MOOD matcher Lipstick

You might not know yet but I am very fund of make up where in fact I had finished a basic makeup course last 2010. So I may call myself a MUA (walang kokontra)! hahaha With my fondness of makeup, I have been checking out make up products every now and then. My latest discovery is the K-Palette tattoo liner which I will blog about next time soon. You might be wondering what's the connection with this post? ??

While I was searching for the K-Palette tattoo, I saw this MOOD matcher lipstick displayed beside it and I got soooo curious. (OMG, instead of buying one item only!! I bought two na! Hala!! hehehe) I checked the MOOD matcher lipstick and it was nice that the sales assistant of Beauty Bar was attentive enough to assist me with my queries.

MOOD matcher Lipstick is so cool! As the brand name itself, it works like the well known mood rings where the ring changes color depending on the body temperature of the person wearing it.
MOOD matcher - each shade changes according to your body chemistry for a truly "personalized" lip color. Super-long-lasting 12 hour formula won't wear off, even when eating, drinking or kissing! Experience the rich, natural moisturizing powers of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.

Do you like the spot light effect?? hehe

Upon choosing which color to buy, I tried all the colors onto my hands and I find myself wearing more of the light blue color. All the colors will turn to different pink shades from light to dark.

Mood matcher is available in 10 colors, but during my time of visit it was only available in 5 colors.

Green - turns in to dark pink
Dark Blue - turns in to dark pink / violet
Light Blue - turns in to light pink
Yellow - turns in to light pink
Orange - turns in to orange pink

As you can see, light blue turns into light pink onto my hands. But when applied into the lips, it turns more vibrant and darker than what it should be.

I only applied twice or thrice since upon applying MOOD matcher unto my lips the color seemed light. But I found out that you need to wait for some seconds and there the color popped out! It was so cool!!! You only need to apply it once or twice and the result is very pigmented! It is very matte (which I super like) and feels like your not wearing any lipstick at all. It stayed long enough since I applied this during the after noon. I ate afternoon snack, dinner, drink plenty of water .....   When I got home that night and checked out my lips. It was still there! Yehey! I love it! This reminds me of the lip and cheek tint that I usually use way back in high school and college for daily use.

Just applied Match Mood
(Please bear with my picture! hehe)

Took a picture when I got home

To sum up, this product is so good because it is very pigmented, matte, stays long, very light weight and is very affordable. It only cost around Php195.00 at Beauty Bar.

This is very ideal for everyday use! For a long chit chat with friends! A dinner buffet and anytime you feel like wearing it!

To know more about Mood matcher, check out their website http://moodmatcher.com



Jamba Juice

Here's another Food Post and again a back log. :)

Since Jamba Juice came here in the Philippines, I have heard a big buzz about it specially in the digital world. So I was so curious and researched what Jamba Juice was about. After reading some reviews I thought that it was just ordinary or usual fruit stand that we already have here in the Philippines. And as I continuously learn about Jamba Juice, they offer something different compare to the other fruit stands. And by the way Jamba Juice is not just a fruit stand but it has its own space at Bonifacio High Street!

Jamba Juice has a wide array of menu.
Classic Smoothies - Whole Fruits and Juices blended with Nonfat Frozen Yougurt and Sherbet.
All Fruit and Creamy Smoothies - All Fruit! Just Fruit and Juice.
Creamy Smoothies - Blended Indulgence. 

You may think that their menu is just an ordinary juice formulation that is also available with other Fruit stands. But what set Jamba Juice apart...... is their ........ (suspense haha) BOOSTS and SHOTS!!!
What?? They have Boosts and Shots?? You may think that these could be alcoholic or maybe an energy drink combined in the smoothies. Well, it's not! These are friendly boosts and shots that will make your smoothies work harder. Don't get scared, these are just vitamins or antioxidants that makes their smoothies extra special.

