Jergens Cellular Renewal Moisturizer

You might already know that the weather is so hot ( hehe). So I need to keep my skin moisturized. I am just lucky that I don't usually encounter skin dryness but then again to be sure, I moisturize my skin often. 

Though I still have my supply of lotion, I bought on impulse this Jergens Skin Smoothing Cellular Renewal Moisturizer since it was on sale. haha! I wanted to make sure I will always have stocks haha! (valid reason ba??hehe) 

Jergens have several variants but I decided to get the Cellular Renewable Moisturizer since I read that it gives an instant smoothness with just one use. Hmmmm..... Is it true?? They are confident with this... so might as well try it.

When I read it when I got home, I then realized that this kinda different lotion. It says that it exfoliates and renews the skin. This is my first time to have a lotion that also acts as exfoliating product! I usually have different products for exfoliate and moisturizer.

Look at what this lotion can do! It's like an all in one product for the skin!
Since it does exfoliation, they have a sunburn alert. 
It's a 500ml bottle so I am happy that it's in a pump tube style. I think it's a very convenient way to get my lotion this way.

The pump has just the right size of whole. It's not too big nor small so I am able to get the amount of lotion that I prefer.

Let's go on to the lotion itself.

With out flash

With flash

Closer look
Look! It really has micro beads!

Let's now see when it's applied on the skin.

With out flash

With flash
Can you see the difference? I only placed the lotion at the right part of my hand and it looked more healthy and moisturized.

My Verdict:
  • It smells soooo good! Citrusy. The smell is not strong, not irritating to the nose, just right.
  • The lotion is very rich and creamy.
  • It's true that it really gives an instant soft skin in one use. 
  • It's not so sticky on the skin.
  • It feels refreshing too.
  • The micro beads are not rough on the skin.
  • I first applied the lotion at night, and the next day I felt that my skin was still soft (though not as smooth as when applied at once).
  • I will definitely buy this product again.
  • It cost P192.00 sale price. I think it's fairly priced given that it acts an all in one product.
  • I don't feel any peeling of the skin so I am not that very particular that it will make my skin dark. But it's good to be cautious as they warned. 

Kiehl's Amino Acid Shampoo

It's so hot and yes I will tell it again and again. The weather is so hot. With this hot weather, I needed to make sure that I give my hair the moisture and the freshness that it needs! So I have thought that it's the best time for me to use my sample of Kiehl's Amino Acid Shampoo. 

Like any other Kiehl's samples. I love that they have the easy open tear part!

This shampoo is made with pure coconut oil. It is widely known what coconut oil extracts are great for conditioning the hair so I am excited to use this product!

Here are the ingredients.
Easy tear

I was surprised that the shampoo was actually in a gel type feeling and in transparent color. I thought that it would be color white. Since it's in a gel type but not super gelly, but more of liquidy type it's not oily even if this shampoo is with pure coconut oil. And since it's with pure coconut oil, it smells so good! It reminds me of the beach as it is very tropical like that of a sunblock but more fragrant and light. I like the smell.

After using this sample, here's what I think:
  • I love the smell! It's so tropical. It's light too.
  • After more than 8 hours, the smell was still intact lightly even if I sweat for some time.
  • I find the content few, it was not enough or is it just may hair is long?
  • It's not bubbly nor foamy. So if you are used to a foamy shampoo this is not for you. I find that I can't scatter the shampoo to all parts of my hair.
  • I felt that my hair was smooth to the parts where I have directly applied the shampoo.
  • But I didn't feel that it thoroughly moisturzied / conditioned my hair.
  • I felt that my hair was just the same. 
  • I am not considering to get this product but on the second thought I want to try it again. I am thinking that the amount wasn't enough for my hair?

Here's a photo of my hair using Kiehl's Shampoo
I'll be road testing some more hair care soon!


Summer but not so summer outfit

 The weather today was so crazy! It was oohhh soo hot in the morning and then it suddenly rained (hard)! But then again I wanted to have a summer feeling but not too summery look. So here's my ootd and my own interpretation of a summer outfit but not so summer outfit. 

When we think about summer, we think of floral dresses and of course (mini) skirts. But since I didn't want to wear a supper summery outfit I finally wore my animal print mini skirt. It's flowy style gives me that little summery look. This type of skirt style is best for summer! It has a super soft and smooth cloth that will give me a fresh and comfy feeling. Pairing it with a very comfortable plain tee (it's eco shirt by the way!). This is super comfortable too!

It was so hot when I went out of the house today so again! I don't want to pile up lots of accessories. Less is more right? So I decided to wear pink accessories to give my look a touch of girly feeling. But then I chose a more sophisticated design accessory so that I won't look like a teeny bopper high school.

To make my look more grown up or look my age and of course add a touch of sophistication. I decided to use a more neutral bag that will match my accessories.

Sorry for the blurry photos :(
Lastly! To match my whole look! I once again used my super comfortable Pill Footwear and it was great that it matched my whole look. The golden pointed desgin gives it the right sophistication. And the pink color gives the girly feeling. And of course the black color balances out everything. By the way, it has a velvety texture too making it great for my summer but not so summer look. 

