudden super shiny! It feels so good to have a good bath to feel refreshed.

Please await my reviews for this products. I still have other products for review that I have not included in this post. :)


Yamato Cronut

Hi there! How's your September? It's already mid September and in a few more months it will be December again! Whoah! It's as if we are just starting 2013! And for 2013 Cronuts rules!

That being said, here's another Cronut experience of moi. This time I tried the one from Yamato. I actually wasn't planning on getting some Cronuts but then my sister brought me to Yamato and I saw that Cronuts were still available so I definitely got it at once. Since I've already experienced Cronuts I made sure to get Yamato Cronut with a unique flavor that the others are not offering. 

If I can remember it right Yamato Cronuts are originally available in 4 flavors: Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate and Matcha and are sold Php 130.00 each. But wait! They have a new flavor and it's a little different but I already forgot the flavor :). It's like cheeseburger something and it costs Php175.00 each.   

Now let's get going with what I think about Yamato Cronuts.

Close Up look, it looks crunchy!

What I like about Yamato Cronut:
  • It smells more of the donut and little green tea aroma
  • It's big in size too
  • It has generous amount of Matcha and the cream in between the Cronut is in Matcha flavor too
  • The cream has the same texture of the Bavarian cream in donuts
  • I can taste the green tea flavor but it's very light
  • This Cronut is soft (which I like) and has a crunchy texture
  • Since it is soft, it's easy to bite but I can still fill the crunchy texture
  • I love that it doesn't taste masebo even if I didn't reheat it anymore
  • I didn't taste the sugary sweet (which I like)
  • I was able to get it even if I didn't order it (I saw that they produced enough quantities)

 What I don't like about Yamato Cronut:

  • Like any other Cronuts..... it's pricey

Look at the oozing Matcha flavor!
The middle part is more of the donut texture while the outer part is the one that has the croissant texture. (Sorry for the messy photo, the matcha flavor oozed out as it is in generous amount)

Will I buy Yamato Cronut again? Yes. :) I like this the most from the Cronuts that I tried.

I would still want to try the other Cronut brands. :)

What do you think about Yamato Cronuts?



Tim Hortons French Vanilla Cappuccino

Hi there! It's BER month already and I have heard Christmas Songs in some of the public places already! It's the ber month already and the weather is getting cool and it's the time of the year when I want to have some warm drinks. I am not a coffee drinker so when I have coffee I always get it in  Frapuccinos and alike. If I'm in the mood for warm coffee, I mostly get the ones with flavors like mocha, choco, etc. hehe 

I've known Tim Hortons from friends who live in Canada. Even if I am not a coffee drinker I wanted to try it and was very excited to try this.  Let's get it on!

From what I know, Tim Hortons is a popular Cafe and Bake Shop in Canada. Since I haven't been to Canada yet, then I said to myself that I just have to have a taste of it. So I was lucky to have this, Thanks to my friend from Canada! You know who you are. :)

For this post, this is Tim Hortons specialty hot beverage line. It is available in 3 flavors: French Vanilla, Hot Chocolate and English Toffee Cappuccino. I'm glad to try the flavored coffee first before the coffee only.

I am so liking this variant! It's having my own flavored coffee at home! Yippee! And it's very easy to prepare! It's like instant coffee, all you need to do is add water.

I love that it is sealed to keep the freshness and of course to ensure that it is new.

Upon opening, I noticed that it's not full up to the lid but I think it's ok. The content is in accordance to the grammage.

It smells so good, I can smell the light aroma of both the coffee and vanilla. 

It is colored,white to very light brown as it is a combination of the coffee and of course vanilla.

For this post, I actually followed the instruction of 3 tbsps to one full cup of water. You may see on the photo below that after preparing it, it turned into light brown. It's a little foamy too which I appreciate. It's like preparing my own foamy frothy coffee at home. haha

What I like about Tim Hortons French Vanilla Cappuccino:
  • It has a light aroma of vanilla and coffee (light means nose friendly)
  • It is flavored! 
  • Though I am not a fan of Vanilla, I liked it!
  • Has a light taste of the vanilla and coffee well blended together
  • For me, it has the right sweetness! Not too sweet but flavorful
  • It becomes a little foamy or bubbly which adds drama to the coffee when serving it
  • It's very easy to prepare
  • It may be prepared hot or cold
What I didn't like about it:
  • It's not available in the Philippines

For flavored coffee drinkers, you will surely love this! On my second time to prepare this, I didn't follow the 3 tbsps already as 2 tbsps was already enough for me. (It will always depend on your taste)