Speculoos Cookie and Cocoa Swirl

Another spread post! :) I got this from a bazaar that I went with my sister. They were selling these at a low price since expiration date is near. Since I know that we will be able to finish this way beyond the expiration date, then it's worth a try. I was really curious to try this variant already since it's a mix of the cookie butter spread and of course chocolate. Who doesn't want chocolate spreads right?

Consistently, it has the same look of their cookie butter but I liked it that they changed the bottle cap to color brown since it has the chocolate feeling. The label is a balance of the cookie butter spread and with the addition of the chocolate. 

And here's the expiration date. I hope they sold it even at a lower price haha! I might have bought 2. :)

Yes with seal, gold seal. So sophisticated.

Now let's check at the spread! Upon opening it we can see that there's more of the cookie butter spread than the chocolate. I find that it didn't have a strong smell of the flavors.

with out flash

with flash

Now when spreading it. It turned the other way around. It seems that there's more chocolate than the cookie butter spread. Even the bottle seemed that way but I was able to smell both the cookie butter spread and chocolate. 

with out flash
When eating it on it's own, I can taste both the cookie butter and the chocolate. Nice balance of both and I like it. But when spread it in a bread I find it that the chocolate is more stronger than the cookie butter. The cookie butter will just come out at the end, a lighter hint and after taste. But it was still ok. For those who are chocolate lovers I think you will like this. The chocolate is ok, sweet and very chocolatey.

with flash


Polka Shorts

On weekends I really am more of a casual person so as to take a break of work outfit. More relax and chill feeling. So here's what I wore last Sunday and thank God for a wonderful weather after typhoon Mario. 

Since the weather was hot, I felt like wearing shorts again and I love this polka shirts which is so cute! To tone it down since I don't want to look so high school I paired it with this black animal print top. Simple yet with cheetah / leopard details. And yes it's actually see through so I again wore my ever reliable Airism.

To complete my relax outfit, wore these ballet jelly flats. You just can't see from the photo but it's a little glittery. Simple yet with a little lady like feel.

Again wore very minimal accessories and decided to wear again my colored watch for a little hint of color and paired it with a charmed bracelet for the lady like feel and contrast a very high school look. :)

Do I still look like too young? Hope not. :)

(Aeropostale top,Uniqlo Airism tank top, Cotton On shorts, gift Bracelet, Ice Watch, Marc Jacobs Bag, Melissa Flats)




Finally tried Bronuts. The Cronuts craze is over but Bronuts is still kicking. When I first saw Bronuts at Rockwell, I think I was able to talk to the owner. And if I recall it right, according to him these are not Cronuts and I totally already forgot what these babies are. Never the less I am happy to share with you my first Bronuts experience. Ahhhhh..... I will just go straight to the food itself. :)

Saw this at Glorietta again and decided to try it already. They have several flavors in sweet and also savory. But decided to try one of their best seller red velvet. Look at them drool right????

Here's Bronuts Red Velvet and it is actually topped with a Toblerone. Hmmm Interesting.

It's big! And yes deadly! :)

The chocolate on top tastes like the branded chocolates like that of Cadbury. It has bits imitating that of the Toblerone feel.  Look how thick it is! One thing is for sure, they didn't use cheap ingredients.

Looking at the middle, like any other red velvet it needs the frosting and for Bronuts they placed it as the filling. It is actually a cream cheese type, it's thick and taste like cream cheese. It is not that salty but very tasty. I actually liked it. When slicing the Bronuts I felt that it's already makunat but upon eating it, it's actually still very soft.

What I actually like about Bronuts is that it is not oily unlike the Cronuts!  Balance of the flavors all together. Yes yes! This is Like! Why did I try it only now? Why? I would definitely want to  try the flavor with floss!

How did you like Bronuts? 



Jumpsuit Shorts

Another family gathering. It was M's birthday and this year we decided to eat all together and bond. And since we are going to pig out again. I did made sure to wear something comfortable and spacey so that I won't look bloated after eating. :) And I remembered I have this jumpsuit shorts! So yes, it was my ootn.

Yes, you may wonder why am I not wearing red? It was ok since we celebrated not on the actual day. We just had take out during the actual birth date of M. 

I love that it is a balance of wholesome and a little sexy since it's a little shorter than the normal shorts. Sexy need not be showing too much skin, a little here and there is enough.

