Kleenex oil blotting sheets

As you may all know, I have oily skin now where I am no longer a teenager. I have been introduced to oil blotting sheets way back in high school (which was just last year, joke! haha). Most of my classmates were using this and I was happy that I didn't need to use it back then. Every time I used this, there was no sign of oil in the oil blotting sheet. But things change and it's now that I encounter oiliness! Argh! I am actually hesitant to use Oil Blotting Sheets since my concern about it is that it might wipe off my mu. But then since I'm very oily, I finally decided to try it. I  got Kleenex Oil Blotting Sheets since I've read several reviews about it that it doesn't remove mu but only the oiliness.

Look at the packaging! It's very Kleenex, girly and chic. I appreciate that it has a very cute and posh like design on the blotting sheet. It's also nice that it has a stick on part where the oil blotting sheet will stick to it. It will be easy to get a piece of oil blotting sheet.


It's also nice that it has a design to distinguish which one is the oil blotting part. The plain part is the one that absorbs the oil. 

Now let's try it! If it does really remove oil!

my oily face
after using Kleenex Oil Blotting Sheet
 Yippee! It does really remove unwanted oiliness! But my mu also sticks to it. So I'm sad that most of the reviews about it didn't really work for me. Though, it still remove unwanted oiliness which is more important. I don't really use this often but for emergency cases I will definitely use this. It's in my bag everyday!

Did it removed your mu too?


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  1. Can you kindly tell us if this is a film or like a paper sheet? I wanted to try this Kleenex too. Sorry but I didn't know what 'mu' is...

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