Bono Gelato

Yes! Another Ice Cream post. The heat is up and to beat it we need Ice Cream! haha!! Here's the latest Gelato in town, Bono Artisan Gelato. Since Gelato contains less fat than the regular Ice Cream, Gelato became a hit here in the Philippines. Though there are a lot of Gelato Brands here in the Philippines I've heard that Bono Gelato is different, so to know the real deal with Bono Gelato....... of course I need to try it! haha

Like the other Gelato stores, you can have Bono Gelato either in a cup or cone! But for this post we opted to have it in a cup. They have several flavors from the chocolaty to the fruity. I chose the Brownie Fudge since I felt that it will taste good and once we taste tested it...... Indeed, it was really good so this is the flavor to be for the day.

In every cup, they put a wafer in it. Bono Gelato is really creamy and tasty! It's not your ordinary Gelato. It doesn't taste milky but it taste very Chocolaty. It has real brownie bits which was also very good. The brownie pieces were not too small, it is bite size and was very chewy and moist. I super like it. The Gelato was sweet but still manageable sweet same as the wafer. The wafer was still crunchy. I like Bono Gelato, this is worth a try!!! Another great thing about Bono Gelato is that they have weekly flavors on sale and luckily Brownie Fudge was included in the Sale! Yippee!!!

Look at their cool and cute store! I took some photos so that you'll see their happy and vibrant vibe.

Look how clean Bono is!

Hi ate!

I just wish we could see better the gelato. Para mas nakakakaakit ng mga customers. :) Just a suggestion.


Mochiko Red Velvet Mochi Ice Cream

 Here's another food post! And since it's summer already, it's time for shakes, halo halo and of course ice cream! Philippine market like and accepts mochi ice cream already so we can now easily find it in the metro. One of the brands that have first entered mochi ice cream here in the Philippines is Mochiko. You may also see on my previous post. For this post, I would like to share with you their latest Red Velvet flavor!

It was good that Mochiko Staff informed us to wait for about 3 minutes before eating the mochi ice cream. This is because since it's frozen, the ice cream will turn into solid hard. 

The size of Mochiko Ice Cream is just right, it's not too big nor too small. Their mochi is good, after waiting for 3 minutes it's soft and chewy. I just don't like the thick mochi at the bottom so I peel it off and eat it as it's not super sticky (I like). It's not sweet nor bitter!

Moving on to the inside, this Red Velvet Mochi Ice Cream is composed of Vanilla Ice Cream and Red Velvet Cookie / Cake. I didn't taste any cream cheese. The cake taste so good! Though it was frozen but after 3 minutes, it's as if the cookie / cake was not placed in a freezer. It wasn't too sweet too. I would appreciate it better if I can taste the "red velvet" flavor. But since the cake / cookie is good, even the ice cream and the mochi I will still consider getting this flavor. But I would also like to try their other flavors!

I just wish that Mochiko will be placed in a better paper packaging. Watch out for the cute Mochiko Stores! 

Until my next Mochiko experience! :)



Konjac Sponge

So here's a good find this 2013...... Konjac Sponge. I first saw this from Donnarance's blog. And I was totally intrigued so I researched about it before deciding if I will purchase. 

Konjac is a plant that is widely used in Asian food specially in Chinese and Japanese delicacies. It either can be gelatin or starchy that can be included in noodles or other menus or it can also be like a vegetable like sushis. But to most extent Konjac is very popular in the beauty industry in the form of Konjac sponge. This is actually new for us here in the Philippines (we are kinda late for this already) but it's better to be late than never. 

So what's a Konjac Sponge? To make it easier....... it's a loofah for the face. It sounds a little scary right? Scrubbing a sponge on the face, will it be rough on the skin? will it irritate the skin? will it make the skin red? etc. etc. 

But look at the benefit that it does for the skin. As soon as I read that it can be a substitute to Clarisonic Treatment then I totally want to try it! For a very affordable price I will be able to somehow get the effect of a Clarisonic Treatment? Not bad right?? It's worth a try! (Clarisonic is a home remedy that usually comes with a brush to clean the face, reduce oils, blemishes and actually improves skin and fights acne. ) So when I read about the word acne then I should definitely try this.

