Nature Republic Eco Crayon Eyes

In doing my make up, I am not really into eye make up since it requires practice and takes the most time in prepping up. If I need a certain look, I need to practice days before the event so that I am sure that it will turn out the way I wanted. My work requires a lot of time so I don't have the luxury of time to practice yet. (Hmm, this give me another realization, I need to put time to this! haha) So I need a user friendly and easy to use eye make up like this one! When I first saw this, I tried and I knew I will definitely get this! It's Nature Republic's Jumbo Eco Crayon Eyes.

It has several colors though I already forgot them hehe. But I got the one in pink since I am somehow a little conservative in terms of eye colors.

I've been reading several posts about jumbo eye sticks and how it's easy to use. So finally I've got mine and I think this will be the perfect Jumbo eye stick for me. 

It is basically an eyeshadow in stick form. I like it this way since it's like I am just going to draw the color on my lids when applying. It's shimmery and with a silky smooth texture. 

with flash
with out flash
It looks scary on the first look right? Specially the picture that I took with flash. It looks very dark pink. So let's try it. But before I move on, I want to share with you first what type of eye make up I was searching for. I want an eye make up that is very handy, easy to use, and very wearable. I want something that I can either use everyday or on some specially occasions. 

Time for swatches:

with flash

with out flash
You can see that it's just very light! It's easy to glide on the skin and has the shimmery and silky finish look. It's not something scary nor bright for an eye color. Remember that it's really hard to use red and pink eye colors since most of the time when you don't know how to blend blend blend, it will turn into black eye look.

When blended:

with flash
with out flash
When blended, it gives the skin that bright natural look. You can also see that it has the right light pigment.

When worn on the lids:

with Nature Republic
Eco Crayon Eyes (with flash)
with out Nature Republic
Eco Crayon Eyes (with flash)
You see how it gives my eyes brightness and life compare to the one with out that looks very flat. You can also see that the pink color is just very light but it gives my eyes a sophisticated finish. I had 1 to 2 applications and just tapped it with my fingers to blend it.

with Nature Republic
Eco Crayon Eyes (with out flash)
with Nature Republic
Eco Crayon (with out flash)

What I like about this product:

  • It gives brightness to the eyes
  • It's very pigmented even if its shade is very light
  • The shimmer part is just right where I can use it both day and night
  • It's a stick for easy to apply, glides easily
  • It stays on the skin properly
  • It's a twist stick so no problem with sharpening
  • This is very handy
  • Easy to blend, just tap it with fingers
The only thing to consider is that it's a stick so better to wipe it with a tissue to ensure hygiene specially when you'll use it with clients or friends.

Final Look:

Look how it brightened my eyes, I only wore eyeliner under the eyes. I also used it on the tear drops.
I am so loving this product. It's a must have in my kikay kit already!


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