Banila Co. Primer Pact

 I've been using liquid foundations lately so I am happy to finally use a compact powder again! Yehey! On my latest travel which I will post some worth to share experiences soon. I decided to use a compact powder, since I wanted something handy (don't want to bring a lot of mu as baggage) and convenient (fast and easy to apply due to limited time). I used my Banila Co. Primer Pact which I got from K-Land (if you still remember).

I super love the packaging, it's very chic and elegant. The packaging of this powder pact looks like  pearl. And even the box packaging looks very chic too, simple yet elegant.

What does this Primer pact mean?? By the way, just to share with you.... I just bought this because I find it as something new. It's my first time to see a primer compact. And I wasn't able get to know more of this when I was on the process of getting this due to language constraint with the Korean Sales Lady. So base on my research, a primer pact turns transparent once applied and has a smooth finish. It act as a sebum control powder, absorb sebum and sweat and keeps make up base long lasting. It also covers pores and wrinkles and makes skin moist. It is also said to have a silky finish and is best used to be an after base make up.

Upon opening, like other compact powder this Banila Co., it has a sponge and a built in mirror that has just the right size to be able to see the whole face.

Look! It also has a transparent separator for the powder and the sponge. Talk about hygiene! Thumbs up!

Banila Co. Primer Pact is available in 3 colors, BE01 Vanilla, BE 02 Natural and BE 03 Earth. Since it was hard to communicate with the Korean Sales Lady I was still able to get the right shade for me. I got BE 03 Earth which is the darkest shade among the 3. Koreans are very white so the third shade is the right one for me.

 Time for swatches!

with out flash, it looks dark

with flash, it looks white and very powdery
when blended! It disappears!
 My Verdict:
  • It has a light to medium coverage but bailable to full coverage.
  • It's very light on the skin, as if I was not wearing any mu on.
  • It can work as a powder foundation already and not just as after base make up.
  • It has a silky and light finish.
  • Since I have oily face, my face turns shiny in the afternoon but a dewy shine. I don't need to re apply in the afternoon.
  • It actually blended well with my skin tone! It's as if I am not wearing a make up on. 
  • It has SPF 50! Which is actually a high amount already! 
  • It's an all in one product for me, sunblock, foundation and after base powder.
  • The sponge is very nice to use and soft on the face.
  • It glides silky when applied.
  • It doesn't have any smell!
Over all, I love it! I would love to buy it given the chance. So to those who are going to K-Land, put this in your must buy list.

The downside of this product is that it is not available here in the Philippines. Given the shades available, I think it won't fit for most of the Filipinas. 


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