Silky Smooth Pore Scrub Foam

Another K-Pop product which I got free on some of my purchases during my K-Land adventure. It's mostly written in Korean so I really can't research about it. Luckily it stated Silky Smooth Pore Scrub Foam.

Korean cosmetics, really have cute packaging! They really put creativeness in their packaging. Another great thing is that this product also have the easy tear off. I love it for convenience!

The actual product, it's color white but with no sign of the scrub.

My Verdict:
  • It contains a super micro scrub which is not visible and I didn't really felt it.
  • On my first wash, I felt instant silky smoothness with my face. It's like a smoothness of a mirror. Though my pores was still the same (disclaimer: I don't really have super visible pores)
  • On my second wash, I felt a squeaky clean feeling which I also like, but my pore was still the same.
  • After several days of using it. I felt that my face was consistently soft and smooth. I think that my face looked more healthy but my pores were still the same. It didn't actually reduced my pores.
  • It has a very nice smell which I love! It's very light and relaxing. It has a smell where you will feel confident to apply it on your face. I just really love the smell.
If you know this product, tell me more about it. :) I actually like it.


Kleenex oil blotting sheets

As you may all know, I have oily skin now where I am no longer a teenager. I have been introduced to oil blotting sheets way back in high school (which was just last year, joke! haha). Most of my classmates were using this and I was happy that I didn't need to use it back then. Every time I used this, there was no sign of oil in the oil blotting sheet. But things change and it's now that I encounter oiliness! Argh! I am actually hesitant to use Oil Blotting Sheets since my concern about it is that it might wipe off my mu. But then since I'm very oily, I finally decided to try it. I  got Kleenex Oil Blotting Sheets since I've read several reviews about it that it doesn't remove mu but only the oiliness.

Look at the packaging! It's very Kleenex, girly and chic. I appreciate that it has a very cute and posh like design on the blotting sheet. It's also nice that it has a stick on part where the oil blotting sheet will stick to it. It will be easy to get a piece of oil blotting sheet.


It's also nice that it has a design to distinguish which one is the oil blotting part. The plain part is the one that absorbs the oil. 

Now let's try it! If it does really remove oil!

my oily face
after using Kleenex Oil Blotting Sheet
 Yippee! It does really remove unwanted oiliness! But my mu also sticks to it. So I'm sad that most of the reviews about it didn't really work for me. Though, it still remove unwanted oiliness which is more important. I don't really use this often but for emergency cases I will definitely use this. It's in my bag everyday!

Did it removed your mu too?


Nestle KitKat Chunky White

It's been a while since I posted about chocolates. I was actually eating a lot of chocolates lately and oops! I'm on a diet! So when on a diet, you need to portion the chocolate that you eat so as you still be able to have your love or chocolate craving. For this post, I want to share with you what I think about Nestle KitKat Chunky white. Kitkat is available in different chocolate types already like this one in white chocolate.

This is not the usual KitKat that we are all familiar and used to. When we hear about KitKat one look is translated into our mind and it's the small finger sized 4 pieces wafers that are coated into a milk chocolate with the matching tag line Have a break have a KitKat. 

To live up to this modern era, one must learn to innovate! So for KitKat, this is their innovation. Creating a jumbo KitKat into one whole Chunky wafer coated in chocolate. 

For this post, I will be sharing with you the white chocolate flavor.

Look! Nestle has a Cocoa Plan, this is actually like their way of giving back to the society where they help chocolate farmers! I don't want to ellaborate on this since I am of no better position to share about it. But to know more about Nestle Cocoa Plan, please do check out their Nestle Cocoa Plan website.

Moving on to the chocolate, it really smells white chocolate! And upon opening, it does really look like a jumbo KitKat.

Sorry for the photo, I didn't place it in the refrigirator. :) Deformed by some of my other chocolates.hehe 

I think it is composed of 3 flat wafers sticked together and coated with white chocolate.

What I think:
  • White Chocolate is sweet. It has enough white chocolate. (Look the thickness of the white chocolate).
  • Wafer has enough content! And it's consistent with the original KitKat. I love the wafer, it's super yummy.
  • Though I wasn't fund of the white chocolate. I find it same as the usual white chcolate but it's not a cheap white chocolate.
  • It was ok for me. But for white chocolate lovers I think you'll like this. (I am not fond of white chocolate but I do appreciate it somehow)
Have you tried it and do you like it?

Human Nature Deodorant

Let's talk about deodorant! It was said that it's better to use a deodorant rather than an anti-perspirant. They say that anti-perspirant blocks off the relase of sweat where in fact it is natural for us to release sweat. And I found out that sweat doesn't really have any odor, it's the bacteria that cause the odor. So what do we really need to know about deodorants and anti perspirants?

