Cupcakes by Sonja

Hi there! Sorry for lack of posts lately and here I am again sharing another food post! I have been road testing some beauty products and I will surely share it to you! So here's a back log, I have lots of back logs to share with you all.

You already know that I love red velvet flavor and of course when I hear red velvet .......   my standard would always be the red velvet of Cupcakes by Sonjas. Cupcakes by Sonjas was the pioneer (from what I know) of Red Velvet flavor here in the Philippines. I've always love their cupcakes ever since they started. Now I am very glad to see that they now have an outlet at New Glorietta already! Yipee!!!!!

Their cupcakes are not commercialized and has a very distinct taste! Look at their very cute and adorable logo! It's very giryly, desserty and baky!

Look! They have lots of flavors already!

Cupcakes by Sonjas' new outlet is a kiosk type space with available tables and chairs. It's not the same with their first outlet and it's not a full type restaurant.

Look at the relax and fun vibe! They don't have one distinct look, but it's more of a friendly look and vibe of Cupcake place.

They have different types of chairs and tables!

This area is a little awkward! Where passers by may have the tendency to watch you while eating your cupcakes.

What I like about their store is the display of their cupcakes! It's easy to choose what flavor you want by just pointing at it. I appreciate the fact that they are presenting the real cupcakes and are identified with the corresponding names.

They have lots of customers and I notice that people do really line up. But they still manage to have displays available. Though you can see that they displays were not 100% full since they have a lot of customers.

It's only here at their new outlet that I noticed they have different items to offer other than cupcakes like Brownies and Cookies.

What I like about their new outlet is that they have a lot of small details that make their store even cuter!

Hello Awesome King Ling!

On a separate visit, I saw their Mother's Day decor and a poster of their contest.

Now, let's go on to the cupcakes!

Look at their packaging! Simple yet very cute and chic chic! No need for a very fancy box! Like.

Of course we ordered their very famous Red Velvet Vixen!

My Verdict:
  • The frosting is still very good! Frosting pa lang solve na. It's very creamy and tasty. My standard for a red velvet flavor.
  • The cupcake is very intact and full. It's not air cupcake. It also doesn't crumb easily.
  • I just find that the cupcake is not as moist like before already. Baka nachambahan lang. 
  • I would still definitely would want to buy this again.

I also wanted to try a different flavor and it's Creme Brulee tart. It's something different or new for Sonjas's brand.

My Verdict:
  • It really taste like a creme brulee! Very tasty!
  • The tart or the pie is crunchy.
  • The center or the creme part is really creamy and a balance of the cream and egg. It just really taste like a good creme brulee and not egg tart. It's not too sweet too.
  • I would consider getting this flavor again, but I would like to try others too.

Just sharing.

Cupcakes by Sonjas is something irresistible! They have fairly good service as we always don't have to wait long to receive our orders. They also give complementary water to pair with their Cupcakes. 


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