A very quick post! Here's another freebie for this year! Yippee! I got this at Forever 21 for free with a minimum of P1,500 purchase. I got what I needed and with a freebie. I'll do a review of each product soon. Hope you'll watch out for it.

I love freebies... haha!


A Different Summer Outfit

Well hello! The weather is really unpredictable now a days. But it is still too hot here in the Philippines so I still like to wear breezy clothes! But I want a different look since I'm on skirt everyday going to the office plus I often wear shorts due to the uber hot weather. So here's an alternative look this summer season, trendy yet satisfying the summer heat!

I love wearing sheer tops due to the hot weather! It's all about the comfort but if you're bored with summer dresses, shorts and skirts you can opt to wear leggings! Yes, I know what you're thinking.... leggings tends to be a very hot garment! But hey there are a lot of fabrics and opt for the thin and smooth fabric leggings! And since it's summer, grab some colors too! Again, if you follow me... you know that I am managing getting too much colored outfitey already. So here's an option to satisfy my colorful personality. Get items with minimal color accents. Like my leggings, the dominant color would be black and white, but hey the neon colored details still pops out and gives my satisfaction in terms of colors.

Since I am already wearing a very detailed bottom, I opted to wear a neutral sheer top which is also loose to complement my body hugging leggings.

In this summer heat, it's really hard for me to pile up a lot of accessories. It irritates me! So I just pile up a few pieces that also complemented my look. And for this look, I opted for a neutral watch and a symmetry bangle that matched with my leggings.

The vibrant neon pink color pops out. 

I just want to say again that this leggings is super comfortable! The light fabric is great for the summer heat!

Simple yet very classic which I can pair with anything and wear anytime.

Lastly, let's bring the color into footwear! It's like my outfit matched all together! This strappy footwear is also great for the summer season! Very comfortable yet trendy which I got from Pill. I didn't had any blisters wearing this foot wear. When you are afraid of colors try to have it on your foot wear! 

(BKK top, Stradivarious leggings, StyleCo. Bracelet, Esprit watch, Pill foot wear)

Gavino's Japanese Donut

When strolling around the mall, I love to look around and see if there are new things that I am not familiar of. In times of new discoveries I do love to try them out, I just love to try new things. So here's a new discovery that me and my family found when were just running some errands.

Another donut in the metro??? What will set it apart?? Let's find out........

It's my first time to see Gavino's and they are in a kiosk form. Gavino's is a Japanese donut which is their difference from the other donut brands available.

Gavino's is very affordable as presented in their menu board above..... 

Gavino's has a lot of flavors and the circles that you see above is the pon de balls which are smaller sized Japanese donuts priced 15 pesos for regular and 25 pesos for premium flavors.

We used to have donuts in circle shape but for Gavino's they have a different shape! They have the traditional circle donuts too but they will be popular with their ring shape donuts.

Look! They have a lot of flavors! They have old fashioned flavors and modern / new flavors too. They are catering to the different taste of the market.

Gavino's is another donut brand in the metro, but what sets them apart is their wide variety of flavors plus the shape of their donuts. But wait, what really sets them apart is the chewy texture of their donut! So let's try it out and find out if it is really chewy!

 So here's what we got, since we are just trying out Gavino's we get the pon de ball size in red velvet and green tea flavors.

Their packaging is simple but looks neat. I like their brand logo as it somehow looks like Japanese but they also included the shape of their donut.

Let's start with Red Velvet flavor.

  • It is indeed chewy! I appreciate its chewiness! I like it
  • Though I can't really taste the red velvet flavor
  • The frosting was actually cream cheese and not the red velvet taste frosting
  • The cream cheese was very flavorful
  • It's somehow oily
  • It wasn't very full donut but the middle isn't air

Let's move on to the green tea flavor.

  • This is very chewy too
  • Unlike the red velvet flavor, this one taste very green tea. I can really taste the green tea flavor
  • It's somehow oily too
  • It wasn't very full donut but the middle isn't air

Gavino's donut is really chewy, I just don't know how they make it chewy. Do you know how they make it chewy?? It's somehow oily so I wish they can find a way to minimize it. I recommend you to get the usual flavor as I think that those flavors will be more flavorful. But then again, it's good to try all the flavors too! :) I will definitely get some Gavino's again!

Btw, they have free taste and it's the reason why we bought some Gavino's. We asked what's their difference with the other donuts and Gavino's staff told us that their donut is chewy. True enough when we tried their free taste, it was chewy indeed so we decided to get some.


Kiehl's Line Reducing Eye Brightening Concentrate

As promised here's my review with Kiehl's Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate. I've been lucky that I got free items for eye cream since the start of this year as I promised myself to give my eye area more care. So here's my experience after using Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye which you can read here.

This product is Formulated to improve the look of the delicate eye area with a potent concentration of Pure Vitamin C 10.5% (L-Ascorbic Acid), known for its affinity with skin and powerful ability to improve the appearance of aging skin. While Haloxyl, a new-patented ingredient, strengthens, soothes and brightens the eye area helping to eliminate dark circles.
Let's put this to test......

What I like about Kiehl's free items is that they have an easy tear opening! Since it's placed in a sachet, I transferred it into a small container. For a free / trial pack, the amount was good enough.

Unlike Kiehl's Midnight Recovery this one is a little liquidy with a flesh to yellowish color. It doesn't have a smell which I like. It was also very easy to apply but I felt a little sting with my eyes when I first applied it. I thought that I might just have applied it too near with my eyes but after several days I still felt the stingy feeling. But since I am on the review of it, I still finished this product.