Deodorants and anti-perspirants are both used for our armpits but these 2 items are actually different.

Deodorants work for the odor while anti-perspirant work for wetness. Most of the deodorants contain acid or salty ingredients to fight the odor, plus other include fragrance too. Anti-perspirant on the other hand has aluminum that absorbs the sweat.

So what to choose?? It really depends on the problem that you have. Either you want to solve sweat problem or odor problem. But I think there are some brands that caters to both. But upon my research I also found out that the aluminum ingredient is not advisable since it is said to cause cancer. Another thing about it is that to have that an anstringent (strong) factor for the pores that cause the skin to contract. I think it has the same concept when waxing unwanted hair, where the skin shouldn't be exposed to water at least 4 hours to minimize irritation or occurance of chicken skin.

So it is best to use a deodorants / anti-perspirants that use natural ingredients like mineral salt. So as I was in need to get a deodorant / anti-perspirant, I was choosing different brands and finally chose Human Nature Deodorant since I read their packaging that it uses natural ingredients.

I am very happy that I am actually gifted as I don't really have problem with both sweat and odor. But still for hygiene purposes, I still use deodorants. I do prefer deodorants as I thought it is more natural. But after doing my research, natural should equate to natural ingredients.

What I like about this product is that it has natural ingredients. water, stearyl alcohol (coconut derived), Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, virgin Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, cetearyl glucoside, cetearyl alcohol, fragrance (all natural), glyceryl caprylate, chitosan (marine derived), lactic acid, p-anisic acid (naturally derived) Yehey no aluminum ingredient! Another thing that I like about this product is that it helps soften the skin and ligthens. To know more about their natural ingredients check out their website.

Lastly, what I love about their deodorant is that it smells good! The aloe smell is so refreshing and I feel that it's cool. This deodorant is not sticky nor leave a sticky feeling. It dries and rolls on the skin  easily.

Human Nature Deodorant is available in 2 fragrance. Aloe Fresh and Pink Blossom. I am not super fond of powdery and flowery smell so I got Aloe Fresh.

To know more about Human Nature Deodorant check out their website.




 I would just like to share with you my latest free items! Yipppee! I love free items, who wouldn't want one??? I got this on our latest visit at Kiehl's with mother dear. Since the Sales Lady couldn't convince me to get the Acne Blemish Control thingy, she gave me a trial size. I think that's great since I am really hesitant yet to get it. I want to do more research and also check out other brands where I already have in mind. So after using this tiral sizes and if it worked for me then I think I would definitely get it! So nice strategy right? Haha So here's what we got, some were free from purchase but Acne Blemish Control was really targeted for me. I don't know why do I have this since I am no longer a teenager! I didn't have it this bad way back then! 

I'll be posting reviews of each product after testing them. For now, of course what else would I be starting to test! It's definitely the Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin Clearing Treatment. I'll share with you the result, so stay tuned!

Here are the eye creams that I included on my previous post. I am thinking if I will start using this already. But I think I might start using this too. Stay tuned for this too! :)

I am actually excited to use these products, I really love to try Kiehl's products but I find them a little expensive. I like that Kiehl's look so dermaish and scientific. It's like they are the laboratory of skin experts both products and their stores. Everytime I go inside their store, it gives me that feeling. I haven't posted anything about Kiehl's yet but I would love to start it with these freebies then probably on my next purchase.

Do you find Kiehl's products effective?


Etude House Eye's Cream Vanilla Moist

For this year, I really planned to get a more moisturizing eye cream. I would want to splurge a little bit on my under eyes since I felt that I need it due to the stress that I get from work specially when I do home works. Giving myself this kind of at home treatments will make me feel good and of course will help me to maintain a better skin. Of course, I can't just simply take myself forgranted. haha! Selfish?? But no, we do really need to take care of ourselves!

Since I already finished my previous eye cream I have thought of why not trying a new one and on the search for it. I found out that Etude House has eye cream. It is available in two variants - Vanilla Moist and Mint Cooling. I decided to get Vanilla Moist as it is the variant that is moisturizing, brightening and anti-wrinkle. While Mint Cooling is like for refreshing the eyes. For me, I need moisturizing, brightening and anti-wrinkle since I wasn't using an eye cream for some weeks already. I needed to catch up! haha

Once again! Consistently, this Etude House Eye's Cream has a very cute packaging! It's very attractive and desiring to get one. I love the color! Pastel yellow! Super love!! Look inside! It shaped like an ice cream, they really put a lot of creativity in all of their products!