So here's what a Konjac Sponge do: 

Look how affordable is this product!

It's so easy to use!

For the first use, just soak the sponge to a warm water for 2 to 3 minutes and voila! You can use it already. Konjac Sponge can be used either with or with our facial wash. On the second use, no need to wait to soak it in water, you just have to wet it and when it turn soft use it in an instant!

My verdict:

  • It's very easy to use! I tried using it with both with and with out facial wash but I prefer to use it alone. (Though I still use my regular facial wash then use Konjac Sponge after)
  • It's very soft on the skin and it really does made my skin very soft! 
  • I love it! I've been using it for around 3 weeks and it made my whole face less oily. 
  • I notice that my skin looks healthier.
  • I feel that my face is cleaner every after using Konjac sponge.
  • Though I read reviews that it can actually help remove make up and you will instantly notice no or less signs of mu after toning. It was not the same for me. I still need to use make up remover and use toner afterwards to ensure that I will remove all mu.
  • It feels very good in the skin.
  • I love that this is made from a plant which makes it very natural! I feel that I am ensured that I won't place another chemical on my face.
  • It became a staple in my routine already. 
  • I would definitely get this again!
Some tips:
  • Don't cut the string as you need to use it to hang the sponge
  • Ensure to hang it properly and don't leave it soaked in water as it can grown mold. Remember this is made from a plant.
  • It's nice to get an oval shape where it fits properly on the hand so it's easier to wipe the face.
I learned that Konjac Sponge is available in different sizes and different types like Charcoal which is good for oily skin, Green Tea for Combination skin, Pink clay for sensitive skin, Red clay for dry skin. There are also big sponges that can be used for the body. I hope we will have the different types here in the Philippines, so Landmark bring it on! :)



Dress your phone

I just want to share with you something that is wala lang... hehe I wanted to buy a new phone case as my previous case doesn't really fit well. It was a little loose and every time I take pictures I need to hold it in a certain way that the case won't cover the camera. So here's my new cases, I got 3 instead of 1. haha 

How time and things change! Our gadgets get the chance to dress up too! So here's what I got for my phone as it was very hard to choose given a variety of choice available. 

Aztec with hard case
My consideration in getting a case! It shouldn't be bulky and should fit well with my phone. And lastly, cute and fashyon! So I decided to get one Aztec with a hard cover, one cutey design with a soft rubbery texture and lastly a bling bling design which I can always change every time I will attend formal occasions.

Cutey  with rubberized texture

Bling bling for formal events

What do you think? 


Kiehl's Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin - Clearing Treatment

Well hello! Did you miss me?? hehe Sorry for mia for the past few days but hey I am back. As promised I will post more often this 2013.  I just got back from my facial treatment with my derma, oh yeah finally! I had the time and it feels good to have a clean face! You all know that I experience break outs often and I am always on the look out for acne / oil control products. On my previous post, I promised that I will post a review about Kiehl's Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment which I got free samples from Kiehl's. 

I have road tested this product for one month already and I have finished one sachet already. Here's my experience about the product.

Let's look at the ingredients and how does it work! Kiehl's Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment is formulated with a powerful blend of blemish-fighting Diolic, Salysic and Lipo Hydroxy Acids, known to minimize the appearance of acne and blemishes. 

Since it's in a sachet, I transferred it into a smaller container for easy usage. A small sachet of 5ml is actually a lot. It can go a long way depending on your condition.

My Verdict:

  • It has a dermaish smell. A little soapy and not a strong scary smell.
  • It doesn't have a creamy but more of a liquidy texture.
  • I was expecting that it will turn my skin dry but it didn't.
  • Base on my observation,  it dries up acne spots after 3 days of application ( I apply at night only) and it prevents the acne to develop or get bigger.
  • To the areas that I apply this product, I notice that it minimized or even prevent oiliness.
  • It feels very light and safe on the skin.
  • It is a good product for acne prevention and removal.
  • Though I don't notice that it prevented blemishes.
Overall, this is a great product. I think this is a little expensive so I will consider getting this product. I will have to check the amount of the product given the price. :)

Do you have any other recommendation?