After finishing this product, here are my observations:
  • My eyes were not fluffy and it maintained what Kiehl's Midnight Recovery did to my eyes
  • I felt stingy feeling on to my eyes
  • Though it was liquidy, I felt it creamy when applied and soft on the under eye
  • The thing is my under eye fine lines were still visible
  • It didn't brightened my eyes too :(

I will probably consider getting Kiehl's Midnight Recovery than this one.


Lime 88

I've been posting a lot of food post lately, but no I'm not leaving beauty and fashion blogging. Here's another food post that is some kind of a different from what I usually post. This restaurant offers Filipino street food / Filipino popular food made into a gourmet. Do you get it? Or it's a little confusing??? Continue to read on......

Let's start with our first dish, the famous Filipino street food! Filipino street food are mostly animal organs. Yucky?? Nah! Taste it and you'll know. The most popular ones are intestines (pig or chicken). Another very popular Filipino street food would be pork barbecue! 

This street food gourmet taste good. Though it doesn't taste any different from that ones that we buy on street. What makes it different is that we are sure of the cleanliness and it's presentation. It comes with a gravy but I like it better when dipped with vinegar. This street food was cooked well and not raw plus all of the skewers were soft.

We also ordered nachos. Though nachos are common appetizers, we wanted to know the difference of this nachos. The sauce that they use is sweet and sour sauce instead of salsa. The beef was tender and not malansa. This nachos has enough amount of toppings. I just wish they add some cheese. :)

A very well known Filipino fish is tilapia! I love eating fish and this fish is one great dish! This fish was so crispy and delicious. I was able to really taste the fish as if it's like a home cooked dish. Super Like. It's not salty too!

In a Filipino meal, one staple food that will always be available is rice! Filipinos love to eat rice and having a delicious fish above, then we should definitely have rice! The rice was ok, it's not that flavorful. 

One ulam wouldn't be enough so we ordered pork liempo! Another very popular Filipino dish partnered to our rice! This liempo was very good! Very flavorful and not salty. It has the right quantity / pieces too. The great thing about this liempo was that it wasn't oily and the meat wasn't composed of fat only. The meat was juicy and soft.

We love to eat so we also tried their pasta! Their pasta is different, like this one... it's aligue pasta. Aligue is crab fat / egg, the sound of it seems yummy already. True enough, this pasta was yummy, I really tasted the aligue. The sauce was creamy while the pasta was ok and not soggy. The garlic bread on the side taste good too.

 One very popular dish for Filipinos would be tuyo! Tuyo are very affordable and salty so a few pieces partnered with rice will be able to fill up a very hungry stomach. And for Lime 88, they had it in a pasta. I don't really eat tuyo but I appreciated this pasta. I was able to really taste the tuyo as it blended very well with the white sauce. 

We were very full but there were still some room for dessert so here's what we ordered. Their desserts were mostly cakes.

I already forgot the name of this cake, but it was good. The taste was light even if it was like a mamon type texture of cake.

This chocolate cake was good. I appreciated it even if it's a little bitter due to dark chocolate taste. I like it as it melts in the mouth. I suggest that you eat both cakes together as they complement each other.

Have you tried at Lime 88? How was your experience? For me, I do like my experience and am willing to go back and try their other dishes.

Lime 88 has a very casual and relaxed atmosphere. I wasn't able to take photos of the place since there were a group that reserved some parts of the restaurant during our visit.



Pizza Volante

Here's my last installment of our Baguio food trip. I wasn't able to document our other meals as we were very hungry. While strolling at Session Road we always saw that Volante was jam packed! So we decided that we should definitely need to try to eat at Volante. So here's our Volante experience.

Volante is a pizzeria! With mostly pasta and pizza on the menu. Since we don't know what to order, we just followed the menu recommendation.

Look at the price is somehow affordable! But how about the taste right??

Additional Menu

The ambiance was ok, it has a very casual vibe. 

The place was jam packed, both the ground and second floors were full. And there were no staff attending to get us a table. We were calling several servers but they weren't able to accommodate us at once.

The service was bad, it took a long time for them to get our orders too. It's just that we want to try their food and we have the time to wait as we were enjoying the company of each other (mi amigas).

So finally, our order came! It also took quite some time for our order to come out.

I already forgot what Pizza was this but a good thing that it's good. It's thick and full of toppings. The cheese was great. It's a nice pizza. It wasn't chewy gooey but it was soft and hot when served. The crust wasn't hard nor soft, just right. The toppings were combined properly. This pizza is not a pizza dough that taste like tomato sauce.

We also ordered 2 pastas. One white sauce and one pesto. I wasn't able to take a picture of the white sauced pasta but it was good. It wasn't creamy creamy but more of a thick creamy pasta sauce where the ingredients were combined well. The pasta was good too, it wasn't soggy at all.

Going on to the pesto pasta. This is actually good too. Pesto is something difficult to try specially when it's not made well. But for this one, this is a great pesto where the ingredients were also combined well and it didn't taste like basil with olive oil only. The garclic bread was good, it was big enough with ample amount of butter and garlic taste and soft too. 

This meal is best paired with Volante ice tea. The ice tea was very refreshing! It has a distinct volante taste. A must try!

After a sumptuous meal, we also ordered desserts and tried the following.

Banana cream pie
We didn't like this dessert so let's move on to the next one. 
Choco Vanilla Affair

This dessert is so good! The chocolate cake was hot and when topped with vanilla ice cream... matched very well. We even ordered another one! I recommend this dessert rather than the one above. The cake was soft, it wasn't too sweet and very chocolatey but with just the right chocolate taste. 

I will definitely want to visit Volante again. I just hope they improve their service.