Yabu: House of Katsu

I've known Yabu even before it's hype but since I don't go much to Mega Mall I haven't tried it yet until this week. Yippee!! I would finally be able to try Yabu after reading so much good reviews about it. 

Since I am a first time Yabu customer, it is great that the Yabu staff / our server asked and oriented us about the food and the sauces. She gave us recommendation base on our questions and our preference. Great Job! 

Here's the sauces, I actually can't remember all but the big container is the Katsu sauce while the other container contains Himalaya salt. The two tall containers are for the cabbage which are both so delicious! The cream type would taste like Kani salad, while the dark one would taste like vinaigrette. I didn't try the chili powders anymore since the other sauces are already great!

Here's the popular Yabu experience... making the Katsu sauce! 

First, they gave us sesame seeds which really have great roasted sesame aroma! Pound it until it turns into powder form or as desired. Then add the Katsu sauce maximum of 3 pours only. The Katsu sauce might taste different if you add more than 3, but still it will depend on every taste bud.

Here's what I ordered, pork katsudon and it comes with unlimited cabbage and rice plus miso soup and fresh fruits. The miso soup was actually great, it has something Japanese thingy which taste like seaweeds. Super Like! The Japanese rice was heaven! It's soft and super yummy!

Look at the generous amount of cabbage and it's refillable! But let's go on with the pork katsudon. It was soft, tender and very tasty! This is not your ordinary Katsudon. It's like taste it for yourself to really know how good it is.

The yellow thingy is wasabi... Super Like!!!

Overall, I love it! I like the experience, they serve fast while the staff are very accommodating and knowledgeable. It's good that they pay attention that you don't need anymore to keep on asking for refills of the cabbage, rice, water and tea. The food is great! It might be a little bit pricey for some, but this is what you call you get what you paid for and it's all worth it!

By the way, their house tea taste great too!
I actually wasn't able to take photo of the whole place but it was very comfortable and cozy! 

To know more about Yabu House of Katsu, check out their Facebook Page.

I will definitely eat at Yabu again and would love to try their mix Katsudon!


Fei Yue

Being a FilChi, we are very used to wearing red during birthdays and I realize that I don't have enough red outfitey na! So here's what I wore during my dad's birthday. My first inspiration was... I already want to use my new Fei Yue shoes which my sister got for me from Shanghai. I also needed to wear something comfortable since I will still have to go to work. So I finally decided to wear a casual and relax look.

I started with my candy colored Fei Yue sneakers and matched it with a polo shirt.

To make my look a little classy, I opted to wear a more sophisticated accessories like this leather StyleCo. and Charriol accesories plus a leather like light blue belt to complement my candy colored Fei Yue. This is the trick when you want to break a super casual look. 

(Burberry Polo Shirt, 168 belt, StyleCo. bracelet, Charriol bracelet, Uniqlo jeans, Fei Yue Sneakers)



Benefit Brow Waxing

Hi there! I hope you are still there... Thank God I am back to blogging, besides that I was so busy with work, I encountered a problem uploading pics here in my blogpspot account. But hell yeah I'm back and as promised, I will share with you my Benefit brow waxing experience. I actually wanted to try this for so long and I finally decided while I need to groom my brows for my sister's recent wedding. 

I went to Benefit cosmetics at Rustan's Makati and here's my first brow waxing experience.

Upon entering Benefit, the staffs were very accommodating and friendly. The brow technician (my term for it hehe) assisted me to the waxing station and prepared the necessary tools needed.

They use the best quality of wax, some brush, tweezers, wax strip, etc which were all hygienic.

First of, the brow technician cleaned my brow area and drew the right brow shape in accordance to my preference and face.

Of course, using the well known Benefit Brow product!
Drawing the right brown shape on me...
Left brown done, doing the right brow
The wax machine 

 Now it's time to strip off the unwanted hairs... Am I ready???? Yes , No , Yes, anyway I don't have any choice anymore but let's do it! Strip it! :)

After fully stripping the unwanted brows, my brow technician brushed the brows and cut the excess by brushing up the brows and cutting the excess. The same concept when doing your own brows.

And the last procedure, making sure that the brows are fully groomed she then plucked the excess but it seemed that I didn't feel this so I guess she just need to pluck a few.

