Dress your phone

I just want to share with you something that is wala lang... hehe I wanted to buy a new phone case as my previous case doesn't really fit well. It was a little loose and every time I take pictures I need to hold it in a certain way that the case won't cover the camera. So here's my new cases, I got 3 instead of 1. haha 

How time and things change! Our gadgets get the chance to dress up too! So here's what I got for my phone as it was very hard to choose given a variety of choice available. 

Aztec with hard case
My consideration in getting a case! It shouldn't be bulky and should fit well with my phone. And lastly, cute and fashyon! So I decided to get one Aztec with a hard cover, one cutey design with a soft rubbery texture and lastly a bling bling design which I can always change every time I will attend formal occasions.

Cutey  with rubberized texture

Bling bling for formal events

What do you think? 


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