Looking at the actual product, it looks cute and very handy.  It even has a stop cap to prevent the eye cream touching the cap and also for hygiene purposes. 

Etude House Eye's Cream is not actually a cream but it is more of a balm. I like that it's twist packaging as it's very user friendly.

What I think about this product:
  • On my first use, it's refreshing on the eye and it feels cool.
  • At first, I didn't feel that it's moisturizing but as days pass by I can see that it somehow moisturizes my skin. But I am really not sure.
  • After using it for more than a month I noticed that I have less lines on my under eye areas.
  • I find it easier to place under eye concealer and it doesn't get cakey like before.
  • It's not sticky nor oily as it is a balm.
  • It's very easy to use, just glide it on to the skin.
  • It has a very light smell that smells some like an aloe vera? But I really wasn't able to smell it when applying the product. It doesn't smell when it's already on the skin.
  • I just notice that my under eye somehow brightened but the change is not drastic as I am using it more than a month already. But I think my under eye is still dark.
  • My eyes are less puffy but it's still puffy but I sometimes think that it's still puffy.
  • There's a little improvement but I won't consider buying this again. Maybe this product will do better for someone younger. 
Jan. 6, 2013

Feb. 16, 2013
After this I still have a line up of eye creams to use. Or do you think I should already start using the other products?? Hhhmm... Let me think about it first. :)

If you can still remember, this is one of the product included in my Celeteque loot.

You'll know about this on my next post.



McCELL Snail Soap

I want to share with you the beautification craze from Korea! We all know that Koreans are vain where they are very much particular with their looks. They make it a point to have if not the best but to look good all the time! They are very adventurous in trying out new products even if the products seems scary as long as it will enhance their beauty! So when I was in K-Land last December while I was searching for the next BB Cream to buy, sales ladies of different brands are all promoting their Snail Line! And in an instant my SIL and I got curious! So I make it a point to get one product and join their Snail craze. Before we move on with the product, let us first know about the Snail.

According to them the Snail ingredient will help to regenerate, repair and smoothen skin. In short, it is said to make the skin healthy! So I made some research to know what kind of snail substance do they include. And I found out that they actually place Snail Slime. Ooopss gross! But wait before we react, what does that mean??? According to Wikipedia:

Snail slime is a kind of mucus, an external bodily secretion which is produced by snails, gastropod, mollusks. Land snails and slugs produce mucus, but so does every other kind of gastropod, from marine, freshwater and terrestrial habitats. The reproductive system of gastropods also produces mucus internally from special glands.

Snail slime is commercially obtained from the common garden snail species Helix aspersa, which produces a secretion rich in proteins of high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. The secretion of the snail supposedly has a double function when applied to human skin: on one hand it is claimed to stimulate the formation of collagen, elastin and dermal components that repair the signs of photoaging and, second, is claimed to minimize the damage generated by free radicals that are responsible for premature skin aging.

I also found out that Snail Slimes have been used at Chile for at least 15 years now and so Asia is actually left behind. But then it won't stop the snail craze in Korea. In my research too, there were a lot who are saying that it can also help fight or reduce acne. Though no sales lady told me about it but I am just thinking that it may also lead to that as it regenerates the skin.

So for this post, I would like to share with you McCELL Snail Soap. I actually got this free from Korea Duty Free. And oh boy! I was so happy that the free item is the Snail Craze. Yippee! But this is a soap and not the popluar Snail Cream, so let's find out what's it gonna be.

This soap smells really good and when I say it smells really good it is the most fragrant soap I ever got, seen, smelled, touched and discovered. Exaggeration? No, I am not exaggerating! If I can only share the smell with all of you!

I love it when after the outer packaging, there is still another packaging covering the actual product. It ensures that the product inside is properly covered so that dirt won't be able to reach the product. Thumbs up for hygiene! You won't want something to apply on your body that has several unknown particles! Hey the reason we are using soaps is because we want to be clean and with a bonus that it will even enhance our skin.

The size of the soap is just right, it's not as thick as the soap that I previously posted. It's solid hard and not creamy in which I expect that it won't melt easily. 

What I like about the product:
  • It smell super duper good! It's like fruity but not fruit, a distinct unique smell. That's light on the nose but strong enough that our whole bath room smelled Snail Soap. When it was still waiting for its turn to be used, my whole room smelled Snail Soap. Super bango siya talaga(It smells really good).
  • I love that it is properly sealed with an inner cloth like packaging and not plastic.
  • It's in violet color! 
  • After using it, I felt good with my skin.
  • Instant soft and smooth skin.
  • The smell sticked with the skin for some few minutes.
  • It's just free from Korea Duty Free so I won't be able to have it again. :( too bad I would love this to be my daily soap!

