L'oreal Smooth Intense 1 Minute Caring Mask

 It's been a while since I made a review for my hair! The heat is really unbeatable and I tend to sweat a lot! Argh!!! So I finally decided to use my L'oreal Paris Smooth Intense 1 Minute Caring Mask to give my hair extra care (I have this product for several months already)! During summer season, we tend to focus on the cool summer outfitey and sunblocks that we forget to take care of our hair! With the burning heat!!!! We must not forget to give our hair extra nourish this summer season to prevent it from  drying and breaking.

And yes, it's the perfect timing to use this product L'oreal Smooth Intense 1 Minute Caring Mask.

Base on the packaging, it says that this product will nourish and smoothens hair. Specially for hair type that are frizzy and rebellious. 

I like the look of the packaging as it's chic and looks like a serious product to nourish the hair! It's so salon like product but can be used at home.

Let's open and look at the product. Since the weather is oh soooo hot, it melted and became liquid already (previously it was creamy). It has a light sweet smell which I think is great with the hair.

My Verdict:

What I like about the product:
  • The smell is very light but has a long staying power with the hair. I am a fan of light smelled hair care. Two thumbs up!
  • Though it's liquid already it gave moisture and nourished my hair! It made my hair soft in an instant!
  • And yes, it made my hair smooth. I felt my hair so smooth and even after 8 hour my hair was still so smooth.
  • I observed that my hair was less or not frizzy at all! Yippeee.. 
  • I have permed hair and I obseverd that it helped enhance my locks.
  • I feel I have fresh hair!
What I don't like about the product:
  • None ( I just don't the price since I got it from my momma).

Can you notice my hair looks soft and light weight?? It's not frizzy too!

Took another picture to have a better lighting. Can you see that my hair is bagsak in this picture?? I don't have freezy hair and it's shiny too. I just have little hair floating as I really don't comb my hair. It's really wash hand wear given that it's permed.

I am satisfied with L'oreal Smooth Intense 1 Minute Caring Mask! This is a great product when you are too busy and don't have time to go to salon. I think this is a great alternative for hot oil treatment! This can be comparable to Lory's too! Love love love!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored entry.


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