Jamba Juice Boosts and Shots are available as:
Boosts - Energy, Immunity, Daily Vitamin and Soy Protein
Super Boosts - Antioxidant Power, Flax & Fiber and Whey Protein
Power Shot - Matcha Energy Shot

The great thing I like about Jamba Juice is that every smoothie already has 1 complimentary boost and around Php 25 for additional boosts. ( I think the price is fair enough haha)

Besides the juices, Jamba Juice also have desserts called Fruits and Yougurt Parfaits. Another great product of Jamba Juice is their Fresh Squeezed Juices (which were sold out during the time of my visit). They also have breakfast menu that is Steel-Cut Oatmeal and some pastries!

For now, I will talk more about their juices! I went to Jamba Juice with my family during Christmas Season and as expected there were a lot of people! I liked their interiors which is very vibrant and energetic which represent what Jamba Juice is. They have their customer friendly menu board that made it more easier to choose and of course their accommodating crews. Since I am a first time customer of Jamba Juice I still need to ask some questions regarding the flavor that I initially wanted. And I am pleased with the crew who entertained me as she really knows well the products of Jamba Juice! Kudos to the Jamba Juice PH team!!!

Big Menu Board (sorry for the blurred photo)

Work Station

For that day, I opted for the Caribbean Passion with Daily Vitamin boost which I shared with my nephew. I picked this since I wanted a combination of sweet and sour fruits together. And I am very happy since it tasted so good!!! The combination of the fruits were just right!! I super love it!!!

Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the juice itself.
I was so excited with the drink. hehe

My sister opted for the Strawberries Wild with Immunity boost since she was not feeling well that day. This  also tasted good but you can taste more of the sour fruits but not to the point that it is too sour. But still this is also good!

Lastly, I ordered a Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice for my parents but then again it was sold out. So the second best thing that I got them was the Five Fruit Frenzy All Fruit. This one is dominated by the sour fruits, so you can really taste the sourness of the fruits. But same with Strawberries Wild, the sourness is just right (meaning it won't make your face turn sour haha)

We also tried their Cheddar Tomato Twist and to tell you it is also to die for. Their food are also good.

The price range of their Smoothies are kinda pricey which starts at Php 135 for small (16 oz.), P155 for medium (22 oz.) and Php 195 for large (30 oz.) Even if it is pricey, Jamba Juice is still worth it for the following reasons. 1. It has boosts 2. Superb Taste 3. Sizes are big
We got the medium size and even if I shared it with my nephew, we both felt full after finishing it. Like Like Like!!!!

Another great thing about Jamba Juice is that they have a high tech photo booth (Which I was not able to took a photo)! They will email you your photos, just input your email address. But up to now, I still have not yet received my photo :(

P.S. Sorry for the heavy text and less photo :)




I just want to make a quick post, I have actually posted this already on my first blog account before Stylestat. So this would be a soooo back log!!! haha 

I Love Yema!!! Yipee!!! During my last business trip way back in November, I went to Bacolod, Iloilo, Bicol and Cebu for almost 2 weeks of going here and there. Besides work, of course a food trip is a must to make the most out of our travel journey (since we will not be able to make pasyal). So with the food trips we had, buying pasalubongs was a part of it and happily I found these yemas which I intended to give to me, myself and I.. haha selfishness (I had other delicacies for them naman na). Once I saw these yemas I bought them and stored it since with my almost 2 weeks of travel, I did not had the chance to try them. 
So here are the yemas that we have here in the Philippines and I tell you, I love them all!!! They tasted so delisyoso!!! haha These yemas of course were sweet but it taste the right yema with egg. For me, (although I am no yema expert) I like my yema to have the taste of the egg. With that taste, I am assured that they yema is not purely sugar!



Fragrance Fragrance Fragrance

Fragrance, fragrance, fragrance...... Fragrance hasn't been my bff back in high school and college (take note: I don't smell bad naman!!! haha) I was some kinda allergic to perfumes and colognes that my nose itches every time I can smell the scent of the perfume I wore. But given the trendy girl that I was, I still really want to wear perfumes on occasional basis (it's the least I can do for my desire.. haha) even if my nose itches (pasaway!!!).

