Pantene Silky Smooth Care

It's a very rainy weekend again! Keep safe everyone! As promised, here's one of the products for my review. I've used this Pantene Silk Shampoo for several weeks already but before going to my post I would just like to share with you how did I come up getting this.

Chika lang, pagbigyan niyo na ako :) It was time for me to buy my usual shampoo again. While I was about to get my usual brand of shampoo there's this brand ambassador who asked for a few minutes of my time and told me that she would help me choose the right variant for me. And later did I know Pantene pala ang prinopromote niya hehe! Then I thought it's worth a try! 

She first asked me what is my concern with my hair which is frizzy and she also asked some more questions (I already forgot) and she recommended this variant for me plus drink lots of water. She was actually recommeding me to have this along with its conditioner but I still have my stock of conditioner.

I like the consistent chic look of Pantene, it looks very pearly but not too intimidating!

What I actually need! To make my frizzy hair more manageable! I don't know what's the ingredient of this product that will do the trick. The girl didn't told me and upon checking the website of Pantene, it's not indicated too. So let's just test it.

It has a big whole where you can manage how much product you would want to get.

For this post, I intentionally got more product than what I usually get so that you'll be able to see it clearly. hehe Look at the texture of the shampoo! It looks very pearly too!

My experience:
  • It looks very pearly which I like
  • It smells so good, it's like fruity fresh spring smell
  • The actual texture of the shampoo is more of liquid, it's not that rich and thick
  • I felt my hair has a squeaky clean feel
  • But I felt that it didn't make my hair less frizzy :(
I don't want to have any special treatment or have a hair cut yet since I am saving my long hair for my cousin's wedding. I want to have long hair and have it styled so I am managing my hair with over the counter products are my thing to do for now.

Look at how my hair goes here and there even if I placed it at the back.
I have another hair care to use! And I am excited about it. :)


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