How have you been with this crazy weather?
Hope you like my interpretation of summer but not so summer look!

(Bench plain tee, H&M animal skirt, StyleCo. Bracelet, Michael Kors bag, Pill foot wear)



L'oreal Smooth Intense 1 Minute Caring Mask

 It's been a while since I made a review for my hair! The heat is really unbeatable and I tend to sweat a lot! Argh!!! So I finally decided to use my L'oreal Paris Smooth Intense 1 Minute Caring Mask to give my hair extra care (I have this product for several months already)! During summer season, we tend to focus on the cool summer outfitey and sunblocks that we forget to take care of our hair! With the burning heat!!!! We must not forget to give our hair extra nourish this summer season to prevent it from  drying and breaking.

And yes, it's the perfect timing to use this product L'oreal Smooth Intense 1 Minute Caring Mask.

Base on the packaging, it says that this product will nourish and smoothens hair. Specially for hair type that are frizzy and rebellious. 

I like the look of the packaging as it's chic and looks like a serious product to nourish the hair! It's so salon like product but can be used at home.

Let's open and look at the product. Since the weather is oh soooo hot, it melted and became liquid already (previously it was creamy). It has a light sweet smell which I think is great with the hair.

My Verdict:

What I like about the product:
  • The smell is very light but has a long staying power with the hair. I am a fan of light smelled hair care. Two thumbs up!
  • Though it's liquid already it gave moisture and nourished my hair! It made my hair soft in an instant!
  • And yes, it made my hair smooth. I felt my hair so smooth and even after 8 hour my hair was still so smooth.
  • I observed that my hair was less or not frizzy at all! Yippeee.. 
  • I have permed hair and I obseverd that it helped enhance my locks.
  • I feel I have fresh hair!
What I don't like about the product:
  • None ( I just don't the price since I got it from my momma).

Can you notice my hair looks soft and light weight?? It's not frizzy too!

Took another picture to have a better lighting. Can you see that my hair is bagsak in this picture?? I don't have freezy hair and it's shiny too. I just have little hair floating as I really don't comb my hair. It's really wash hand wear given that it's permed.

I am satisfied with L'oreal Smooth Intense 1 Minute Caring Mask! This is a great product when you are too busy and don't have time to go to salon. I think this is a great alternative for hot oil treatment! This can be comparable to Lory's too! Love love love!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored entry.


Terranova Tights

Hi gals and gays! Here's a quick post for today. I am not feeling so well (I think I used up my energy too much!) and I will have to get more rest than the usual. When I feel better already, I will post more of my back log entries that I have been road testing.

During my last trip to K-Land, I was expecting to see a lot of Korean tights but surprisingly I didn't saw any!  We have lots of Korean tights available here in the Philippines that are sold in tiange and bazaars so I expected to get some at K-Land with better quality. But then again, I wasn't able to get one.

 There are a lot of tights available in the market but I really don't want to buy tights that are way too expensive. And on the hunt of a good tights at an affordable price I saw Terranova tights.

Terranova tights are available in so many colors! Both bright and neutral ones. You can choose from super girly pink, or safe colors like navy blue, black, grey, etc. And if you're more adventurous, they also have it in red, orange, etc. They also have it in printed flowers too. I wish I should have taken photos of all their tights collection to be able to share with you (I wasn't sure if I could take pictures inside the store).

I was having a hard time choosing what color to get! I don't know if I want to get a colorful one or more on neutral again. But then I remembered myself that I need to get more neutral clothes already so I  finally looked at the safe colors. I was thinking if what color should I get, and since I have black already I got a navy or dark blue color! But then again, I can't help to get one with colors! So I think the safest would be blue.

The best part of this purchase is that it only cost P65 per piece! It's so affordable than what  I expected! It's available in different sizes too. This is really a great deal! I got this several months back and since it's going to be summer season soon. I decided to get two only. It's mostly made with Nylon and Elastane so it's comfortable! And yes, it's really comfortable. I am sorry for not having to post a picture wearing this. I will have to post a look for this but I would have to save this for the cold season.

I just visited Terranova again today and I noticed that they don't have it that much already! I think it will almost be sold out. So what are you waiting for?? Grab one now before you ran out of it!



Fine Living Essentials

Last May 4, 2013 I attended an event from Fine Living Essentials and learned a lot about Collagen. But wait wait, when I first read the invite I was actually confused about what product will Fine Living introduce to us. My idea about Collagen is that it's for beauty! So keep on reading and learn more about Collagen too!

The event was held at Bread and Bean Cafe. Upon entering the event venue, we were welcomed warmly by the person behind Fine Living Essentials - Ms. Bhelle! And then at last, I saw their products. I checked them out first even before reading the information from the displayed tarpaulins.  They have several products and I was excited to know all of their products. 

So to understand more what are the products, I read the tarpaulins and the hand outs given to us.

The wait is over! Ms. Bhelle now started the event by giving a little back ground and I found out that she has several business too (like the very well known Made for Movement). She introduced as about Fine Japan, and it's actually a Japanese company that specialize in health and beauty supplements. They have their research team to create specific supplements in accordance to the needs of their consumers. As their Company Philosophy goals = Fine's products are here to help. We all know that Japanese are very much particular with Fashion and Beauty, I think they are very vain so I think that this Japanese product will surely be a hit here in the Philippines too. Filipino market is vain too but not yet as vain as the Japanese.