Now that I am more mature (but still looking young and feels young) I found out that I no longer have that some kinda allergic feeling. So I have been longing to get the perfumes and colognes that I wanted. I want cologne for daily use and perfumes for special occasions or when I just feel like to wear it.

I've been eyeing for my long time favorite and for the latest scents that I have seen from magazines, internet and malls. I am already on the process of choosing what scent to buy and just before I knew it..... I received 3 fragrances last year (yippee!!!)

So here's what I got:

~ Victoria Secret Pure Seduction Shimmer Mist (Red Plum)

It smells sweet and fruity (yummy)!!! The shimmer is just right. When you spray it to the skin it does not turn your skin into a Christmas ornament. A little bit glittery for that chic party girl look.
This is very good for everyday use, when in beach, bonding time with your girl friends and on a relaxed lunch date with your guy.
One thing I like about this product is that it stays longer than the VS which do not have shimmers. I guess that the shimmer helps the scent stay longer! Super LIKE!!!!

~Marks and Spencer Isis
This smells very cool, fresh, relax and calm.
I remember back in high school I had M&S Isis lotion. It reminds me of the good times during my high school life (which is not so long ago??? haha!!!) ( To all my batch mates, I hope all of you are doing great!!!)
Back to Isis perfume, I think this is best used during dinner or night out with your gals, lunch date, casual parties, hanging out and movie dates. One thing that I like about this is that it is very handy. I bring this along with me everyday!!! Love it!!!!

~ Elizabeth 5th Avenue
This smells very girly, flowery and sophisticated.
I'm not a too girly person, I may be kikay at times but I'm more of a cowboy girl!! haha So items that are too girly is not my thing, but surprisingly I like the smell of Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue. This scent passed my sensitive and ungirly nose!! haha
The flower smell is just right, not too strong and not too over powering. It has the right balance of the flower and sophisticated smell. I like it!! This is best to use when attending a wedding, romantic dinner date, formal events and to a  girly elegant event.

So what's my favorite of them all??????

I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!! hahaha 



Aranaz Lucky Bag

It's January and it's sale season! Everyone are hyped going to malls taking advantage of sale (or are we the one who's being taken advantage by the retailers? haha) I'm also one of the people who have been  hooked by the retailers and is convinced to take advantage of the sale!! hehe  As we (with my shopping buddies) stroll around the mall looking for the great bargain, we decided to go to Aranaz store to check out their sale items. Me and my sister checked out several bags and they are so nice!!! As in nice!! But the bag that my sister wants does not have the color she prefers. So when we were just about to leave the store we suddenly saw this Aranaz Lucky Bag! 

Aranaz Lucky Bag
Kudos to the saleslady! She was so accommodating, she explained what this lucky bag is all about. Aranaz Lucky Bag contains different Aranaz bags that customers won't be able to know until you open it!!! Even the salesladies' don't know the items inside. The bags inside could be anything and can cost up to 3,000++ but the Aranaz Lucky Bag only cost Php 1,800. Truly is a great deal!!! Loving it!!!! 

I think this is a great Marketing Strategy and since it is new year they named the promotion as Lucky Bag, where people are mostly searching for Lucky Items at the start of they year. Again since it is sale season, this cost lower than what is really inside the lucky bag. So this is a good deal, a win win situation!! At first, I was hesitant to purchase due to the risk that I might not like the item inside the Aranaz Lucky Bag that I will pick. But then again, since it is Aranaz, then the items inside must be all good. So I decided to finally get one!!! Hoooorrrraaaayyyy!!!!!

So what is inside my Aranaz Lucky Bag???? This is so exciting!!!!

Here are the items!!!!!

Aranaz Sling Bag made of Coconut Wood.
Proudly Pinoy!!!!

Look at the nice design!!! Very cute.

Loving the mysterious item I got inside Aranaz Lucky Bag. This is a very versatile bag. You can opt to pair it with jeans, casual dresses and of course with your summer outfit! Love it!

