Holika Holika

Here's another Holika Holika Nail Polish Post. I am super loving Holika Holika Nail Polish already! Though it looks the same with the other Korean brands, it actually has a difference. To know more, keep on reading this post.

Here's my second installment of Holika Holika Nail Polish. To read my previous post about Holika Holika nail polish, you can click this link. Here's a more neutral color.

My verdict:
  • It has a very nice consistency! 
  • Same with my red Holika Holika Nail polish, it doesn't smell strong.
  • It's very easy to apply!
  • One ply is already enough but you can add more application for a darker shade.
  • I didn't need to apply a clear coating to make it shiny nor to protect it.
  • Unlike my red Holika Holika nail polish, this one stayed longer. It stayed for a week.
  • It's also very easy to remove.
  • What's great about Holika Holika nail polish which I forgot to say in my previous post, upon removing it... It doesn't make my nails turn yellowish! Great right! This is the difference compared to other affordable nail polish brands.

It looks good on my nails!
Again, I am just the one who applied it.
I am not that skilled in applying nail polishes :)
I hope we would have Holika Holika brand here in the Philippines though Korean cosmetic brands are too many already.


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