Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring

It's been quite sometime that I had my hair colored. I felt that since it's new year I need a new look too ( o diba ang gandang excuse)! It really is a great timing to color my hair as I don't want to trim my hair nor do some straightening treatments (another excuse hehe). 

And yes, I did color my hair using Etude Bubble Hair Coloring. How did I come up with this brand? 
While debating on where to color my hair, either at home or in a salon (us girls really complicate things...). But I've been busy with work for the past year, so it will be more practical to color my hair at home. I have tried known brands for DIY hair colors and some were satisfying but some did not achieve what I wanted. Since I have super black hair, I needed a hair color that would be light enough for it to stand out but won't turn into blond or super bright color. 

I got my Etude Bubble Hair Coloring during the Holiday Season. Since it was the time for gift giving, exchange gifts and kris kringle, I decided to have this on my wish list (Thanks Porky Pig!!!, my kirs kringle daddy). I was choosing from the brands that I have used before which proves to be effective with my black hair and suites my taste.  But then I came up at the area where Etude House was located. I have known and own some of their products but I failed to notice their Hair Color line until recently. I noticed that Korean Girls have good hair colors which also complement their skin tone. And since I wanted a stronger hair color that would not turn into blond, I felt that Etude Hair Coloring is worth a try.

Etude Bubble Hair Coloring is a shampoo type hair coloring, its bubble foam can give more vivid color than cream type items. 
Available in 2 colors. Sweet Orange and Black. 
It cost around 370 bucks each.

The set contains: 
  • 2 hair color potions (I don't know how to call them so I made up my own definition hehe) as the hair coloring
  • 1 set of gloves
  • 1 plastic apron (other brands don't usually have so I find this cool) 
  • 1 conditioner 

How to use Etude Bubble Hair Color

Step 1:

Pour pink sachet into the pumping container. 

*The pink sachet contains a light brownish fluid while the pumping container has clear fluid.

Step 2: Mix the 2 fluids together. Shake shake shake and pump!!! This is so much fun!!!

You'll notice when pumping, the color turns into violet with a foamy texture. (Thought bubble: Oh no, what am I getting myself into?? My hair might turn into violet.) 

Step 3: Apply onto the hair, from the roots to tips.
Foam that has stained my hand turns into orange. (Still having thought bubbles: Have they mix matched the fluids? But still continues to apply onto my hair)

Step 4: Leave on for 30 minutes.
(Still having thought bubble: hhhmmmm my hair seems still black, will it turn to orange or violet?? oh my)

Step 5: Rinse thoroughly.

You will see orange like color that will flow along with the water while rinsing. 
(Continue with thought bubble: Oh no, it might not work)

And after drying my hair, the result was..........

It was a success! I liked it! The color enhances as the days pass by.

What I like about Etude Bubble Hair Coloring

  1. The cute container! (I love it, I love the shape!!)
  2. The pump of the cute container!! (Liking the pump as it makes the process much easier and fun) Like Like Like
  3. Availability of an apron.
  4. It doesn't have any stinky smell and the conditioner smells good!
  5. It has the right quantity (not too much and not too little). 
  6. I like that it turns into foam = less mess!
  7. It is easy to use.

What I don't like about it

  1. The apron got ripped off easily and I was not able to use it. :(
  2. After 1 day, my hair became a little bit dry. (I just conditioned my hair and it went back to normal again Yipee!!! )
  3. Instructions were written in Korean language, I needed to rely on the image at the side of the box.

I took another shot 2 days after. You can see the color enhances.
Sorry for the fake smile! :)
 Just took the photo stralling around to share with you the hair color....

* I would like to thank my nephew and niece for helping me apply the hair color. mwah!!!


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