IPhone pouch

 Pocket Mirror

Heart Shape Key Chain

Another Aranaz Key Chain

Leather Bracelet

To sum up:
1 Aranaz Coconut wood sling bag
1 IPhone pouch
1 Pocket Mirror
2 Key Chains
1 Leather Bracelet

When sold separately, these items can sum up to more than Php 4,000++
So for Php1,800 purchase, this is really a good deal!!! 

What are you waiting for, grab your Aranaz Lucky Bag now and share me what's inside your Lucky Bag!! Happy Shopping!!!!



Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring

It's been quite sometime that I had my hair colored. I felt that since it's new year I need a new look too ( o diba ang gandang excuse)! It really is a great timing to color my hair as I don't want to trim my hair nor do some straightening treatments (another excuse hehe). 

And yes, I did color my hair using Etude Bubble Hair Coloring. How did I come up with this brand? 
While debating on where to color my hair, either at home or in a salon (us girls really complicate things...). But I've been busy with work for the past year, so it will be more practical to color my hair at home. I have tried known brands for DIY hair colors and some were satisfying but some did not achieve what I wanted. Since I have super black hair, I needed a hair color that would be light enough for it to stand out but won't turn into blond or super bright color. 

I got my Etude Bubble Hair Coloring during the Holiday Season. Since it was the time for gift giving, exchange gifts and kris kringle, I decided to have this on my wish list (Thanks Porky Pig!!!, my kirs kringle daddy). I was choosing from the brands that I have used before which proves to be effective with my black hair and suites my taste.  But then I came up at the area where Etude House was located. I have known and own some of their products but I failed to notice their Hair Color line until recently. I noticed that Korean Girls have good hair colors which also complement their skin tone. And since I wanted a stronger hair color that would not turn into blond, I felt that Etude Hair Coloring is worth a try.

Etude Bubble Hair Coloring is a shampoo type hair coloring, its bubble foam can give more vivid color than cream type items. 
Available in 2 colors. Sweet Orange and Black. 
It cost around 370 bucks each.

The set contains: 
  • 2 hair color potions (I don't know how to call them so I made up my own definition hehe) as the hair coloring
  • 1 set of gloves
  • 1 plastic apron (other brands don't usually have so I find this cool) 
  • 1 conditioner 

How to use Etude Bubble Hair Color

Step 1:

Pour pink sachet into the pumping container. 

*The pink sachet contains a light brownish fluid while the pumping container has clear fluid.

Step 2: Mix the 2 fluids together. Shake shake shake and pump!!! This is so much fun!!!

You'll notice when pumping, the color turns into violet with a foamy texture. (Thought bubble: Oh no, what am I getting myself into?? My hair might turn into violet.) 

Step 3: Apply onto the hair, from the roots to tips.
Foam that has stained my hand turns into orange. (Still having thought bubbles: Have they mix matched the fluids? But still continues to apply onto my hair)

Step 4: Leave on for 30 minutes.
(Still having thought bubble: hhhmmmm my hair seems still black, will it turn to orange or violet?? oh my)

Step 5: Rinse thoroughly.

You will see orange like color that will flow along with the water while rinsing. 
(Continue with thought bubble: Oh no, it might not work)

And after drying my hair, the result was..........

It was a success! I liked it! The color enhances as the days pass by.

What I like about Etude Bubble Hair Coloring

  1. The cute container! (I love it, I love the shape!!)
  2. The pump of the cute container!! (Liking the pump as it makes the process much easier and fun) Like Like Like
  3. Availability of an apron.
  4. It doesn't have any stinky smell and the conditioner smells good!
  5. It has the right quantity (not too much and not too little). 
  6. I like that it turns into foam = less mess!
  7. It is easy to use.

What I don't like about it

  1. The apron got ripped off easily and I was not able to use it. :(
  2. After 1 day, my hair became a little bit dry. (I just conditioned my hair and it went back to normal again Yipee!!! )
  3. Instructions were written in Korean language, I needed to rely on the image at the side of the box.

I took another shot 2 days after. You can see the color enhances.
Sorry for the fake smile! :)
 Just took the photo stralling around to share with you the hair color....

* I would like to thank my nephew and niece for helping me apply the hair color. mwah!!!