I also love the details of the jumpsuit, it can really speak for itself no need for extra introduction nor too much accessories. By the way the fabric is so breezy to the body and also doesn't wrinkle easily. Since the neckline is too low for me, I would always wear a tank top inside it. I decided to wear something with a little lace for that additional sexy look. But again since it's in black it's not very catchy.

One last thing, it has cut on the waist portion so it still shows the shape of my body even if it is a jumpsuit.

Again, decided to wear minimal accessories, I wore again this bangle that I think matched very well with the jumpsuit. The details of both the jumpsuit and bangle complemented with each other. But since they are in opposite colors both popped out and the bangle didn't blend into the jumpsuit.

Lastly, to add some sophistication on my look. Decided to wear this gold clear flats that I think pumped up my look and made it even more edgy. Stylish and fun footwear need not always be in heels. I love flats!

Sorry for my feet, there are reddish portion since I think it got sensitive to a shoe that I wore and I can't remember which one it was.

Finally still went with this cute sling bag, I can't always use this since it's small. I can only use this on such occasions and I love that it gave my look a nice color giving it a fun look. 

Oh I need to do some diet again! I hope you still find my photos pleasing to your eyes. :)

And here's my blooper photo for this post. My blurry feet since I was moving... hehe

Hope you enjoyed my wholesome, sexy and fun outfit.

(Mango Jumpsuit, StyleCo. Bracelet, Kate Spade Bag, Primaluxe Footwear)



Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship

Another Herbal Essences post but now trying their Long Term Relationship Shampoo. If you remember I already blogged about their conditioner, you may check this post.

After finishing the dangerously straight variant, I decided to try this long term relationship shampoo. I don't know but I just like their shampoos and conditioners. I feel that there's something with this brand that really works. :)

It has the same look and feel with their other variants. Long Term Relationship is specially made for long hair and make it more manageable and of course having a long beautiful hair. Yes! I know what are you thinking.... I currently have short hair. Why not? I can still use this variant and share with you my experience.

Here's their ingredients and if you would want to know more about the product.

I just like the quirkiness look of their bottles! 

I am very sorry I wasn't able to take a photo of the actual shampoo. But here's what I think:

What I like about the product:
  • Like their other variants, this smells good too
  • Smell do stay too even after several hours
  • Consistent texture with their other variants
  • I just don't remember the color of the actual shampoo (so sorry)
  • This variant also helped me to make my hair manageable
  • My hair didn't became frizzy
  • Of course best used with conditioners but I can use this for several days with out any conditioner
  • I like it
What I didn't like about the product:
  • Not much since it doesn't promise too much
  • But I think I will use this again and test it when my hair is longer

For gals with long hair how do you find this shampoo?



Flower kind of Day

Hi guys I am so back! Sorry for mia for almost 2 months! To be honest I've been busy with a lot of personal activities lately (If you follow me on instagram / facebook you would know) plus I've been very hooked watching series and movies lately plus several business trips since July. Argh! But promise I will post more and more so for now here's my latest fashion post. I hope you missed me as I miss you guys!!!

Of course this is a latepost! I started with this top which I was very happy with this purchase. I saw this before at Terranova already when it was still part of their new collection but I didn't bought it. Oh glad that I didn't bought it since I saw this again when they were on sale and of course I instantly bought it with several items again! Ah damn you sale! :) 

I like this top since I can wear it in many outfits (Casual, flowery or even in the office - just need the right pairings) but since it was a weekend of course as always I just wanted a chill outfit so I decided to match it with shorts. But I would like to take this differently since most of the time we either wear black or denim type of shorts so I thought of wearing something like khaki shorts.

Look how relax it looked but still fun. Again wore minimal accessories like this bracelet that I got from an art bazaar. What I like about this is that it's made from bicycle parts and I like the charm! So cute!

Lastly, I felt that I wanted to add a little different from this look so I decided to use again my ethnic looking bag that I got when I first went to bangkok several years ago. Glad that I didn't throw this bag yet. :)

Finally, keeping it very comfortable is still wearing my Fitflop! How did you like my outfit today? Expect more posts to come! :)

Like before, here's a blooper pic though not so blooper. :)

(Terranova Sleeveless top, Uniqlo shorts, Bic Spokes Bracelet, Bangkok Bag, Fitflop Footwear)