Yabu: House of Katsu

I've known Yabu even before it's hype but since I don't go much to Mega Mall I haven't tried it yet until this week. Yippee!! I would finally be able to try Yabu after reading so much good reviews about it. 

Since I am a first time Yabu customer, it is great that the Yabu staff / our server asked and oriented us about the food and the sauces. She gave us recommendation base on our questions and our preference. Great Job! 

Here's the sauces, I actually can't remember all but the big container is the Katsu sauce while the other container contains Himalaya salt. The two tall containers are for the cabbage which are both so delicious! The cream type would taste like Kani salad, while the dark one would taste like vinaigrette. I didn't try the chili powders anymore since the other sauces are already great!

Here's the popular Yabu experience... making the Katsu sauce! 

First, they gave us sesame seeds which really have great roasted sesame aroma! Pound it until it turns into powder form or as desired. Then add the Katsu sauce maximum of 3 pours only. The Katsu sauce might taste different if you add more than 3, but still it will depend on every taste bud.

Here's what I ordered, pork katsudon and it comes with unlimited cabbage and rice plus miso soup and fresh fruits. The miso soup was actually great, it has something Japanese thingy which taste like seaweeds. Super Like! The Japanese rice was heaven! It's soft and super yummy!

Look at the generous amount of cabbage and it's refillable! But let's go on with the pork katsudon. It was soft, tender and very tasty! This is not your ordinary Katsudon. It's like taste it for yourself to really know how good it is.

The yellow thingy is wasabi... Super Like!!!

Overall, I love it! I like the experience, they serve fast while the staff are very accommodating and knowledgeable. It's good that they pay attention that you don't need anymore to keep on asking for refills of the cabbage, rice, water and tea. The food is great! It might be a little bit pricey for some, but this is what you call you get what you paid for and it's all worth it!

By the way, their house tea taste great too!
I actually wasn't able to take photo of the whole place but it was very comfortable and cozy! 

To know more about Yabu House of Katsu, check out their Facebook Page.

I will definitely eat at Yabu again and would love to try their mix Katsudon!


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