Holika Holika

Here's another Holika Holika Nail Polish Post. I am super loving Holika Holika Nail Polish already! Though it looks the same with the other Korean brands, it actually has a difference. To know more, keep on reading this post.

Here's my second installment of Holika Holika Nail Polish. To read my previous post about Holika Holika nail polish, you can click this link. Here's a more neutral color.

My verdict:
  • It has a very nice consistency! 
  • Same with my red Holika Holika Nail polish, it doesn't smell strong.
  • It's very easy to apply!
  • One ply is already enough but you can add more application for a darker shade.
  • I didn't need to apply a clear coating to make it shiny nor to protect it.
  • Unlike my red Holika Holika nail polish, this one stayed longer. It stayed for a week.
  • It's also very easy to remove.
  • What's great about Holika Holika nail polish which I forgot to say in my previous post, upon removing it... It doesn't make my nails turn yellowish! Great right! This is the difference compared to other affordable nail polish brands.

It looks good on my nails!
Again, I am just the one who applied it.
I am not that skilled in applying nail polishes :)
I hope we would have Holika Holika brand here in the Philippines though Korean cosmetic brands are too many already.


Canada Dry Ginger Ale

Here's another product that was introduced to me by my sister dear. It's Canada Dry Ginger Ale! I've seen this Ginger Ale but was hesitant to try it. But as my sister told me that it's good then again it's worth a try, it's actually my first time to try Canada Dry.

Since it's my first time to try Canada Dry, I found out that Canada Dry is known for their Ginger Ale. Why the dry in a brand name? According to my research (wikipedia), it refers to not being sweet, as in a  dry wine.  When Jon J. Mclaughlin, who first formulated "Canada Dry Pale Ginger Ale", originally made his new soft drink, it was far less sweet than other ginger ales then available; as a result, he labelled it "dry".

My experience with Canada Dry Ginger Ale:
  • It taste like sprite or 7 up
  • It's very refreshing and it's actually not that sweet (I just found out that it should not be that sweet after researching about it).
This is a great soda for refreshment as it is not too sweet though I think it has the same sugar content with other sodas. Though I think it should have a ginger ingredient as it is ginger ale and as indicated in the violator part, I didn't taste any ginger and it's not indicated in the ingredients part. ( I want to be oriented more with Canada Dry hehe)

This is great soda for any occasion as it is not that sweet! It's good when eating a salty food or any nakakakumay meal.

It has a yellowish color.

I would like to try other Canada Dry products.


TGI Friday's Potato Skin

 Please please don't say it na! I know I'm on a diet but hey there's a cheat day and I won't finish this all by myself naman! Here's a cheat day snack for me and my family. haha! My sister is the one who introduced this to us, as she was saying that this is a really good snack! I don't really like potato skins where I try to remove it when eating baked potato. But since she said this is good and I love trying new things and food, I gave it a shot!

Here's T.G.I. Friday's Potato Skin in Cheddar and Bacon flavor. It says that it is made from real potato skin. 

Look at how many is the content
Here in the Philippines we are more aware of T.G.I. Friday's as the restaurant and not much on their snacks. I've known their snacks for quite sometime already but didn't get to try it until now. Their snacks are still very T.G.I.F. which is very important! Consistency it should be (sorry for inserting my marketing thing here in my post hehehe)

So let's get it on and dig in!
Peeking through the potato skin 
Never mind this as it is cheat day haha!
My verdict:
  • It really taste like a real potato!
  • I can't feel nor taste the roughness of the potato skin! Like like like!
  • It's very crispy and crunchy!
  • It tastes so Bacon! Yehey!
  • Though it's cheddar and bacon flavor, it's not super salty.
This is super love! Great for pulutan, snack or if you just want to eat it. haha

The potato skin

Look how thin it is!

Never mind the ingredients! It's so good!