But to eliminate my sadness with it, I got a BB Snail Cream. I still have a lot to road test so I need to line this up.

Just want to share with you, besides Snail Creams. They are also very into Synake Cream but this is for the more mature skin and more on anti-wrinkle property.

I am not sure if we have this products here in the Philippines already. I would start looking for it if we have it here. Do we have it here already???


Richo Fish Snack

 Here's a very quick post. I super like having this snack and I first get to know this snack when Aji Ichiban opened here in the Philippines. And then a lot of brands came out plus there are a lot of this type of snack available in Chinatown. I first get to know this brand via my officemate who brought one in the office and we shared it together. I didn't expect it to be of a good one! It actually tasted very good, not too salty but flavorful. Unlike other unknown brands which are hard to bite or to chew, this one is actually soft and I can somehow say tender. So when my officemate told me that it actually has a long version we all wanted to get one and share it togehter. So good thing, I went to Chinatown today with my mom and I finally got this! It's nice to share this with my officemates on Monday on break time. Instead of coffee break, we share our food discoveries together! It's a nice break time as we get to bond and relax a little bit before we go back to our fully loaded work. As the saying goes, no man is an island so sharing is a great thing! You build memories, bond which you will forever regret missing it! So here's how long it is haha! 

It's also available in small sizes and barbecue flavor.
Look how long it is haha!
Peaking through the packaging the strips looks really long and does not have the same length with that of the small packaging.

I am excited to share this with my officemates on Monday. :)


Twinings Pure Peppermint

Mint! I am not fund of mint since I had a bad experience about it when I was younger. So every time there's mint flavor, I would definitely not get it. Mint Ice Cream, Mint Candy, Mint Cup Cakes, Mint Chocolate - I love all the sweets but since has mint on it then it's definitely out! But like in any rules, there will always be an exception. And for me, in mints it will be tea in mint flavor. Yes mint flavored tea is something I love!

 I don't know if I have already shared with you that I love tea. I am more of a tea person rather than a coffee person. I am just not used to drinking coffee except for frapuccinos or flavored coffees haha! But I still drink coffee, I just prefer teas. A coffee for me is a dessert haha!

I've tried other mint teas before but for this post I'll be sharing you my experience with Twinings Pure Peppermint. After milk teas, I think that Pinoys are already drinking more teas as evident to several tea brands popping out in the market plus there are also a lot of tea boutiques opening in the metro. As far as I know, Twining have been available here in the Philippines for quite some time now but I think it's only last year where they have been aggressive promoting the brand. They have cute and very chic displays in the supermarket.

Since I love mint teas, I definitely got the peppermint flavor. Twinings is a UK tea brand particularly from London. I don't really have a lot of knowledge about Twinings but I just know it's a popular brand of tea. So I did some research and found out that Twining is actually the surname of the founder! To know more about Twinings, check out their website. What's great about Twinings tea is their teas really came from leaves as they also have their own tea factory and they grow their own teas.

Moving on to my Twinings Pure Peppermint experience. It really smelled minty before opening. It smells refreshing and relaxing which I think will be very good when stressed in the office (I maybe talking about personal experience?? haha). It somehow will help you relieve stress! I love the very chic packaging of Twinings, it looks very delicate and upscale specially the gold background of the logo. But I was surprised when I saw that the tea bag is the same with the other tea brands. It's like a paper tea bag, I expected it to be the same with the tea bag of TWG (you may want to read my previous post).

This mint tea is actually a green tea. The aroma is really good! It's very minty! It smells very refreshing! On my first cup of tea, it was not that refreshing as I expected. The tea tasted a little strong but it is ok with me. It was not as minty as the other brand that I have tried. But I love it when it was hot! I am the type of person that use my tea bag for one whole day so I can drink several cups of tea. I think on my third cup of this Twinning Peppermint tea, it's the time I tasted the minty taste since I think that the tea taste is getting weaker already. I decided to just place warm water and after a while when it started to get cooler it tasted refreshing. I didn't do it on purpose but it's a nice discovery that I will do in the future. Accidental discovery haha!

Look at the tea leaves!

It's not good nor bad. It was ok but I expected more for Twinings. But then since I love tea I think I will still consider getting this. I would also like to try their other variants. But what I like about Twinings tea is that their tea leaves looks very real. It's like it has just been plucked from the ground. I love it as I am sure that the tea I am drinking is an authentic tea.

What Twinings Tea have you tried??