My Verdict:

What I like about the experience
  • It does not hurt as threading
  • It really grooms the brows beautifully
  • I feel my brow area so clean and soft
  • Benefit use the best tolls
  • The brow technician was trained enough and properly
What I don't like with the experience
  • It a little expensive at 700 pesos (but during the time of visit I didn't know that it was actually on promo so I only paid for 500 pesos)
  • It takes a longer period of time than brow threading
  • We did the process publicly so I can have audience ( I prefer sana if they have it inside or just a small room)
But over all I love it! In fact, there were a lot of my office mates that complemented my newly groomed brows. It's been more than 3 weeks and my brows are still fully groomed, no small stricks yet! I think for me, it will take me more than 1 month or so to have it groomed again.

I will definitely try this again but maybe depending on the occasion. But if it will take me more than 2 to 3 months of re-grooming I think this is the right brow grooming for me!

What's your experience? Share it with me! 
To see my newly groomed brows, check out my previous post.



Wedding Make Up

Just a quick post for today. As you may know that my sister just got married and of course I did my own make up! Sharing with you my look for that day.

I opted for a simple look, something neutral but not super neutral. I wanted to have some colors and here's my interpretation of a neutral make up look but not super neutral. 

Here's what I used:

Celeteque Moisturizer
Nyx HD Studio Primer
Shu Uemura Face Architect Fluid Foundation in medium light beige (Matched with my skin tone, flawless finish)
Zero Kuma Concealer (Super Love! It's a savior for my blemishes)
Clinique Loose Powder
Fanny Serrano Two Way Cake Contour in Rajah
Clinique Blush Flesh Bloom Peony ( I super love this! Gives me a natural and coral and pinkish look)

Nyx HD Studio Primer
Benefit Peek A Bright Eyes (To know more about my eye mu check out my previous post)
Snoe false lashes (Looks natural but with a little drama, as if my eyes were talking)
K-Palette Eyeliner in brown ( Stays very long and very easy to use!!!)
Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus Mascara ( This is really Love)
Benefit groomed brows (I hope to post my experience about it soon)

EOS Tangerine Lip Balm
Avon Nude Lip Liner
MAC Lipstick in Chatter Box (Very pigmented, will blog about this next time)

How do you find it? :)



Mullet Wedding Dress

It was my sister's wedding last Sunday and here's what I wore! Before I go into details, I want to share with you a short story how I came up wearing this beautiful couture! I actually encountered a big problem with my real dress which I don't want to elaborate anymore so after a thorough discussion with my sister we finally agreed that I need to have my dress made by another designer. Wedding mishaps!

Moving on, I decided to contact one of my friend realizing that she has a fashion designer sibling and thank goodness he was able to accommodate me with I think at least less than 2 months to go! Very challenging right?? But look how beautiful it came out as it fitted me right! What I like best is that he was able to capture the design that I wanted and delivered on time. I actually had only 1 fitting and it fitted well!

I actually wanted a gown that won't look like a "gown". I want a simple dress with out beads but considering I  won't look under dressed! Very complicated ba and demanding?? hehe I also wanted something comfortable since I know that I will be walking around the whole day assisting my sister and of course something that will flatter my body type! And yes! He was able to deliver it! Yehey!! Like like Love love!!! Finally I was at peace that I will finally have a great gown on the wedding day of my sister!

Look at the cute details heart like shape tube top with draping details (is it called drape???) plus the big bejeweled waist embellishments! Cutting the waist line with thin belt will give more shape.

I had a lot of guest that day commending how great and beautiful my dress look like! Thank You to my designer!

With the beautiful dress which I wanted to stand out, I limited my accessories with the essentials only like a classy necklace in silver to match the embellishment and my shoes. I really wanted to wear a shiny shimmering silver shoes and I was very happy when I saw this pumps with just the right height of heels!

Lastly to complete my look, I opted to have my hair curled which I think complemented very well with my whole look! Can I pass na ba as Kath Kardashian? Joke!

Makiagaw ba ako ng moment from my sister with this train??? hehe

I really love the dress and yes I know, you are wondering who is the designer of this gorgeous???? It's made by a young promising designer named Melville Sy. He graduated from De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde with the course of Fashion Design. Watch out for him in the fashion industry!

Sorry for the blurry photos again, I need to improve my photos soon! By the way I hope to post picture from the wedding photo so that you can see even more how lovely was this design by Melville Sy!

Till the next dress Melville!! Thank you very much!