Though Fine has a lot of products, they would like to focus more on Hyaluron & Collagen Plus. And I appreciate it that Ms. Bhelle actually used the product for several years already and I can actually see the result with in her while she is talking about the product. 

She also introduced Ms. Imelda from Fine too to talk about the product even more.

Ms. Imelda told us about their different products but focused more on Hyaluron and Collagen Plus. What is this product?? It's actually a beauty supplement to regain youthfulness! It a supplement to help us become more beautiful and healthier. And it's consumer friendly too as it is easy to drink with a fruity taste since it's placed in a small bottle with easy twist cap. You just need to drink one bottle a day.

Yes  I can imagine what your thinking, what's in a Collagen?? I learned from Fine that Collagen is a protein component from our body. We have one quarter of Collagen in our body's protein and 70% of our skin is composed of Collagen.

Collagen helps our body to maintain strength and flexibility of skin, hair, nails joints, eyes, tendons, gums, muscles, teeth, bones, etc.

But as we age our body reduce the production of Collagen the reason we age quickly. We also see the appearance of wrinkles, felt drying of skin, visible pores, etc. So with this, we need to have more Collagen in the body to retain our younger looking skin! 

When we age, we also notice that our skin tends to sag too. It's because our Elastin dries up and shrinks faster than when were younger. Elastin is also a protein in our body that allows skin to sprink back to place when stretched. It makes the skin resilient and firm.

So what's great about Fine Hyaluron Collagen Plus is that it's not only a Collagen! According to Fine, a Collagen will work effectively when combined with Elastin plus HA (Hyaluronic Acid). I learned that HA is present in our body's tissues. When we loose HA as we age, it reduce the moisture and makes our skin dry and our joints weak. 

This is what  makes Fine Collagen different from the other Collagen brands. Collagen with Elastin with HA! It will not only strengthen our skin but also make it firmer and healthier. 

Lastly, Fine Hyaluron and Collagen Plus has Vitamin C too. Talk about what this product can do to your health!

Fine Hyaluron and Collagen Plus is a little expensive at P3,450 for a one month use. So it's also available in powdered form, in sachet and refill packs. It's recommended to take the liquid form as it is more concentrated. Then after you achieve the desired result, you can convert to the powdered form as maintenance. 

Powdered Sachet

Powdered in tin can

Powdered in refill pack

After learning the wonders of Fine Hyaluron and Collagen Plus from Ms. Imelda, Ms. Bhelle then talked about her personal experience with the product. It's her testimony before she distributed the product.

Look at how radiant, flawless and beautiful ms. Bhelle is

Ms. Bhelle told us her story how she encountered stress and whirl wind life and sad enought it showed from her skin. She suddenly saw appearance of acne though she's not in her teen years anymore. But after drinking Fine Hyaluron and Collagen Plus she noticed that little by little her acne disappears, her skin whitens thus acne blemishes starts to disappear. For her, she felt the effect after 5 days of drinking the product.  But what amazed Ms. Bhelle more is that the good effect didn't just show on her face, it also showed from her whole body. She also noticed her skin glowing and firmer than ever.  She noticed her skin become more youthful too! She didn't felt any side effects! 

Drinking Collagen reach down the deep layers of skin which can't be done when we apply Collagen lotions. Collagen can be taken as early as in our 20's. It's also best to take Fine Hyaluron Collagen Plus at night when you are about to sleep as it is the time our body regenerates.

After Ms. Bhelle, Ms. Maru (Maketing and PR of Fine) also shared her testimonial with the product. She just started using the product over one year and then she also saw the result! She said that she noticed her body to become firmer and more radiant. She also shared that after several days of drinking the product she thought that she's getting fat but in reality her skin is getting firmer! She shared a lot of good effects that the product have done to her.

After listening to the three ladies from Fine, I think that this product is best for the mature ones both men and women. Yes! This is not just for women only, this is a great product for men who have weak joints already! But of course, it's good to take this early on when we already see fine lines and difference from our skin.

Before the event ended, Fine made us taste the product! They prepared a juice and poured in a bottle of Fine Hyaluron and Collagen Plus. 

Look! The Juice is changing color upon pouring of Fine Hyaluron and Collagen

I find the taste of drink is still the juice. Didn't taste the Collagen which is great! It doesn't create a different taste. As what Ms. Bhelle was saying, you may opt to combine it in your favorite drink so you don't have to worry about having another liquid to intake or a problem with the taste. Ms. Bhelle also shared to us that they actually collaborated with Flavors Magazine where they included Fine Hyaluron and Collagen Plus in some recipes. It's great right!

Here are some more of the products of Fine.

Nano Placenta Collagen
Amino Placenta and Collagen

Pearl Coix Extract

Yippe I won in the raffle too

Women behind Fine
Do you want to try Fine Hyaluron and Collagen Plus? Order now!

I will have a separate post as I will experience a bottle of Fine Hyaluron and Collagen Plus.